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SSL Certificate
Posted by Sam Nexus on 18 April 2009 08:59 AM

Kindly also note that for SSL certificates, you will need to get a dedicated IP address.

The first step to setup an SSL certificate is to Generate a SSL Signing Request.

For this, you need to send support the following details;

1. Contact Info - Email Address the Cert will be sent to:

2. Cert Info (this will be displayed when a user connects)

Host to make cert for: 
Country (2 letter abbreviation): 
Company Name: 
Company Division: 
Key Size: (1024 or 2086)

Once we receive the info, we can Generate a SSL Signing Request which you need to send to the SSL signing Authority (Comodo, Verisign, Thawte etc).

The SSL signing Authority will verify the Request and generate an SSL certificate.

Once SSL signing Authority generates the certificate (usually send via email to you) you will need to send support the SSL certificate so we can install it on the server.

If you have any more questions, Please dont hesitate to contact support.