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How to view your pages on the WWW?
Posted by Nexus Support Admin on 24 April 2004 01:08 AM

If your domain name is not yet live on our servers, you can view your pages by using your IP address as follows (Only if you have signed up for a package which offers a Static Ip) :


or you can ask technical support at Nexus to send you your temporary URL Address which will look like

Be sure to include the forward slash after your ip address. If your domain is live on our servers, you can view your pages within any browser by typing any of the following in your browser: (of course replace with your actual domain name and its extension.)

If you are getting an error when typing the above, several things could have gone wrong, these are as follows:

1) Your initial page is not named index.html

2) The code in your index.html page is incorrect

3) The registration/transfer request for your domain has not been completed. This process can take up to 72 hours.

4) Your account has been deactivated due to non-payment,/non-compliance of our policies, or spamming