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Package Plan Upgrade/Downgrade/Shift/Platform Change
Posted by Nexus Support Admin on 28 March 2004 07:31 PM

1- Package Plan Upgrade:
Package can be upgraded at any time (within same category*) by generating a ticket on or
without any setup charges however difference amount will be charged first for upgrade keeping same upcoming expiry date.

2- Package Plan Downgrade:
Package plan downgrade require serious analysis first either by customer end or suggested by Nexus technical experts.
For package downgrade (within same category*) setup charges of $10.00 USD (PKR.1,000) will be applicable and request
from authorized email ID will be required first for invoicing and further action.

{* Category (Basic <> Basic / Business <> Business / VPS <> VPS / Dedicated <> Dedicated / Customized <> Customized)}

3- Package Plan Shift Same Platform ( Basic <> Business / Basic <> VPS / Business <> VPS / VPS <> Dedicated )
Package plan shift keeping same platform i.e Linux <> Linux or Windows <> Windows is possible.
a) Upgrade: No setup charges, difference amount will be invoiced as per desired package keeping same upcoming due date and
                  data transfer charges will also be applicable.
b) Downgrade: Setup charges $10.00 USD (PKR.1,000), full annual payment subscription as per desired package and data transfer
                      charges will also be applicable.

4- Package Plan Platform Change: ( Linux <> Windows )Package plan platform change requirements are:
- Request from authorized email ID
- Setup charges $10.00 USD (PKR.1,000)
- Existing account will get terminated so data backup confirmation will also be required in email
- Data backup and/or transfer will not be responsibility of Nexus