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508 Resource Limit Is Reached : Error
Posted by Sam Nexus on 20 August 2012 08:29 AM

If you get a 508 Resource limit error then this means that your website is hitting the limited which are imposed on your package.

Nexus has implemented CloudLinux to ensure all customers get fair server resources and no one site can slow down the server for other customers. If your account keeps hiting the limits requested are limited till the recource usage comes down. You can check your resource usage via the Resource Usage icon in your control panel (cPanel).

If you have hit your accounts limits there are two options which you can consider.

1. Improve the effencieny of your code (e.g. for wordpress you can implement a caching solution like WP Cache).

2. Upgrade your account so more resources are allocated to it.

If you need furhter help, please do not hesiate to contact us.