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Hurricane Irma Advisory - WEATHER Advisory ALERT
Posted by Muslim KHAN on 07 September 2017 05:56 PM

*********************WEATHER ALERT***********************



Data Center(s):Charleston, SC and Columbia, SC

Event Type:Nexus, Weather Advisory

Dear Customer,

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Irma. Although the path of the hurricane remains uncertain, some weather models indicate that the storm may affect the East Coast close to one of our Data Center. you can get updates via Local News channels as well ,  We will continue to monitor this storm closely and will communicate further as the situation evolves. in Case customer residing gets effected Nexus will readily prepare a shift of services plan of any such affected customer.

Please contact Nexus Support ( with any questions or concerns.

In Case your services gets affected you can contact on below and email at support 

Head Office:

051-2222884, 051-2222885, 051-2222886, 051-2294763, 051-2294764

UAN:0300-0341140, Toll Free:0800-10100

Nexus Support Team, will be 24/7 available and will email you proper time frame as per your packages /Data and service migration if required .