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Profiles / Clientarea Merger & Separation / Primary & Secondary Email IDs
Posted by Muhammad Aamir Ilyas on 23 September 2016 01:02 PM

Profiles / Clientarea Merger:

It is appreciated to merge separate profiles of one/same customer having multiple accounts into one profile
having one primary email ID for better management of accounts. There is no setup fee for this, only ticket
from authorized email ID(s) is required for changes.

Profiles / Clientarea Separation:

Multiple accounts of different customers/companies for direct authorization, billing and communication should
be in separate profiles. Because it creates unnecessary delays and communication gap between actual customer
and Nexus staff for resolution of issue(s).
In addition to this, it also creates domain/account OWNERSHIP issue which will result serious and complex legalities
and Nexus cannot help in this situation because of your internal disputes.
Nexus Technologies charge a setup fee of $10.00 USD (PKR.1,000) to create a new/separate billing profile/clientarea
if not communicated for separate profile by the customer at the time of order placement.

Authorize Email ID(s) Addition / Registration:

This topic is being mentioned here to guide the customers so that above mentioned things can be addressed easily.
There are two kinds of email IDs (authorization) (a) Primary (b) Secondary. Customer/Owner of the website/service
should share his own details for primary contact update to avoid any kind of ownership issue. He/she can add multiple
email IDs as secondary contacts of his/her Developer/IT Manager/Accounts/Administration/HOD etc. In this way secondary
contacts can send us requests for any kind of assistance.

Primary Email ID: Single and Unique ID for each Profile / Clientarea
Secondary Email IDs: Multiple, as per requirements of the customers