Who To Create Email Address - Plesk
Posted by Jawad Khan on 23 September 2016 07:08 PM

Mail service enables Internet users to send email messages to each other. Plesk can function as your mail server. It also enables you to create mail accounts and manage them, including performing a number of common mail-related operations. Such operations include changing the password for a mail account, enabling automatic replies, and so on.

To create a mail account:

1: Login to plesk panel

2: go to the Mail tab

3: Create Email Address.

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31 October 2016 10:49 AM
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01 November 2016 12:58 PM
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31 October 2016 10:55 AM

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I mechanize own body, I measure up to a person’s expectations oneself. Be the most measured measureless mechanistic self in full measure. Self-mechanism! Self-mechanization!
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I disuse all terrorism, I disunite Islamic State, I place my pacifism and my peacekeeping force in any districts. Be the most distributive self. Self-distributary!
I do a feat of strength, I use up all one’s energy, I exhaust one’s strength, I make every possible effort, I show one’s ability, by sheer [brute] force.
I cherish a guy, I treat own dental caries, I cure carious self. Be the most dreamt dreamy cherubic self. Self-caress! Self-dreamtime! Self-alcheringa!
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I betray oneself, I betray one-self, I show one’s true nature [colors].
I trounce all terrorists.
I have one’s own way, I stick to one’s opinions, I carry one’s all blood donation through.
I facilitate all one’s work. Be the most facile self. Self-facilitation!
I bail out oneself, I demonstrate my bailiwick. Self-bailout!
I push through, I get over a hindrance, I surmount an obstacle, I overcome any difficulty.
I alter all anger, I change one’s rage, I transfigure own hatred, I transform oneself into my core.
I run through Islamic extreme property. Be the most allegoric self. Self-allegory!
I achieve own marrow transplant, I attain my lifework, I accomplish selfish bone marrow transplantation.
I revise selfish documents, I wash oneself, I clean own career, I rinse one’s past, I clean up my memories, I scrub private record, I cleanse personal history, I carry out egoistic chest. Be in a battlefield. Be the most sensational self.
I graft one’s marrow into an alien, I plant selfish stromal cell into ideal partner, I explant personal mesenchymal stem cells into a foreigner, I transplant private bone marrow into a foreign person, I implant own increased stem cells into self.
I relieve own father, I aid and abet oneself, I salvage Mori Tsutomu (Tsutomu Mori), I bail all dirtiness from personal chest thoroughly, I rescue a man from crisis, I help a person out of danger, I pull up [out] weeds by the root. Self-abetment!
I play all egoistic blood donations in one’s own authority completely perfectly. Be the most ongoing ego-trip egocentric egomania. Self-egoism! Self-egress! Self-egoism! Self-egotism! Self-oneness! Self-onfall! Self-ongoing!
I solve own difficult problem, I resolve one’s hard proposition, I settle personal private serious troublous troublesome issue. Be the most aberrant proportioned proportional proportionate proportionable propositus of large gigantic immense proportions. Self-proposal! Self-proposition! Self-aberration! Self-propriety!
I encage every extremists. Self-enclave! Self-encomium!
Be the most intact intent self. Self-integrity! Self-intactness! Self-intentness!
I get over a crisis, I hack one’s way through own difficulty. Be the most lusty intrusive zygote. Self-intrusion! Self-lustiness! Self-intrusiveness!
I petrify all terrorists.
I somnambulate oneself. Be the most sonic sonant sultry sonorous self. Self-sonata! Self-sonority! Self-summation!
I enfold ISIS in my mind with my affection, I enfeeble all one’s Islamic terrorism(terrorists). Self-influx! Self-inflow!
I flatten Islamic State, I flavor own deed, I flatter oneself. Be the most flat-out self. Self-flattery! Self-flavoring!
I convince oneself, I convolute self. Be the most convolute convoluted convincing convulsive convivial self. Self-convolution! Self-convulsion! Self-conviviality!

I brag oneself. Self-braggadocio!
We let total terrorism droop.
Be the most carnivorous flesh-eating self. Self-carousal!
He is very handsome and tall, also plucky and bold in his character, is brawny, wonderful.
I suit my beings, I avail oneself of my core. Be the most auxiliary self. Self-suitability! Self-autosuggestion!
I drum my dogma, I drum up one’s power, I drum out own cloudiness, I drum into a man, I drudge oneself. Self-drudgery!
I subside oneself, I sedate all terrorists, I tranquilize Islamic militants, I cool total terrorism off, I cool Islamic extremism down, I settle every terroristic action down. Become calm. Be the most votive self.
I step on the gas, I garrote total terrorist, I garrison all over every regional zone, I garnish a man with my force, I garnishee Islamic State. Be the most gaseous garrulous self. Self-garrulity! Self-garniture! Self-garnishment! Self-gaseousness!
I automate own expanse, I automatize one’s expansion. Be the most immune automatic autonomous autodidact. Self-autonomy! Self-automation! Self-autohypnosis! Self-automatism! Self-autoeroticism! Self-autointoxication!
I reticulate my tentacle, I stretch one-self out, I stretch one’s wings, I stretch away all over the universe, I try to get by illegal or unfair means. Be the most reticent retentive self. Self-retention!
I let this bone marrow prolapse, I extend personal height, I stretch out private figure, I heighten selfish stature, I have a new the guy made, I magnify egoistic figuration, I prolong own legs, I proliferate my bone marrow stem cells. Be the most newly-made brand-new prolific cautious notional hypothetical self. Self-proliferation! Self-prolongation!
I throw up own fear, I throw out one’s anxiety, I reject private worry, I evict selfish opposite sense, I eject thy opposition, I drive out the contrary, I exclude personal hostile emotion, I expel egoistic hostility, I wipe out whole terrorism, I disarm Islamic militants, I drown out Islamic militarism, I oppress every terroristic deeds. Be the most armed gaudy showy tawdry garish contrastive self. Self-amnesty! Self-contravention!
31 October 2016 10:59 AM

I heft a man, I vomit all one’s own heinous thoughts.
I atone for one’s sin of private pasts, I make atonement for own sins, in personal history.
I reface own surface, I refashion one’s physique. Self-refection!
I scrape out all one’s own contents, I have written everything exhaustively on the subject.
I primp oneself up, I put my primordium into my central self. Be the most primal primary primeval primordial self. Self-primogeniture!
I deploy my unit, I redeploy own body. Be the most redemptive self. Self-torus! Self-deployment! Self-redemption! Self-redeployment!
I authenticate one’s words. Be the most autarchic authentic self. Self-autarky! Self-autarchy! Self-auscultation! Self-authentication! Self-authentification!
I undergo oneself, I undertake by self, I undercut total Islamic terrorism(terrorists), I make a great project [undertaking] with a heroic attempt. Be the most deserved self.
I rejoice oneself, I relaunch self, I relate one’s beings with my core, I rejuvenate own existence. Be the most related relative relational self. Self-relation! Self-rejoicing! Self-relationship! Self-rejuvenescence!
I take my aura into a guy, I put my aureole in self, I have my aurora oneself. Be the most aural optic visual auroral aureate austere auricular auriferous auspicious self. Self-auspice! Self-austerity!
I liberate self, I liberalize oneself. Be the most liberal liberated libidinous liberalistic libertine. Self-liaison! Self-liberation! Self-liberality! Self-libertinism! Self-liberalization!
I joy one man, I jubilate oneself. Be the most jocund joyful jubilant juvenile juvenescent self. Self-justness! Self-juvenilia! Self-jubilance! Self-jubilation! Self-joyfulness! Self-jocundity! Self-juvenescence! The one’s global jubilee!
I heed oneself, I place hegemony in self, I vanquish my universe, I bring my territory to heel, I kick up one’s heels. Be the most hefty heeled heedful hedonistic self. Self-hedonism! Self-heightism! Self-hegemonism!
I solve private problems, I settle selfish total trouble, I achieve own subject, I attain all one’s issues, I accomplish my theme. Be the most thematic self. Self-issuance! Self-attainment!

I want to make full use of the one’s whole body, fight [do battle] oneself.
I make a bombshell announcement, I plant a bomb in the center of Islamic State.
I turn off all terrorists, I switch off every terrorism, I extinguish Islamic State.
I soup up oneself. A sound mind in a sound body. Be the most sound sounding souped-up self. Self-sounding! Self-soundness!
I eulogize self, I consolidate EU(European Union) with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Greece perfectly. Be the most eugenic euphoric euphuistic euphonious eulogistic self. Self-eulogy! Self-euphuism! Self-euphenics! Self-eudemonism!

I go around universally.
I peer oneself out, I peep out oneself. Self-peerage!
I mend one’s teeth, I restore own tooth, I renovate my earth.
Be the most lewd lascivious self.
Be the most divers self! Self-divarication!
I site own body in my hub, I circle round my earth, I come full circle.
I change own explosibility into all one’s real power.
I shoot out of, I spout own fire, I gush out one’s flame.
I push forward oneself in high spirits, I march onwards to reach the goal, I intend to push forward with my work.
Be the most leading powerful prevailing self, a strongman, a power broker, an influential person.
I find out that iPod and USB cord(cable), I discover an object, I detect one’s private wanting things.
I involve my whole universe, I engulf all over the earth oneself. Self-engulfment! Self-involvement!
I hydrolyze own muddiness, I hydrogenize one’s physical healthy body. Be the most fluent hydrogenous hydroelectric self. Self-hydrolysis! Self-hydrodynamics!
I enhance self, I erupt my blaze, I engross the world. Be the most eruptive enhanced engrossing self. Self-enhancement! Self-engrossment!
I subvert Islamic State, I subtract every terrorists, I put my substratum(substructure) in my central self. Be the most subversive subterranean self with great subtlety. Self-subtotal!
I inhere in my central nucleus oneself, I divert selfish eruptive inherent fulmination into private physical energy. Be the most fulminant self. Self-eruditeness! Self-erudition! Self-inherence!
I solicit my central nuclear self, I solemnize oneself. Be the most solemn solicitous self. Self-solemnness! Self-solemnity! Self-solidity! Self-solidarity! Self-solicitation! Self-solemnization!
I wreck Islamic State, I wrest out of from own chest, I wrench Islamic terrorism, I wreak one’s wrathful wrath, I wreathe self, I erect oneself. Be the most erectile self. Self-erection!
I core Islamic State and every terrorism, I take the bones out of total terrorist. I pitch my cord oneself, I circulate one’s cable all over the whole field. Be the most cordial cormorant self. Self-cordiality!
I ease them, I solve total Refugee Crisis, I settle every issues of all refugees, I make a solution to a problem. Be the most refulgent self. Self-refulgence!
I peddle one’s influence, I set my pedicle on self, I pedestal oneself, I place a person upon a pedestal.
I output oneself. Be the most outrageous self. Self-output! Self-exercises! Self-gymnastics!
I cite my God, equip my citadel oneself. Be the most citable citified self. Self-citation!

I quit oneself, I quit one’s shameful thought.
I bond oneself together, I dispense self, I disseminate own sperm(spermatozoon). Be the most disparate self. Self-dispensation! Self-dissemination!
I unify the earth, I unite and solidify England(the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) with European Union, more than now, strongly completely.
I lift up a man, I possess my ligament in own being, I light up oneself, I lighten self. Be the most light likable lightning self. Self-lighting! Self-lightning!
I fail Islamic terrorists, I plight one’s faith, I put my plinth in self. Be the most fairy implicit faithful self. Self-faithfulness!
I erode ISIL, I encroach upon Islamic State. Be sure of. Be a new breed, a fresh species of Japanese. Be the most surprising self. Self-erosion! Self-encroachment!
I prettify the guy, I pretreat every terrorism, I pretend oneself to be. Be the most prevalent pretentious preterhuman preternatural self. Self-pretension! Self-prevalence!
I discern my 16 years old oneself, I discard own disgrace, I discomfit Islamic State, I disconnect Islamic terrorism, I discombobulate Islamic terrorists. Be the most discerning self. Self-discernment!
I breed like rabbits, I bereave Islamic State of my world, I benumb every terrorists with my earth, at the top of one’s bent. Be the most rabid benign quotidian benevolent self. Self-rabblement! Self-rabidity! Self-benignity! Self-benevolence! Self-rabblerousing!

I stop Brexit, I prevent BREXIT. Be the most all-time self. Self-nutation!
I make own desirable candidate as governor in the gubernatorial election of Tokyo. I produce a governor of Tokyo.
Be inquired sharply well in annual general stockholders’ meeting of OncoTherapy Science, Inc. tomorrow.
If self sleeps, I wake up, the world color is changing.
I hone one man, I honor oneself. Be the most honest honorific honorary honorable self. Self-honesty!
Be the most cardinal calisthenic cardiovascular cardiopulmonary self.
I vaunt self, I vault oneself. Be the most vast vasty vatic vaulted vaunted vaulting vasomotor self.
I euthanize total terrorist, I remake one’s bone marrow donation. Be the most donnish eugenic eurhythmic self. Self-eugenics! Self-euthenics!

I place my prop in my nucleus oneself, I regain one’s breadwinner [chief support], I find a way out of an impossible situation.

I possess my generality oneself. Be the most generative generalist.
After a storm comes a calm.
I generalize one’s philosophy. Be the most general generous genealogical self. Self-generosity! Self-generalization!
I make remaining party with EU win in British election.
I reverse Brexit, I turn the tables in Great Britain. Be reversed.
I sober self up, I sow in every regional districts with my peaceful mind. Be the most sober sovereign self.
I brave it out, I brazen it out, I put a brave face on one’s ordeal. Be in a brave new world. Be the most brave brazen-faced self. Self-bravery! Self-brazenness!
I sign up oneself, I sight own partner, I catch sight of my inner universe, I galvanize one man. Be the most sighted majestic galvanic signatory self. Self-galvanization!
I amuse oneself with own favorite person. Be the most angelic seraphic amusing anabatic anadromous self. Self-ana!Self-anabasis! Self-amusement! Self-anabolism!

I work miracles. Be the most mirthful ultra-fine miraculous self. Self-mirth!
I adumbrate own one’s destination. Be the most adroit piercing adolescent adrenaline-pumping self. Self-piety! Self-pietism! Self-adolescence! Self-adumbration!
I wipe up Daesh, I wipe out Islamic terrorism, I wipe ISIL off the map, I wipe every terrorists off the face of the Earth, I mop the ground with Da’ish, I wipe the floor with Islamic State.
I unite all over the whole world, I put out every terrorism, I extinguish total all terrorists.
I mar all terrorism, I maraud Islamic State. Be the most marauder. Self-mapping! Self-mapmaking! Self-manuscript!
I contemplate oneself, I exclude selfish contemptible thought. Be the most phenomenal contemporary contemplative contemporaneous phenom(phenomenon). Self-contemplation! Self-contemporaneity!

I ID oneself, I vomit own icky feelings. Be the most iconic iconoclastic self. Self-identity! Self-iconolatry! Self-iconoclasm! Self-identification!
I put my historical index in self, I indemnify for one’s own pasts. Be the most in-depth indescribable indestructible self. Self-indemnity! Self-indexation! Self-independency! Self-indemnification!
I synergize oneself. Be the most synodic synergistic self. Self-synod! Self-synectics! Self-synonymy! Self-synergy! Self-loftiness! Self-synergism!

I carry out a plan, put a plan into practice [operation; action].
I harness self, accompany oneself. Be the most chic self.
I exceed it more than time and transcend it and start all phenomena in the life again.
I press through, I press one’s luck, press an advantage, I press ahead with own expanse.
I electrify oneself. Be the most electric electrical self. Self-electricity! Self-electrification!
I make a monopoly, I keep the universe to oneself, I itinerate all over the whole area. Be the most self-righteous monopolistic monopolizer. Self-itineracy!
I stand out oneself, I throw my abyss off, I kick one’s inside off, I cast own innermost bottom off.
I commence, I commercialize own word, I commemorate one’s events. Be the most inceptive self. Self-commerce! Self-commemoration! Self-commercialization!
I slog through, I slog away at own expansion, I slog one’s guts out, I slough off one’s laziness, idleness, lazy idle indolent slothful self.
I spread out my pacifism, I make our world peace, I expand my peaceful feelings, I put my Peacekeeping Forces, I produce our peaceful earth, I work the peacekeeping operations(PKO), to every regional area, all over the whole world.
I pierce to the bone, I strike home, I touch one to the quick, I work as hard as one can, I take the teeth out of Islamic terrorism, I water down Islamic terrorists. Be the most sharp-eyed large-boned self. Self-tourism! Self-sightseeing!

I strike a blow for self.
I recover own body, I regain one’s young power, into self.
I set the Imperial Headquarters into my central one man. Self-trespassing!
I put my kismet oneself, I kit self with my atmosphere, I take all one’s everything but the kitchen sink. Self-wealthiness!
I sweep out one’s inside, I vomit my innermost abyss, I throw up own bottom, I send up of selfish battle aura.
I fill my whole area with one’s egoistic atmospheric air.
I lead off, I lead oneself, I lead out self. Be the most leading self. Self-leadoff! Self-leadership!
I set up oneself, I push personal muddiness out of private chest, I force out selfish gloomy cloudiness of own brain, I have a dignified appearance.
Be full with egocentric azure. Self-egoism! Self-egotism! Be the most ego-trip egregious egocentric egomaniac. Self-egress! Self-egomania!
I stretch one’s legs out, I throw out my deepest deepness of, I possess my profundity oneself. Be the most deep deep-laid deep-rooted profuse profound self. Self-profusion!
I reach the limit, go beyond the one’s bounds, I localize Islamic terrorism, I set limits to Islamic extremists, and I extinguish total terrorism and every terrorists. Be in extreme situation.
I espouse oneself, I exonerate self. Be the most esoteric exorbitant self. Self-espial! Self-espousal! Self-espionage! Self-exoneration! Self-esoterica! Self-exorbitance!
I go the distance, I dissolve own trauma, I melt all one’s traumas, I dissipate selfish distaste, I dissociate Islamic terrorism, I dissimilate Islamic terrorists to my force. Be the most dissolute dissipated self. Self-dissipation! Self-dissimilation! Self-dissoluteness!
02 November 2016 04:18 AM
Peace reigns over the world. I produce my peaceful land.
Be the most salty salutary salubrious self. Self-saltiness! Self-salubrity! Self-salutation!
I augur oneself, I augment one’s power. Be the most august augmentative self. Self-augury! Self-augmentation!
I impart to self, I unite oneself in doing, I place my universality in my beings. Be the most unique unitary unionized universal impassioned self.
I evert own hated anger, I even up oneself with my grace and my mercy. Be the most eventful eventual everlasting even-handed even-tempered self. Self-eversion! Self-eventide! Self-everlastingness!
I nurse a boy, I have my numen oneself, I nurture self, I numerate all one’s historical members. Be the most numeral numinous numerous self. Be numero uno. Self-nursing! Self-numerousness! Self-numeration!
I motor a guy, I motorize one man, I motivate self to do, I calender my man, I calendar one’s revival of personal 16 years old, I have my motility oneself, I put my motif into own body. Be the most motor motile motive self. Self-motion! Self-motoring! Self-athletics! Self-motivation! Self-motorization!

I growl all over the whole area.
I psych up self, I psych oneself up. Be the most psychic. Be the most psychical psychogenic psychoactive self.
I sublimate selfish shameful disgraceful pasts, I solve one’s personal ashamed embarrassed memories.
I get psyched, get mentally prepared, I resolve remembrance, I disgorge disgruntled disgust, I disfranchise any terrorists.
I habit all over the universe, I hearten up oneself. Be the most giant gigantic habitable self. Self-habitation! Self-dishabille! Self-heartiness!
I banish own humiliation, I exile private dishonor, I deport selfish shameful disgrace, I expel personal humiliated disgraced shame, I clear one’s character, I remove the blot on one’s name. Be the most exquisite self. Self-deportment! Self-deportation! Self-exquisiteness!
I grow away oneself, I grow out of self, I grow together, I instantiate one’s imagination, I instate a man, I have an instinct for to do, I instill my mind into Islamic State. Be the most growing instinct instinctive instantaneous self. Self-instillation!

Be the most psychic expeditious self.
I find out a battery of own portable telephone(private cellular phone, a cellphone, personal mobile phone).
I tie up the world, I tier into my central nuclear self, I batter total terrorists. Be the most tigerish exponential self.
I satiate own all desires, I saturate the whole field with my soul. Be the most saturated self. Self-satiation! Self-saturation!
I denude all terrorists of all activity. Be the most lascivious larger-than-life self. Self-validity! Self-dentition! Self-dentifrice!
I scrap own ugly ugliness, I repeal any terrorism, I expropriate all terroristic fortune. Be the most ubiquitous omnipresent self. Self-ubiquity! Self-omnipresence!
I even return the time, I rescue personal father, I do own stem cell transplant, I redo bone marrow transplantation, again once more. Be the most lecherous lecher. Self-lech! Self-lechery! Self-lecherousness!

I strain oneself, I strain every nerve to do.
I excrete one’s harmfulness, I discharge private waste harmful emotion.
I have all one’s strain, I straighten out oneself. Be the most straight-out self.
I rifle of Islamic State. Be the most rife ridiculous self. Self-riff! Self-ridiculousness!
I bail out oneself, I deposit own stem cells with a person, I entrust a person with one’s bone marrow. Be a bailor, a depositor. Self-bailout! Self-bailment!
I crack on, I cozen out Islamic terrorists of fortune. Be the most cozy self. Self-coziness!
I trail self, I trace one’s all records. Be the most tractive traceable self. Self-tracing! Self-traction! Self-traceability!
I except personal ashamed embarrassed thought from self, I leave out one’s unpleasant disgusting toxicity. Be the most exceptional self. Self-exception! Self-sentiment!
I rejuvenate own beings, I juxtapose all one’s tracks. Be the most juvenile juvenescent self. Self-juvenescence! Self-rejuvenation! Self-juxtaposition!
I remind a person of, I reinforce my peacekeeping army all over the earth. Be the most tempered self. Self-feast! Self-banquet! Self-solidarity!
I petition for oneself, I petrify any terrorists, I exclude own pettish petulant petulance. Be the most petitionary self. Self-petition!
I tighten one’s man’s body, I bracket all together, I brace up for my guy. Be braced, be in good shape. Be the most bracing self.
I metalize one’s muscle, I metabolize self, I metamorphose oneself. Be the most metallic metabolic metaphorical metallurgical self. Self-metamorphism! Self-metamorphosis!
I let a relevant researchers of CellSeed, Nanocarrier, OncoTherapy Science, Inc., Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd., get Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Be the most physiographic physiologic physiognomical self. Self-pianism! Self-physiognomy! Self-phytogeny! Self-phytogenesis! Self-physiology! Self-physiography! Self-physiotherapy!
I flag off, I use up and consume own flabby flaccid fat as one’s energy, I get rid of flab, I flagellate oneself, I flabbergast my world, I keep the flag flying with flags flying. Self-flagellation!
I fine one’s theory, I finagle Islamic terroristic total property into own private account, I finance oneself, I finalize my lifework. Be the most final financial self. Self-finale! Self-finance! Self-financing! Self-finalization!
I remold own body, I mold one’s existence into my core, I molder Islamic State, I mollify Islamic extremism, I reminisce on my 16 years old oneself. Be the most reminiscent self. Self-moksha! Self-remission! Self-mollification! Self-reminiscence!
I diffuse my aura, I discriminate the world, I covet oneself, I get over personal private difficulty. Be the most differ covert courteous covetous diffusive differential indiscriminate discriminating self. Self-covenant! Self-courtesy! Self-diffusion! Self-coverage! Self-diffraction! Self-discrimination! Self-covetousness! Self-wealthiness! Self-differentiation! Self-indiscrimination!
I cumulate in self, I go up my cumulonimbus. Be the most cumulative self. Self-cumulus! Self-cupidity!
I palpate my earth, I carry off the palm, I pulse through my universe, I stir a person’s pulse, I palliate own traumas, I pulverize all terrorists, I pulsate my space with one’s cosmos, I palpitate with my world. Be the most pally palpable pulsating self in one’s palmy days. Self-pulsation! Self-palliation! Self-palpitation! Self-palpation! Self-palpability!
02 November 2016 04:19 AM
I plight one’s troth, I locate my plinth in my central core oneself.
I usurp Islamic State, and change it into my peacekeeping force. Self-usurpation!
I effect a lodgment. Be the most competent self. Self-lodgment! Self-loftiness!
Be the most poetic plutonic pneumatic self.
Be the most locomotive locomotor self. Self-locomotion!
Be the most imminent contemporaneous self. Self-contemplation! Self-contemporaneity!
I come to the nitty-gritty. Be the most nobby nitrous noble-minded self. Self-nobleness! Self-nobility!
I excise a malignant tumor of Tsutomu Mori, I remove own father’s carcinoma surgically, in most early phase.
I upsurge oneself. Be the most upward upwind up-to-date up-to-the-minute self. Self-uptake! Self-upswing! Self-upsurge! Self-upthrust!
I honor for self with my love(affection). Be the most honest sincere honorary honorable honorific honoree. Self-honesty! Self-sincerity! Self-honeymoon! Self-disposition!
I disinter oneself, I disjoint all terrorists, I pasteurize Da’ish, I disintegrate Islamic State, I disinfest throughout the whole world, I disinfect all over the earth. Self-pastime! Self-disinfection! Self-disinfestation!
I rectify one man, I rescind any terrorism, I requite self with my lover, I resect father’s rectal cancer in early stage, I exile egoistic resentful resentment. Self-rescript! Self-requital! Self-rectitude! Self-requisition! Self-resemblance! Self-rectification!
I justify one's logic. Be the most orthodox legitimate justifiable self. Self-justice! Self-propriety!
I specify a guy, I drop Donald Trump, I remove Donald J. Trump. Be the most specific specified self.
I wash own pasts, I clean personal career, I clean up my history, I rinse private record, I cleanse one's memories, I carry out physical chest.
I cast on, I cast up own mind, I cast off one's existence, I cast out personal soul, I make selfish fence-mending, I purify private felonious felony. Be the most felicitous self. Self-felicity!
02 November 2016 04:20 AM
I fend for oneself. Be the most feral self.
I gain own pasts in self, I earn one’s records into one man, I obtain my history oneself.
I shoulder my earth, I carry the fate of my world on self, I take my universe upon oneself, I seek one’s fortune. Be the master of one’s destiny. Be the most fated fateful self.
I perfuse with my pacifism, I remove personal peril, I take out own pericranium, I take off one’s perilousness. Be the most perilous peripheral periodontal periphrastic self. Self-perfusion!
I make up for own deficient, I compensate one’s deficiency, I defang all terrorists, I deflate every terrorism, I defecate selfish ill will. Be the most defiant definite definitive deferential self.
I fete selfish man, I feast private guy, I deodorize own bad foul fetid smell, I have fine odor oneself, I possess my feud in self. Be the most embryonic fetishistic fetish in good fine fettle. Self-fetishism! Self-embryogenesis!
I entail own favorite partner, I secure self, I ensure selfish 16 years old, I refuel oneself, I supply sugar content into one’s beings, I replenish egoistic energy. Be the most secure self. Self-entailment! Self-replenishment!

I plume self, I plug away oneself. Be the most spanking self.
I show off one’s ability, I eject own shitty thinking. Be the most shocking cordial self. Self-cordiality!
I scumble every extremism, I sculpture into self, I sculpture out of oneself. Be the most sculptural sculpturesque self. Self-sculpture!
あらゆる過激主義を和らげ 暈す、自身に彫刻し己から彫刻造形す。最も彫刻彫像様自身であれ。自己彫刻!自身造形!
I ring out, I randomize oneself, I vomit own rancor, I spit private rancorous feeling, I exclude one’s rancid rancidity. Be the most randy ringing self.
I vomit one’s qualms, I spit own qualmish feelings out. Be the most quaint quality qualitative self. Self-disposition! Self-quaintness!
I clone a man, I reclone one guy, I chant one’s principle, I recite my principal word. Be the most cognitive self. Self-chantry! Self-cognizance! Self-recidivism! Self-reciprocity!
I tend self, I tender one’s spirits, I hype up own philosophy, I propagandize my tenet, I bill oneself as my central pillar. Be the most hyperbolic self. Self-tendance! Self-hyperbole! Self-hyperactivity!
I insert one’s genitals(genitalia), I put personal penis(sexual organs) in selfish ideal partner, I have private jism in self, I possess jinn and genie oneself. Be the most genetic genomic jingoistic self. Self-jinks! Self-geniality! Self-jingoism!

I rage through, I drive own anger away, I relegate one’s hatred to my centre.
Be the most intact innocent integrative self. Self-intake! Self-innocence! Self-integrity! Self-intactness!
I rewrite own pasts, I renew private records, I transfer oneself, to one’s best choice, into good shape. Self-shaping! Self-transference!
I load in self, I lord it over the earth, I have my lodestar oneself. Be the most lordly lord. Self-lore! Self-loading! Self-lordship! Self-lordliness!

I give shape to private ideal, I pray for the realization of one’s aspiration.
Self-solstice! Self-solipsism! Self-soliloquy!
I solve selfish solicitude. Be the most solicitous self. Self-solidarity!
I bore one’s way through. Be the most saucy sassy satyric saturnine satisfactory self. Self-sauciness! Self-satyriasis!
I ransack Islamic State, I rant and rave about one’s insistence. Be the most lenient rapacious self. Self-lenity! Self-lenience! Self-rapacity!
I lick into shape, I unleash own existence lickety-split. Be the most licit lickerish licentious self. Self-licensure! Self-licitness! Self-licentiousness!
I ramp all over the whole area, I rampart one man, I stand ramrod straight oneself as stiff as a ramrod. Be the most rammy self. Self-rampage! Self-rampancy!
I anoint one’s man, I irrupt into thy goal, I irradiate oneself, I vomit own irritation, I throw up selfish annoyance, I sweep out private exasperation. Be the most structural anomalous self. Self-anomie! Self-irruption! Self-structure! Self-anointment! Self-irradiation!
I calk oneself, I cast up my mind, I cast off own hull, I shed selfish husk, I cast out one’s shell, I castle private man, I castrate all terrorists, I castigate any terrorism, I have the law of causality in myself. Be the most sheeny casual cast-iron casuistic causative cavalier castellated self. Self-sheen! Self-casting! Self-casuistry! Self-cavalcade! Self-casualness! Self-causation! Self-cataclysm! Self-catabolism! Self-castellation!
02 November 2016 04:20 AM
I reveal itself, I revenge oneself, I reverberate throughout my whole space. Be the most revealing reverberatory self. Self-reverberation!
I manifest oneself. Be the most manifold self. Self-manifesto! Self-manifestation!

I split a gut oneself.

I level up oneself, I limber up self, I do one’s level best. Be the most pliant supple lithe limber literate self. Self-pliancy! Self-leveling!
I use one’s body, I utilize my nuclear power, I take advantage of Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant, I make use of power plant for high‐speed breeder Monju, I put Japan’s plutonium-burning fast breeder reactor Monju to practical use.

I clasp my earth. Be the most royal loyal dreadful reckless self. Self-loyalty! Self-loyalism!
I have my lexis, I possess all one’s lexicon, I levy on Islamic State. Be the most lewd lexical lexicographical self. Self-lewdness! Self-lexicography!
I put my libido in a man, I lick into shape oneself. Be the most licit lickerish libidinous licentious libidinous libertine. Self-licitness! Self-licensure! Self-libertinism! Self-licentiousness!
I unfurl my new policy all over the whole world.
I advance the Occupation Forces, I occupy all over the whole earth. Self-occupation!
I splay out, I splice together oneself, I splice to one’s legs. Be the most splendiferous self. Self-splendor!
I grind out, I greet oneself, I put a person’s nose to the grindstone. Be the most gregarious self. Self-greeting! Self-gregariousness!
I pursue oneself. Be a pursuer. Be the most engaging purposive self. Self-pursuit! Self-pursuance!
I trench one’s way, I set the trend, I remove own trepidation. Be the most trendsetting self. Self-trendiness! Self-trephination!
I exercise my deity. Be the most sanative sanatory sacrosanct sacramental self. Self-sacrament!
I becloud ISIL, I bedim Islamic State, I bedeck self with my air, I bedizen the world with my pacifism, I beckon oneself to one’s goal(destination), I bedazzle total terrorists. Be the most vanguard.
I let any terrorists regress, I let Islamic State retrograde, I degrade Islamic terrorism. I conform oneself. Be the most conformable self. Self-friction! Self-conformity! Self-conformation!

I realize my dream, I live as one wishes. Be the most cocky swollen conceited self.
I turn oneself into my centre, I take the form of my central nuclear self.
I corroborate own rightness. Be the most corrigible corroborative self. Self-corroboree! Self-corroboration!
I use one’s loaf, I give up own loathsomeness, I waive one’s loathing, I renounce private loathsome lump of my chest. Self-forgiveness!
I pocket all terroristic property, I embezzle total Islamic fortune, I apply oneself to one’s realization, I appropriate the money to oneself. Be the most big donor of many cell medicines.
I originate oneself. Be the most ornate orotund orthoptic orthopedic orthodontic originative self. Self-orogeny! Self-ornateness! Self-orthodontics! Self-orthodontia! Self-origination!
I shake up self, I shake oneself together, I swing into action, I transform one’s shake, I convert own swing, I transmute personal wave, I transfigure selfish waver, I change private flicker, into my fulfillment. Be the most wavy swinging swingeing self.

I ventilate oneself. Self-ventilation!
I pull off feats, I pull round oneself.
I delight own desires. Be the most delirious delightful self. Self-delight! Self-delirium!
I posture oneself, I postulate my central nuclear self. Be the most postural self. Self-postulation!
His handsome and kindly face like a boy showed various diverse expression.
I give blood by self, I achieve one’s all blood donation, I have authority, I hold the right to do. Be a blood donor.
Fight is transferred. A soul flies. Be flying the universe. Consciousness leaves the body and reaches the end of the universe.
I designate self as my symbol, I deserve to do oneself. Be the most deserving self. Self-desertion! Self-designation!
I reveal one’s all past full capacity into own present existing self. Manifested. I appear oneself completely.
I reveal itself, I revenge oneself, I reverberate throughout my whole space. Be the most revealing reverberatory self. Self-reverberation!
I manifest oneself. Be the most manifold self. Self-manifesto! Self-manifestation!
I feel extremely happy and proud of oneself. Be beaming with triumph. Self-singularity! Self-idiosyncrasy!
Be the most singular idiomatic idiosyncratic self. Self-idiom!
I pillow oneself, I overwhelm all over the universe, I pilot through the world. Be the most piezoelectric self. Self-pillage! Self-pilotage!
I lame all terrorists, I vomit own venomous venom, I counteract poison. Be the most lambent self. Self-lambency!
I wive by oneself, I weather self, I wither any terrorism(terrorists). Be the most witty wizard witting self. Self-weathering! Self-witticism! Self-wizardry! Self-wittiness!
I cop Islamic terroristic fortune, I cope oneself, I place my copestone in self. Be the most copious copacetic pulchritudinous self. Self-pulchritude! Self-copartnership!
I have a big heart in one guy, I copulate oneself with one’s favorite girl, I pay attention to self, I take good care of my ultimate thing, I pull oneself together, I put heart into own transplant, I couple a man with selfish best favorite partner. It’s the thought that counts. Be the most kind generous copulative countrified self. Self-mating! Self-coupling! Self-copulation!
I opine oneself, I operate own vitality through, I use up personal vigor, I throw oneself completely into my centre, I do selfish best, do my utmost, do one’s damnedest, I devote all one’s energy, I did all I could for my company. Be the most utter utmost operatic utility operative self. Self-utility!

I have one’s wish be granted, I have own desire be fulfilled.
I remove own private troubles, I solve all one’s worries, I want the issue resolved.
I view my world, I overlook my earth, I look down over my history, I have a bird’s-eye view.
I survey my all one’s historical lives. Be the most susceptible self. Self-surveillance!
I drop Donald J. Trump, we lose Donald J. Trump’s policy.
Be the most curative self. Self-curating!
I gladden own private desires. Be the most glad gladiatorial gladiator. Self-gladness!
I refute all, I confute oneself. Be the most congenial congenital self. Self-congeries! Self-refutation! Self-confutation!
I emerge oneself, I make my emergent evolution. Be the most emerging vainglorious self. Self-emersion! Self-vainglory! Self-emergence!
I pull in, I fossilize Islamic terrorism and terrorists, I hypothesize my completion, I earn one’s living, I make love by self. Be the most hypothetical self. Self-hypothesis!
I eject own malediction, I exclude private malefaction, I drive away selfish malevolent malevolence, I throw away personal maleficent maleficence.
I beam, I boom along, I boom out oneself, I umpire my world, I expel own umbrage, I evict one’s umbrageous feelings. Be the most boon boomy beaming umpteen ulterior self.
Be the most benign beneficial beneficent benevolent self. Self-Benedictus! Self-benediction! Self-benefaction! Self-beneficence! Self-benevolence!
I breed one guy, I bleed of Islamic State, I bleed away oneself, I breach one’s border, I broaden own breadth, I breeze through my expanse. Be the most broad breezy lecherous self. Self-lech! Self-breeding! Self-lecherousness! Self-greediness!

I push out oneself, I discharge personal unpleasant offensive disgusting deleterious feelings. Be the most far-flung far-fetched self to a fare-you-well.
I peculate Islamic State in my account, I replace own peckish pectoral. Be the most peculiar pedantic pedagogic self. Self-pedagogy!
I expel own sickness, I eject one’s disgust, I vomit selfish sick diseased feeling. Be the most sidereal self. Self-feeding! Self-feedback! Self-dishabille!
I push on, I push up oneself, I push along, I push ahead with my powerful force, I push things too far, I push one’s way through my world. Be the most pushy pushing self.
I work my nuclear power, I operate my nuclear energy, I remake the peaceful use of nuclear energy, I put my nuclear electric power generation, I bring my nuclear power plant [station], in succession, one after another, in Japan, in the world.
I specify self, I specialize oneself. Be the whole spectrum[spectra] of. Be the most special specious specific spectacular self. Self-spectacle! Self-speciation! Self-specification! Self-specialization!

I drive out oneself, I double one’s income.
It’s a spirit to envelop the world.
Be the most frequent self. Be the most so much plenty of own quantity.
I render own inner mass up to my epicentre. Self-rendering! Self-rendition! Self-rendezvous!
I persuade oneself. Be the most persuasive self. Self-enclave! Self-encomium! Self-persuasion! Self-persuasiveness!
I insinuate my peace into my ISIS. Be the most insolent insightful insidious self. Self-insight! Self-insolence! Self-insidiousness!
I have my plenum oneself. Be the most plenty aplenty plethoric plenteous plentiful self. Self-plethora! Self-pleomorphism!
I repel all terrorists, I replant bone marrow stem cell, I rephrase one’s phrase, I settle private repentance. Self-repetition! Self-repercussion!
I endow a guy with my forceful fortune, I endue one man with my powerful property, I let own exoskeleton(endoskeleton) become huge and gigantic. Be the most highly richly endowed self. Self-endowment! Self-endoscopy!
I comply with personal desire, I possess my component oneself, I compliment on self with one’s favorite partner. Be the most compliant complimentary self. Self-compliment! Self-compliance!
I complete own physique, I complement my physical body. Be the most complacent complaisant self. Self-complement! Self-complacence! Self-complaisance! Self-completeness!
I slate to be, I presume to do every things, I presuppose that one’s completion form. Be the most presuming pretentious presumptuous preterhuman preternatural self. Self-pretension! Self-presumption! Self-presupposition!
I drive out own malicious malignancy, I exclude my malignant malignity, I throw away one’s ill will, I throw out private hatred, I throw up personal rage, I expel all hated anger, I eject selfish furiousness, I evict thy angry.
I broaden one’s knowledge, I circulate the egoistic width, I intend own sexual intercourse, I tend all one’s beings, I propagate my tenet, I have my tendency oneself. Be the most tender tenfold tendencious wide-open wide-ranging widespread tender-hearted self. Self-tendance! Self-tenderness!
I excoriate any every terrorism, I exempt private worries, I exculpate oneself, I exemplify my real force, I exert my total mighty might, I excogitate own salvage, I have my big excrescence, I excrete egoistic egotistic egregious execrable execration. Be the most exemplary excretive exclusive exegetic e exemplary excrescent self. Self-excretion! Self-exemption! Self-exclusion! Self-exertion! Self-exemplar! Self-excogitation! Self-excursion! Self-exegesis! Self-exemplification! Self-exculpation! Self-exclusiveness!
02 November 2016 04:21 AM
I proofread all one’s past’s words, I read proofs. Self-proofreading!
I do his surgical excision, I remove own father’s colorectal cancer surgically, at most early stage, in my history.
I detect and find out, I convert one’s stock dividend into money, I cash into private account. Be the most accomplished self. Self-accolade!
I freeze every terrorists, I frenzy oneself. Be the most frenzied frenetic self. Self-freshet! Self-freight! Self-frequency! Self-freightage!
I help out, I help oneself, I reinforce private facility, I strengthen one’s muscular faculty, I build up own hepatic function, I increase personal bone marrow and hemal hematic blood-forming ability, I make a great project, I achieve the greatest undertaking, I accomplish a heroic attempt. Self-helping!

I lunge for one’s goal, I rush through my way.
I keep the peace all over throughout the earth[world].
I purge of my all one’s Islamic terrorism(terrorists) forcibly.
I purge all every terrorists, I purify whole total any terrorism, throughout the world, all over the earth.
I hold my statistic oneself. Be at action stations. Be the most statistical self. Self-statism! Self-statistics!
I add up my historical all one’s selves, I sum up my history, I total up my life, I totalize my historical whole lives. Be the most sum total self. Self-totality!
I mesmerize all over the whole universe. Be the most merciful mercurial Messianic meridian meritorious self. Self-mesmerism! Self-mercifulness!
I profiteer, I make undue profits, I fling off own body, I fling one’s mind out, I fling away private soul, I have one’s fling, I fling oneself into my heaven.
I presume to be, I presuppose my central nuclear self. Be the most prestigious presumptuous self. Self-prestige! Self-presumption! Self-presupposition!
I vibrate oneself, I vomit own vicious thought. Be the most vibrant vibratile vibratory vicarious self. Self-vibrancy! Self-viaticum! Self-vibration! Self-vicariousness! Self-complications!
I vomit selfish hostile grudge, I throw away private grungy grumpy grudging hostility. Be the most gruff amiable amicable self. Self-amity! Self-gruffness! Self-amiability! Self-amicability! Self-photosynthesis!
I make amends for self, I ameliorate one’s condition, I eat ambrosia by a man, I bite ambrosial food oneself, I chow down a big meal. Be the most amenable ambulatory ameliorative self. Self-amenity! Self-ambulation! Self-amelioration! Self-amenability!
I stipulate, I make a great stir, I show one’s stuff, I know one’s stuff, I stupefy every terrorists, I stir the blood, I stultify all terrorism, I stun Islamic radicalists, I stub out total population of Islamic State. Be the most suave sturdy stanch studied studious stunning stupendous stunner. Self-suaveness! Self-stylishness! Self-sturdiness! Self-stipulation!

I pep up oneself, I vouchsafe my pep to self.
I climb over all one’s troubles, I overcome private hardship, I get over own personal difficulty.
I prefer this guy. Be the most preferable preferential self. Self-preference! Self-preferment!
I glut own favorite person oneself. Be a glutton. Be the most hearty heavy big gluttonous eater. Self-gluttony!
I ululate oneself, I throw away own umbrageous umbrage. Be the most acute conterminous ultrasensitive self. Self-ululation! Self-ultranationalism!
I imbibe all oneself, I imbue self with my force, I exile own imbecile imbecility, I imbrue in Islamic State with my pacifism. Be the most urgent immanent immediate self. Self-immanence! Self-immensity!
I get excited, feel satisfied, feel relieved, I throb all over the whole universe, I ascend the throne, I throne a man, I throng to one’s existence, I throttle any terrorists, at full throttle.
I give my grace, I grant selfish wish, I bestow my mercy, I confer my charity, I vouchsafe a blessing, I present own personal lovable favorite partial girl(women), in self. Be the most graceful self. Self-favoritism! Self-gracefulness!
I subdue my Islamic State, I conquer my universe. Be a conqueror. Self-subdual! Self-conquest!
I tide over, I turn the tide, I swim with the tide, I tidy out one’s room, I tidy away own dirt, I tidy oneself up. Self-tidiness!
I retake my all, I resuscitate one human existence. Be the most reticent retentive resurgent. Self-reticence! Self-resurgence! Self-retention! Self-resumption! Self-resuscitation!
I cleanse personal felony, I clean up private felonious fact, I fraternize with my society oneself. Be the most frantic friendly fraternal self. Self-comradeship! Self-friendship! Self-fellowship! Self-camaraderie! Self-friendliness! Self-fraternization!
I enlist a guy, I enlighten one man, I enjoin on the earth, I officiate at the ground, I break fresh new ground, I expel egotistic egregious enmity. Be the most ego-trip enlightened self. Self-enlistment! Self-enlightenment!
I have the star dust oneself. Be the most starry starry-eyed stargazing star-studded star-spangled self. Self-portage!
I put my axis into self, I lay my axle in one guy, I possess my axiom oneself. Be the most axial awless awesome axiomatic axonometric self. Self-axiom!
I excise selfish sordid ignorant ignorance, I cut off personal ignoble ignominious ignominy. Be the most soulful sound sounding soul-stirring self. Self-sortie! Self-sorcery! Self-sorption! Self-soundness!
I put up self, I put forth, I put over own blood donation(cell transplant), I put away any terrorism, I put aside every terrorists, I put oneself forward, I put through personal bone marrow transplantation, I put together my total members. Be the most. Be the most putative self.
I reset my writing, I amend own composition, I rescind any terrorism, I resect personal dirty dirt, I reshape one’s life, I vomit selfish resentful resentment, I resettle private existence into my centre. Self-resemblance! Self-resettlement!
I irradiate my qi, I undulate oneself, I head straight toward one’s goal, I plow through the stormy sea, I plow forward through high seas. Be the most undying undulant undulatory self. Self-billows! Self-surges! Self-retrieval! Self-undulation! Self-irradiation!

I starve Islamic terrorists. Be the most stated self. Self-stateliness!
I exclude own scurvy scuzzy feeling, I lay off Islamic terrorist, I dismiss all every terrorists.
I solve Zika fever(Zika virus disease) all over throughout the earth.
I pamper own sexual desires, I spread out spokewise. Self-spoliation!
I push one’s own boundaries. Be beyond the pale, be outside the bound.
Be the most substantive substantial self. Self-substantiality! Self-substantiveness!
I team up the earth, I tear up ISIL, I tear down Islamic State. Be the most tearing self.
I carry self, I carry away oneself, I carry forward personal blood donation, I donate own blood and one’s bone marrow constantly permanently.
I evict own thorax, I eject one’s thoracic hatred and anger. Be the most thrifty thriving thrice-blessed self. Self-thriftiness!
I form a group, I band together, I elicit own hidden total might, I extract personal potential power. Be extremely strong. Be the most explicit self. Self-explicitness!
I fructify my imagination, I fluctuate oneself. Be the most fluent frugal fruitful self. Self-frugality! Self-fruitfulness! Self-fluctuation! Self-fructification!
I quiet every terrorism, I calm Middle East, I quell total terroristic deeds, I put down Islamic extremism. One’s single-minded devotion communicates itself to Heaven.
I culminate oneself. Be the most occult occupational self. Self-cult! Self-occultism! Self-occupancy! Self-occupation! Self-culmination! Self-occultation!
I wash away own mind, I sweep out one’s rage, I carry it off, I carry oneself well, I make a clean sweep, I carry through personal transplantation, I carry all [everything] before one, I sweep through thy universe. Be the most sweet sweeping self.
I get laid, I expedite own expanse, I realize one’s expectance, I expatiate for my thought. Be the most expedient expectant expediential expeditious expeditionary self. Self-leadoff! Self-expedition! Self-expatiation!
I come true, I idealize self, I materialize own desire, I achieve one’s ends, I attain personal purpose, I realize one’s wish, I grant my dream, I accomplish selfish hope, I answer a request, I substantiate an expectation, I concrete private ideal, I give shape to self-imagination.

I acquire all, I activate a man, I vitalize own being, I revitalize one’s beings, I regenerate personal existence, I give thy vigor, I present my animation, I bestow your briskness, I confer the human liveliness. Be full of vigor [life]. Become active[brisk]. Self-gliding! Self-occupancy!
I prove a success, I make a success of it, I resume every private wanted things, I continue all one’s blood donation, I succeed personal marrow transplant(bone marrow transplantation). Be the most successful self.
I proceed, I overwork oneself, I have one’s own way, I secede from private chest, I ravage ISIL, I progress thy expanse(expansion), I seclude Islamic terrorism, I fulfill my road and personal desire with selfish ideals by force forcibly. Be the most willful progressive self. Self-progress! Self-secession! Self-proceeding! Self-progression!
02 November 2016 04:22 AM
I love each other oneself.
I vouchsafe one’s own selfish private best favorite lovable parson.

I finish the work, I promote own digestion, I sublimate one’s pasts.
Be omnipresent throughout the whole world.
I treat self, I kit one man with my massive muscles. Self-treaty! Self-treatise!
I restore youth, I quite agree with you, I’m very much satisfied, I solve my groundless imaginary fears.
The one’s own fragility and toughness, robustness, delicateness and boldness, daringness, besides, a boy and an adult,
I love each other oneself.
be living together with them.
I push through own blood donation, I carry through my work, I persist in my egoism, I stick to selfish view, I insist on one’s opinions, I complete personal marrow transplant[private bone marrow transplantation].
I peal all over the universe, I shed own shell, I shear any terrorists of total property. Be the whole shebang. Be the most sheer sheeny self. Self-sheen!
I comport oneself, I place my component on self, I compose oneself with my earth. Be the most composed self. Self-portage! Self-composure! Self-composition! Self-comportment!
I get rid of thy distress, I dislodge own personal pain, I remove all one’s distressful sufferings, I work out selfish private hardship. Be the most resolved resolute resilient self. Self-resolution!
I pioneer oneself, I devour ISIS(ISIL,Daesh,Daash,Da’ish,Islamic State). Be the most pious devout devoted devotional pioneering empirical experienced self. Self-devotion! Self-epistemology! Self-devoutness!
I quicken my man, I hold my quiddity oneself,I quieten all terrorism, I quiet down every terrorists. Self-quiddity! Self-quietude! Self-quickening!
I alleviate fever, I wipe away own anxiety, I wipe out one’s concern, I wipe all terrorism off the map, I wipe every terrorists off the face of the Earth. Self-alleviation!
I crop up the beings, I crop out oneself, I uplift an existence, I uphold this being, I upheave my human guy, I flatter him, I make the most of one’s own special ability. Self-upkeep! Self-upheaval!

I comprise oneself, I comprise of. Be the most compulsive compulsory self. Self-compulsion! Self-principality!
I climb over own personal agony, I overcome one’s private anguish, I get over my selfish distress.
I utilize own trained body like the ogre. Be the most ogreish fiendish demoniac orgasmic self.
I love each other oneself.
I cheat Islamic State out of total property, I swindle any terrorists out of the world.
I take the salute, I salute for a man. Be the most salutary salubrious self. Self-salubrity! Self-salutation!
I story this man, I stave ISIL, I stave off Islamic State, I storm out of self, I storm all over my universe. Be the most stout stormy storied storybook stout-hearted self. Self-stoutness!
I put my entropy in self, I enumerate my historical total members oneself. Be the most enumerative self. Self-entry! Self-nursing! Self-entryism! Self-enumeration!
I douse any terrorists, I relieve own fears, I relegate self to my centre. Be the most dormant doughty relevant do-or-die self. Self-reliance! Self-relief! Self-relegation!
I displace oneself, I disperse any anxieties, I solve selfish all troubles, I dispatch private every worries, I sublimate my total subjects, I settle one’s whole problems, I dispel a person’s misunderstanding. Be the most disparate self. Self-assignment! Self-dispassion! Self-displacement! Self-assignation!
I empty personal chest, I come out of one’s shell.
I settle all, I solve selfish total blame and private every denials, in my self en bloc.
I vouchsafe one’s own best favorite partner. Be the most votive vortical self. Self-vortex!
I wag a guy, I waggle one man, I wage oneself, I hitch one’s wagon to a star. Be the most waggish self.
I oust from own innermost bottom, I ought to do one’s total theme. Be the most outbound out-and-out self. Self-ouster! Self-outbreak! Self-outburst!
I banish one’s inner abyss, I exile own disgrace, I deport thy deepest deepness, I cherish the memory. Be the most partial self. Self-favoritism! Self-deportment! Self-deportation!
I vacate ISIL, I vacuum out own vainness and one’s selfish vagueness. Be the most vagrant vagabond. Self-vagrancy! Self-vacation! Self-vagabondage!
I inherit oneself, I inhabit in self, I inhale every ingredient into one’s existence. Be the most inhere inherent inhabited inhabitable inheritable self. Self-ingress! Self-inherence! Self-inhalation! Self-inhabitancy!
Be the most circumspect circumglobal circumplanetary circumstanced circumferential self. Self-circumference! Self-circumspection! Self-circumstances!
I dumb any terrorism, I silence every terrorism. Be the most dulcet self.
I confide oneself in my territory. Be the most confiding confidential self. Self-confession!
I revel in the being, I reveal oneself, I reverberate all over through the universe. Be the most revealing apocalyptic self. Self-revelation! Self-Revelations! Self-revelry! Self-apocalypse! Self-reverberation!

I squirt out, I squint through my universe, I confine all terrorists, I squib one’s social community, I satirize my society, I squish every terrorism, I squelch total terrorists, I squeeze one’s way through my world. Be the most squiffed self. Self-squib! Self-satire!

I attain one’s long-cherished ambition.
I translocate own body. Self-translocation!
I achieve all one’s own blood donation, I settle up(down) my Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
I satisfy own lust, I gratify one’s desires.
I stale all terrorism, I stall every terrorists.
I please selfish sexual desire with thy ideal person, I content personal private natural appetite with my force. Be the most pleased contentious satisfactory conterminous self. Self-contention! Self-contentment!
I retrofire own being, I retrofit my beings, I retrieve all one’s things. Be the most retributive self. Self-retribution! Self-retroflection! The one’s global retrieval!
I precede oneself, I place my precinct all over the whole area. Be the most precise precious precipitous self. Self-precept! Self-preciosity! Self-preciseness! Self-precession! Self-precedence! Self-preciousness!
I luck out, I luxuriate oneself, I crowd one’s luck. Be the most lucky lucid lucrative luxuriant luxurious self. Self-luxury! Self-luxuriance! Self-lucidness! Self-lucidity! Self-lucubration! Self-luxuriousness!

I predict one’s happiness, I predigest own nourishment.
I exhaust my whole total all energy throughout completely.
I temper a man with my force. Be the most temperate temperamental self.
I drive own furiousness away from one’s chest.
I emit, I evict one’s opposing opposition. Be the most opportune self. Self-opportuneness!
I drive own opponent away, I kick all enemies about, I put the enemy to rout, I eject one’s anti-antagonism. Be the most antic self.
I waken oneself, I waive own shame, I lay just claim, I exercise one’s right. Be the most privy waking privileged self. Self-fundamentalism.
I hold my afflatus oneself, I affirm one’s all rightness. Be the most affluent affirmative self. Self-afflux! Self-affluence! Self-affirmation!
I designate self as my epicenter, I get one’s desideratum oneself, I design for my complete form. Be the most designed designing self. Self-designation!
I interpret own literature, I interpolate one’s past sentence, I interrogate oneself. Be the most literary interrogatory interpretative self. Self-interrogation! Self-interpretation!
I blast off, I blast away, I blast every terrorism, I procreate oneself altogether. Be the most blatant procreative altitudinal self. Self-blatancy! Self-blasting! Self-procreation!
I desolate Islamic State, I expel own despicable thought, I despoil any terrorists of total property. Be the most veracious self. Self-despoliation!
I conquer my earth, I conscript a guy. Be the most consensual consecutive consequent consequential conscientious self. Self-consent! Self-consensus! Self-conquest! Self-conscription! Self-conscientiousness!
I numerate my members, I place total numen in a man, I get a person’s number, I numb any terrorists, I nullify every terrorism. Be the most numeric numeral numinous numerous self. Self-numeration! Self-numerology! Self-numerousness!
I preconize my creed, I predicate one’s dogma, I preclude all any terroristic action, I disannul every terrorism, I help a person out of his predicament. Be the most predatory precocious carnivorous predacious self. Self-precognition! Self-predation! Self-predication! Self-predilection!
02 November 2016 04:23 AM
I find out one’s private lost articles. Be in a honeymoon. Self-mixing!
I pamper one’s sexual appetite, I pulverize any terrorists, I palpitate with my universe. Self-panache! Self-palpitation!
I overreach, I override every terrorism, I overrun with my pacifism, I overset ISIL, I overrule Islamic State, I coerce into doing oneself, I overpower Islamic extreme terrorism, I overproduce own blood. Be the most oversized oversexed overriding qualified overqualified overreaching overpowering self. Self-coercion! Self-oversize!

I carry all one’s own blood donation through.
I state my central self oneself, I starve all terrorists. Be the most start-up stated static stately startling self. Self-stasis! Self-statement! Self-stateliness!
I truss all, I truss up everything. Be the most trueborn true-life truculent truehearted trustworthy self. Self-truism! Self-truculence! Self-trusteeship! Self-trustworthiness!
I seek one’s fortune. Be the master of one’s destiny. Self-carriage!
I reface own face, I refashion personal body, I reexport one’s opinion. Self-reexportation!
I huddle up, I huddle through. Be the most huge hubristic self. Self-hubris! Self-hugeness!
I dumb Islamic State, I close Islamic terrorist, I silence Islamic terrorism.
I reject one’s own ignoble ignorant ignominious thought. Be the most igneous self. Self-ignition!
I apprehend any terrorists, I appropriate my mind. Be the most appropriate self. Self-approbation! Self-appropriation!
I kindle own ardor, I enkindle egoistic enthusiasm, I come around oneself. Be the most kindly kindhearted self. Self-kindling! Self-kindness! Self-kindliness!
I run up, I run over, I run deep, I run about, I run around, I run through, I break into a run, I run out of one’s inmost, I hold oneself aloof. Self-aloofness!
I deny every terrorism, I negate Islamic extremism, I drive a stake into the ground, I put one’s heart and soul into one’s work, I devote all one’s efforts to one’s task.
I raven Islamic State, I ravish Islamic terrorists. Be the most raving ravening ravenous ravishing raven-haired self. Self-ravishment!
I crawl up, I creep up, I climb up, I ignite one’s passion, I credit private man. Be the most crazy credible credit-worthy self. Self-credence! Self-craziness!
I lay out, I launch out, I launder my inside, I lave one’s own pasts. Be the most urbane lavish self. Self-lavage! Self-urbanity! Self-lavishness! Self-urbanology!
I push through, I push out of status, I push things too far, I stave Islamic State, I stave off Islamic terrorism, I push one’s way through terminus. Be the most pushy pushing ternary terrene terrestrial self.
I reveal itself, I ritz self, I put on the ritz, I roar back to power, I rule the roast, I rivet upon my central self, I rive Islamic State. Be the most ritzy riveting roaring revealing self. Self-richness! Self-revelation!
I lay out, I launch out, I launder my inside, I lave one’s own pasts. Be the most urbane lavish self. Self-lavage! Self-urbanity! Self-lavishness! Self-urbanology!
I reveal itself, I ritz self, I put on the ritz, I roar back to power, I rule the roast, I rivet upon my central self, I rive Islamic State. Be the most ritzy riveting roaring revealing self. Self-richness! Self-revelation!

I accomplish own marrow transplant, I complete one’s selfish bone marrow transplantation.
I stipulate my rule, stir the blood, make a great stir. Be the most stirring self. Self-stipulation!
I use a chest pump. I topple Islamic State topsy-turvy. Be the most topping top-rated top-rating top-ranking topological tops oneself. Self-topology!
I plan out, I project through, I project oneself into my center, I project oneself as my central nuclear core. Be the most projective projectile self. Self-projection!

I lay oneself out, I lay the groundwork. Self-laying!
I quell all total terrorists, I quench every Islamic terrorisms.
I regain own lost games, I recover one’s peace of mind, I restore peace to Middle East with the world.
I kick off, I kick out one’s own hatefulness, I handle a person with kid gloves. Self-kickup!
I poise oneself. Be the most fecund self. Fly too so far away!
I pale Islamic State. Be beyond the pale. Be outside the boundary. Be the most flushed self.
I work the oracle. Be the most oracular orbicular oratorical self. Self-oration! Self-oratory! Self-oratorio!
I ramble over, I ram across, I play the game, I ramify my territory, I lame all terrorists. Be the most rambunctious self. Self-ramification!
I drive every sick factor out, I eject private disease out, I expel own all sickness, I exclude personal diseased cause, I evict selfish negative elements, I efface total Islamic terrorism. Be the most poised sidereal experiential self. Self-expertness!

Self-petition! Self-divinity! Self-holiness! Self-sanctity! Self-sacredness!
I enthuse my world, I possess my intense ardor oneself. Be the most ardent arduous enthusiastic self. The one’s global arcology! Self-ardency! Self-ardentness! Self-enthusiasm!
I review all one’s lives, I revere oneself, I revert to my 16 years old, I reverse Islamic terrorism. Be the most reverend reverent revertible reverential self. Self-reverie! Self-reversion! Self-reverence!

I enthuse my world, I possess my intense ardor oneself. Be the most ardent arduous enthusiastic self. The one’s global arcology! Self-ardency! Self-ardentness! Self-enthusiasm!

I make full use of the latest technology.


I ratify TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership). Self-ratification!


I indemnify oneself. Self-identity! Self-indemnity! Self-indemnification!
Be The Most Power Fighter.
Be the most unearthly self.
I let gestate by one man, I germ oneself, I germinate self. Be the most germane germinal germinant self. Self-germination!
I hum along, I make things hum, I shed its skin, I take off own husk, I cast off personal hull, I come out of one’s shell. Be the most humane self. Self-ecdysis! Self-humaneness!
I dig out own inland abyss, I dig up one’s innermost bottom, I exhume my inner space, I unearth thy deepest depth, I excavate the inmost recesses. Self-inkling!
I elongate own bone(legs), I elicit all one’s total ability from this guy. Be the most eligible eloquent elongated self. Self-eligibility! Self-elongation! Self-elicitation!
I whoop it up, I make whoopee, I whop every terrorism, I whomp all one’s terrorists, in the hollow of one’s hand. Be the most whopping holistic whopper. Self-holism!
私は掌中完全支配に上方喚起し宴会お祭り騒ぎ立て、あらゆるテロリズムをビシッと打ち強打す、全人テロリストをドシンと打ち負かす 。最も非常に大きい途方もなく全体観巨大人であれ。自己全体観!
I dawn, I date from the one, I have one’s day, I scare the daylights out of Islamic State, I frighten the living daylights out of Islamic terrorists. Be the most daylong dateless dauntless self.
I Balkanize ISIS. Self-Balkanization! I play ball, I set the ball rolling, I dull Islamic extremism, I hackney Islamic terrorism, I stale Islamic State, I slacken every terrorists, I inactivate Islamic militants, I put paperweight in my core oneself, I ballast in my central nuclear self.
16 November 2016 07:09 AM

I work hard, I go to a lot of effort. Be the fruit of much labor.
I cast out own fetter, I cast off one's filthiness, I castigate every terrorists.
I merit oneself, I merge self in my hypocenter. Be the most meridian meritorious assimilative accommodative self. Self-merger!
I give my mighty might into self with mine for myself, I assimilate my metagalaxy oneself. Self-anabolism!
I assure my existence, I assuage Islamic extreme radicals, I reassure the earth, I reassemble all one's structure. Be the most lively assured cheerful reassuring self. Self-assurance! Self-reassembly! Self-assuagement! Self-reassurance!
I suit a man, I fit up self, I fit out one guy with my powerful might, I fill up own fissure, I keep oneself fit by doing. Be the most five-star fistic suitable fissionable self, in fit as a fiddle [flea]. Self-fistfight! Self-fission! Self-fitting! Self-fitness! Self-suitability!
I double and amplify one's mighty powerful force.
I labor oneself, I treble own muscular power, I triple one's physical strength. Morale soars! Self-labor! Self-threefold!

I throw off own blockage. Be the most weird eerie ominous tremendous self.
I melt own anger, I thaw personal rage, I dispel one's enemies, I throw out a block of private chest.
Be the most theatrical thaumaturgist. Self-theca! Self-theatrics! Self-thaumaturgy! Self-thankfulness!
I require to do oneself, I respire my cosmos, I acquaint with my peaceful creed, I roll out the red carpet. Be the most red-carpet red-blooded self. Self-requital! Self-requisition! Self-requirement! Self-respiration!

I remove and inhale the greenhouse effect gas that cover the earth in self.
I multiply own forceful power. Be the most multitudinous multiplicative self. Self-multitude! Self-assertiveness! Self-multiplicity! Self-multiplication!
I dilate my soul, I diffuse my pacifism. Be the most dilative diffusive dignified self. Self-dignity! Self-diffusion! Self-dilatation! Self-dilation!
I get rid of global warming, I take away global-warming greenhouse gases, I dislodge any terrorism, I eliminate every terrorists. Be the most mild warm merciful mercurial self. Self-mercifulness!

I see self in a new light. Be aware of. Self-epistemology.
I support one's personal blood donation, I carry a blood drive through. Be a blood donor.
I profane oneself. Self-profaneness! Self-insanity! Self-profanity! Self-profession! Self-profanation!
Be the most omniscient omnipotent omnipresent omnidirectional self. Self-omniscience! Self-omnipotence! Self-omnipresence!
I profess oneself, I contribute my all, I make a contribution. Be the most professed self. Self-custody! Self-guardianship!
I relegate own pissed pique, I use my pis aller, I realize personal pipe dream oneself. Be the most pious piquant piss-elegant self. Self-piquancy!
I inscribe in the world, I inseminate own human sperm oneself. Be the most spent inscrutable self. Self-scrutiny! Self-inscription! Self-insemination!! Self-inscrutability!
I affirm self, I acknowledge oneself, I favor a man with own favorite person, I put my acme and selfish afflatus into one guy. Be the most acknowledged self. Self-affirmation! Self-acknowledgement!
I pocket Islamic radical fortune, I embezzle all terroristic total assets, I misappropriate Islamic State. Be the most despotic dictatorial despot, a dictator. Self-despotism! Self-dictatorship!
I clothe self with my air, I close ISIS, I close up Trump's hated policy, I close down every terrorism, on my cloudland, in my cloud-cuckooland. Be the most clement self. Self-clemency!
I solicit oneself, I solemnize solo splendid man. Be the most solemn solicitous self. Self-solemnness! Self-solemnity! Self-solidity! Self-solidarity! Self-solicitation! Self-solemnization!
I ponder over, I persuade oneself. Be the most pert pertinent ponderous ponderous pertinacious perspicuous perspicacious self. Self-pertinence! Self-pertinency! Self-pertinacity! Self-perspicuity! Self-perspicacity!
I tussle oneself, I turf out own turd. Be the most tutelar self. Self-tussle! Self-turnon! Self-turning! Self-turnout! Self-turncock! Self-turnover! Self-turnabout! Self-turnaround! Self-tutorship! Self-tutelary! Self-tutelage!

I devour Islamic State, I devocalize any terrorism, I devitalize every terrorists, I devolve own existence on my epicenter, I pour my peace offensive into the earth, I generate all one's peace movement all over the world. Be the most devout devilish self. Self-Persuasion! Self-devoutness! Self-devolution!

I stet self, I sterilize all terrorists, I deodorize own personal stench.
Be the most quorate quondam self. Self-quodlibet! Self-accommodation!
I change this actuality, I overturn the status quo, I return to my original condition oneself.
I quell any terrorists all over the earth. Be the most outlandish self. Self-outlandishness!
I heal own mental disorder, I treat a mental illness with personal spiritual disease, I fill one's mental deficiency, I cure private mental derangement. Be the most ecological self. Self-ecosystem! Self-psychotherapy! Self-psychoanalysis!
I outgrow oneself, I quench total terrorism, I evict own querulous querulousness, I outlaw every terrorists, I heal one's mental wound [injury](traumas). Self-quest! Self-outing! Self-outlet! Self-outgrowth!
I settle oneself, I bliss out oneself, I settle up selfish remorse, I solve own personal regrets, I sublimate one's private repentance, I bloat human confidence, I refuse every terrorism, I beat off total terrorists, I dissolve a pack of human breast. Be the most settled bloated blithesome self. Self-bliss! Self-blitz! Self-blizzard! Self-blitheness! Self-settlement!

I cure and bury human exfoliated deciduous decayed teeth.
I exhaust own feisty feistiness. Self-feeding!
I retire Trump, I produce the president of the USA one want.
I even assassinate Donald John Trump and I produce the American president I desire.
I vouch for the hero, I stall every terrorism, I assume and suppose Islamic radicalism as obsolete concept.
I retrace my life, I retouch own sentence, I retract Islamic extremism, I retreat Islamic State. Self-retreat! Self-retooling! Self-retribution!
I ostracize own otiose otiosity, I evict one's low soiled filthy feelings. Be the most osteopathic otherworldly self. Self-ostracism!

I solace self with one's favorite person. Be the most orgiastic soldierlike self. Self-orgy! Self-solace! Self-soldiery!

Be the most smug self. Self-smugness!
I moralize oneself, I possess my morale in self. Be the most moral moralistic morphological self. Self-morphing! Self-morality!
I float around, I flood my mind, I flourish one's living. Be the most florid florescent floricultural self. Self-flood! Self-flourish! Self-floating! Self-flotation! Self-florescence!
I scout oneself, I recondition own beings, I reconnect one man to my God with one's heaven, I reconvert self to my central core, I reconnoiter all over the whole zone, I reconstruct personal physical flesh body. Be the most reconstructive self. Self-scout! Self-reconversion! Self-imperialism! Self-reconnaissance! Self-reconstruction!

I crush The Democratic Party of Japan.
I discharge own furious enraged burning with anger.
He is by far superior.
Be the most exact exacting self. Self-exaction! Self-exactitude! Self-exactness!
I prompt self. Be the most prompt dignified graceful self. Self-promptitude!
I rewind the history, I return even the time, I replant physical stem cells, I rework marrow transplant, I replay bone marrow transplantation, I rescue own father, I divert oneself with my world. Self-diversion!
I have my diadem oneself, I divulge Donald John Trump, I put my divinity into a man. Be the most diacritic dialectic diabolic diacritic diachronic self. Self-diving! Self-divination! Self-diabolism! Self-diabolism! Self-dithyramb! Self-diagnosis!

I type self, I typify a man, I rally round oneself. Be the most typical self.
Be the most phenomenal phenom.
I justify one's logic. Be the most orthodox legitimate justifiable self. Self-justice! Self-propriety!
I attempt to do, I attend on self, I attach oneself to my epicenter. Self-attention! Self-attachment! Self-attendance!
I specify a guy, I drop Donald Trump, I remove Donald J. Trump. Be the most specific specified self.
I wash own pasts, I clean personal career, I clean up my history, I rinse private record, I cleanse one's memories, I carry out physical chest.
I armor a guy, I equip my armament by self, I put armamentarium oneself. Be the most armed armored aromatic self. Self-aroma!
I submit oneself. Be the most obedient submissive self. Self-obeah! Self-meekness! Self-obeisance! Self-gentleness! Self-obedience! Self-submission!
I capacitate self, I cut a capers, I put my capability in one man. Be filled to capacity. Be the most capable capacious self.
I cast on, I cast up own mind, I cast off one's existence, I cast out personal soul, I make selfish fence-mending, I purify private felonious felony. Be the most felicitous self. Self-felicity!
I cater for a man, I catalyze self, I categorize oneself, I make whole every field as my category. Be the most categorical self. Self-katharsis! Self-catalysis!
I brag of my brawny body, I boast own splendid figure, I personate myself, I personalize my center oneself, I persevere with one's opinion. Be the most boastful persevering self. Self-personhood! Self-boastfulness! Self-personification!

I donate own blood well forcibly, I push through all one's blood donation.
I give own bone marrow into private ideal favorite person, and cultivate and increase it, do one's regenerative medicine from self-administration.
Be the most offshore self. Self-offshoot!
I steamroll own desire, I steamroller one's demand through, I railroad a bill through the Diet.
I fan oneself, I go to the heart, I make emergency repairs, I take an emergency, I administer first aid to self. Be the most fan-shaped self. Self-storage!
I push on, I push up self, I push out of own bottom, I push along, I push forward oneself, I push ahead with one's expansion. Be the most pushy pushing self.
I counterpoise oneself, I offset Islamic radicals, I countervail Islamic radicalism, I countermand every total terrorism, I counterbalance Islamic extremism. Self-counterinsurgency!
I counsel with the world, I count as my centre for self, I countenance oneself, I keep one's countenance. Self-count! Self-council! Self-counsel! Self-counterblow! Self-counseling! Self-counteraction! Self-countercurrent! Self-counterattack! Self-counterexample!
I get well, I heal one's mental wound, I cure own spiritual injury, I recall one's 16 years old, I solve emotional psychological problems, to one's heart's content, certainly surely at any cost by all means. Be under the impression. Be the most unprecedented self. Become aware of. Everything go just as hope. Where there's a will, there's a way.
25 November 2016 09:11 AM

I carry all [everything] before one.
Be the most quaint self. Self-quaintness!
Be the most lambent self. Self-lambency!
I declare my dogma, I proclaim one’s creed. Self-declaration! Self-proclamation!
I pelt oneself at full pelt. Be the most pelagic pellucid self. Self-loading! Self-penance! Self-pellucidity!
I proceed, I allay Islamic extremism. Self-progress! Self-procession! Self-procedure! Self-allegation! Self-allegiance!
I avow to be, I avouch oneself, I awake to self, I raise awareness of my peacekeeper for the world. Be the most awaked self. Self-avowal! Self-avouchment!

I append own words, I applaud a man, I appertain oneself to my centre. Self-applause! Self-apperception!
I solve private remorseful remorse. Be the most remonstrative self. Self-remonstrance! Self-remonstration!
I cream off Islamic State, I give credibility to one man. Self-credence!
I put pulchritude in private personality. Be the most puissant pugilistic pulchritudinous self. Self-pugilism!
I carry forward, I carry through own expanse, I carry away self, I carry oneself well. Self-carriage!
I scintillate oneself, I scissor out own shame. Be the most scientific scintillant self. Self-omniscience! Self-scintillation!
I procrastinate sorrow, I procreate by a man, I put one's proclivity. Be the most prodigal prodigious productive procreative self. Self-production! Self-procreation! Self-productivity!
I dredge own chest, I clean out personal muddy inside of one's bust, I carry it off, I redeem self, I amortize private dirty pasts, I depreciate Islamic terroristic total assets.
I remind 16 years old, I remedy own teeth, I reminisce one's remembrance, I remunerate oneself, I remonstrate by self. Be the most remedial remindful remediable reminiscent remunerative self. Self-remedy! Self-remission! Self-remembrance! Self-remuneration! Self-reminiscence!
I fasten up my central self, I fashion oneself as my core. Be the most fast and furious, most fascistic fast-paced fastidious fashionable ultranationalistic fast worker. Self-fashion! Self-furiousness! Self-fascism! Self-fastening! Self-fastness! Self-fastidiousness! Self-ultranationalism!

I plead private plea, I pleach all one's biography.

I particularize own individual unit. Be the most especial particular self. Self-exposition! Self-particularization!
I chalk out, I chair a man, I channel oneself, I put my chakra in self, I have a chalcedony. Be the most changeful challenging self. Self-chantry! Self-changeover!
I change own physical obese obesity into one's flesh muscular energy, I place a person under oath. Be the most obdurate obedient self. Self-obduracy! Self-obeisance! Self-obedience!
I reward private human beings, I rhapsodize oneself, I reword own writing, I rewrite one’s pasts. Be the most rewarding rhapsodic rhetorical self. Self-rhapsody! Self-rhetoric!

I expand my mind, I enlarge one's soul, I broaden private spirit, all over the whole area.
I make the world peace, I produce my peaceful world, by my force forcibly.
I gather every terroristic power in self, and change it into my peacekeeping force.
I spread out my pacifism, I lay peaceful force, I arrange a peace movement, I post the Peacekeeping Forces, all over the earth.
I saddle with the earth, I take a hard task upon oneself, I carry the world's destiny on one's back, I shoulder fortune of my universe.
I assent to one man, I assemble all terrorists and transform into my peacekeeping troops, I concentrate any terrorism in my existence and transfigure into my pacifism.
I place my viability in self. Be the most viable vibrant vicarious self. Self-vibrancy! Self-vicariousness!
I echo and reecho through, I edit my expression, I reedit own letters, I reshape personal ashamed shameful embarrassed disgraceful past. Be the most echoic self. Self-edition!
I thrive on my cosmos, I throne one beings, I ascend the throne oneself, I transplant own thrombocyte(a blood platelet). Be the most thrifty thriven thriving climactic self, thriftily at full throttle. Self-thriftiness!
I plane with self, I plant oneself in my central pillar, I plant one's feet on epicenter. Be the most plangent planetary self. Self-planning! Self-plangency!
I descry oneself, I do selfish duties, I describe my central self as my hypocenter, I solve own despair, I desensitize any terrorism, I desegregate all over the world, I sublimate personal desperate traumatic memories. Self-description! Self-differentiation!
I rewrite own records, I remodel private career, I redecorate selfish pasts, I put the enemy to rout, I rout the enemies, I evict one's opposite opponent opposition, I eject human hostile hostility, I expel personal opprobrious opprobrium. Be the most optative opportune self. Self-opportuneness!

I espy oneself, I espouse self, I expend personal exasperation, I expose my inner total contents, I emote with my existence, I spend own annoyed annoyance, I expend one's irritated irritable irritancy, I expound upon private beings, I exhaust egoistic exasperated exasperating exasperation. Be the most emotive irritant self. Self-espial! Self-espousal! Self-exposition!
私は己を遠く見付け見出す、自身支持擁護し個人的苛立ち憤慨を費やし内部総全体 内容を展示露出させ解明す、我存在共大袈裟感情表現し自身の悩み苛立つ不快感を使い切り人の刺激過剰鋭敏苛立たしさを浪費し利己的憤慨を排出し使い果たし 個人的生物存在に説明す。最も感情刺激性自身であれ。自己偵察!自己探索!自身観察!自己支持!自身擁護!自己解説!自己展示(会)!自己陳列!自身説明 解明!

I digest own belly's inside perfectly.
I belly up my being, I digest personal abdomen's inner contents completely. Self-digestion!
I donate own blood well drastically completely, I attain and achieve one's all blood donation.
I impute oneself to my origin. Be the most imputable self. Self-imputation!

I break through, I break loose oneself, I break up own shackles, I break out of one's restraint, I lift restrictions. Self-shading!
I adore oneself, I adorn my mighty man with my might. Be in adolescence. Be the most adorable adolescent adrenaline-pumping self. Self-adoration! Self-adornment!
I admire one man, I have my verity and all one's admissibility oneself. Be the most veracious admirable admissible self. Self-admittance! Self-admiration!
I supplant Islamic State, I flex one's muscles, I put pliancy, suppleness, flexibility, pliability, into a man. Be the most pliant supple pliable flexible self. Self-calisthenics!

I cheer on self, I possess my cheer oneself. Be the most cheeky cheery self. Self-cheeriness! Self-cheerfulness!
I make the grade, I degauss Islamic State, I degrade any terrorism, I degenerate every terrorists. Be the most highest degree. Self-graduation!
I sustain my world, I go on a sustained effort. Be the most turgid turbulent turgescent sustaining self. Self-turbulency! Self-turgidity! Self-turgidness!
I pet one man, I throw out own pestiferous pestilent pestilential emotion. Be the most perverse pervious perverted self. Self-perversion! Self-perversity!
I tamper with own career, I doctor one's past, I interfere in Islamic radicals, I meddle with my world, I intervene between Middle East with my force. Be the most doctoral self. Self-breakup! Self-interference! Self-intervention!
I discolor one's hatred, I discontinue my Daesh, I discourage all terrorists, I discomfit Da'ish, I disconnect any terrorism from total Islamists, I discombobulate Islamic State, I have complete discretion over the earth. Be the most discreet discretionary self. Self-discourse! Self-discoloration!
I prophesy, I interpret my life, I interpose selfish pacifism into one's earth, I interpolate own words, I interpenetrate myself all over the whole field. Be the most prophetic prophylactic interpretative interplanetary self. Self-interplay! Self-interposition! Self-prophecy! Self-prophylaxis! Self-interpolation! Self-interpretation! Self-interpenetration!
I invert own enraging, I convert selfish eruptive explosion, I change one's enragement, I transmute private explosive eruption, I extricate self from personal difficulty. Be the most tranquil erudite explicit self in my extremity. Self-erudition! Self-eruditeness! Self-erudition! Self-explicitness! Self-tranquility! Self-tranquilness! Self-extrication!
I dawn, I daunt all terrorists, I immerse oneself in my epicenter, I emigrate for a man from my sacred place, I immigrate with all one's peacekeeper into the most dangerous perilous risky zone, I immortalize one guy, I immolate self to my hypocenter. Be immersed in my universe. Be the most dauntless immoderate self. Self-dawn! Self-emigration! Self-immigration! Self-immolation! Self-immoderacy! Self-immoderation! Self-immortality! Self-dauntlessness!
04 January 2017 07:57 AM
I emulate oneself. Be the most emulative self. Self-emulation!
I diddle Islamic State out of whole area. Be the most dictatorial dictator. Self-turmoil! Self-dictatorship!
I polymerize in self. Be the most polymorphic hippocampal polymath. Self-polygamy! Self-polymorphism! Self-hippocampus! Self-polymerization!
I phosphoresce oneself. Be the most photic photoelectric phosphorescent self. Self-photoemission! Self-phosphorescence!
I balance own asymmetry, I equilibrate personal asymmetric feelings. Be the most propitious balanced well-proportioned well-matched proportionate self, aswarm with all one's power, aswirl with my affection. Self-proposition!
I go the distance, distill oneself, I distend own hope, I distrain Islamic State. Be the most distinct distinctive self of great distinction. Self-distension! Self-distinction! Self-distillation! Self-distinctiveness!

I lame every terrorists, I prevent our lamentable lament.
Be the most massive massif.
I nail one's colors to the mast, come off [through] with flying colors. Be the most colorful self.
I vault over, coruscate oneself. Be the most vaulting self. Self-coronation! Self-cornucopia! Self-corollary! Self-colloquy! Self-colloquium! Self-coruscation!
I have survived all one's kinds of difficult situations.
I aid the earth, I save the world, I relieve all refugees, I rescue own father oneself.
I ossify my central self, I osculate oneself into own ideal partner. Be the most osseous osmotic osculatory ostentatious self. Self-osmosis! Self-osculation! Self-ostentation! Self-ossification!
I vent oneself, I venture on self, have all apparatus. Be the most veracious venturesome self. Self-apothegm! Self-apparition! Self-apotheosis!
I cerebrate oneself. Be the most cerebral ceremonial ceremonious self. Self-ceremony! Self-cerebration!
I legislate, I legitimate one man. Be the most vasomotor legitimate self. Self-legitimacy! Self-legislation!
I sensitize selfish susceptibility, make one's sensitivity training. Be the most perceptive adamant adamantine self. Self-adage! Self-proverb! Self-keeping!
I tense up a nerve, I tension one's nerves, sharpen own sensitivity, I let every terrorists fall into a coma. Be the most keen tensile self. Self-tension! Self-tensity! Self-keenness! Self-tenseness!

I infuse my pacifism and our peacekeeping mind all over the whole earth.
I put on airs, throw one's weight. Be the most haughty self.
I belch out oneself, I throw up own aversive aversion, I aver that my central self. Self-averment!
I realign one's peacekeeping organization, I reaffirm own creed, I reproduce real regal royal realm in the whole universe. Self-placement! Self-realignment!
平和維持組織再編成す、自身信条再確認主張す、私は宇宙全体で真の王権を再現す、全宇宙現実神権領土王国再生産す。自己配置!自己再編成! 自己再調整!

I pasteurize every terrorism, sterilize all any terrorists.
I seed oneself, I cease all terroristic action. Be the most sedulous seditious self. Self-sedition! Self-sedulity!
I flash up, I flare up, I flare out, I flatter oneself, I flatten Islamic State(Daesh,ISIL). Be the most flaring self.
I site my citadel in a man, I situate my beings into my center, I preclude total terrorism. Be the most precise precocious situated self. Self-precocity! Self-preciseness!

I let one's out, I let loose, I cut loose, I set self loose, I cast own carnal body loose, I turn my existence loose, I let oneself go.
I articulate my life, remove own bad smell, deodorize one's physical stinky foul odor. Be the most artful articulate self. Self-artifice! Self-artfulness! Self-arthroplasty! Self-articulation!
I invert private snappish hurtful hurtfulness(harmful harmfulness) to personal real force. Be the most snappy snazzy self.
I convert own irate ireful memories into one's physical power. Be the most apt self.
I quit own filthiness quite. Be the most quirky fiduciary self. Self-quirk! Self-fidelity!
Be the most analogic anaphoric analogous anamnestic self. analogy! anaphora! Self-analects! Self-anamnesis!
最も類推相似〔修〕前方照応行頭反復回想既往追憶自身であれ。自己類推!自身〔生物〕類似!自己前方照応!自身〔修〕行頭反復!自身語録 !自己既往回想!
I demystify Daash, I demythologize Daesh, I demolish Islamic State, I demagnetize ISIL, I demilitarize Islamic terroristic militants, I demoralize all terrorism, I demotivate every terrorists. Be the most demure self. Self-demureness! Self-demodulation!
I crystallize own desire, I amortize one's all pasts. Be the most amorous crystal crystalline crystal-clear self. Self-crystallization!
I put my immense demesne in my universe, I fill up own psychological demand. Be the most demander. Self-warfare! Self-psywar! Self-wardship!

I expel from one's bust, drive away from own chest, reside all over the earth.
I extend over, I exteriorize one's own inside. Be the most extended extensible extensive exterior to a large extent. Self-extension! Self-extensiveness!
私は上伸し拡がり覆い尽くし自分自身体現化す。最 大部分拡張可能外面で最も拡張されたものになる。 自己拡張! 自己広大!
I salvage, save and rescue all refugees.
I take effect, go into effect, I effect TPP「Trans-Pacific Partnership」[Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement]. Become effective.
I stop and suppress the fire damage of Ikinari steak and revitalize.
I temper own physique, I vivify one's desire, I equate oneself with my universe. Be the most juristic self. Self-equanimity!
I fire off, I fire away, oneself. Self-firework!
I infatuate oneself. Be the most inferential self.
Self-inference! Self-infatuation!
I recall, remind and remember one's password of SBI securities.
I make the scene, appear and arrive on the scene, burst upon the scene, come on the scene, arrogate Islamic State, set the scene for one's goal.
I elate self, equate own feeling. Self-elation! Self-equation!
私は自身元気づけ自身感覚を同等一致す。 自己意気揚々!自身喜悦!自己均分! 自己方程式!
I wont to do, I mortgage my energy, I prompt one's expansion. Be the most wonder prompt wondrous pronounced prophylactic self. Self-prophylaxis! Self-promptness! Self-promptitude! Self-wondrousness! Self-wonderfulness!
し慣れ我全精力を捧げ自己拡大を促します。 最も素晴し迅速驚嘆驚異明示発音予防自身であれ。 自己予防! 自身敏速! 自身機敏!自己迅速! 自己不思議! 自己驚異!
I evoke 16 years old in self.
I throttle any terrorism, I tilt my total powerful energy, at full tilt.
Self-propriety! Self-assemblage!
I dull Islamic extremism, I dumb all terrorists. Be the most dulcet self. Self-dukedom!
I place my firmament in a man, I firm up my central nuclear self. Be the most firm self. Self-firmness!
Be the most potential scrumptious scrupulous self. Self-scrutiny! Self-potentiality! Self-scrupulousness!
I put my fulcrum in my central self. Be the most full-tilt full-force full-scale full-blown full-bodied full-service full-throttle self.
I indite oneself, I indispose every terrorists, I extinguish own indigent indigence, I exclude one's indignant indignation. Be the most indigenous self. Self-inditement!
I farm out personal furious rage, I scrub selfish scrungy scrunge, I change own angry, I transform one's furiousness, I transfigure private regrettable repentance, I show one's ability to the fullest.
I lay oneself out, lay off any terrorism, I dismiss all terrorists. Be worthy of note. Be the focus of attention. Be the most noted remarkable noteworthy self. Self-note!
I preordain, I prime the pump, I preoccupy my earth, I put a premium on own training, I depopulate Islamic State. Be the most prime premier preoccupied premonitory self. Self-preoccupation! Self-preordination!

I achieve own personal blood donation, I accomplish.
I clean up my mind, I clean out own chest. Be the most classy cleanly clear-cut clear-headed clean-limbed clear-sighted self. Self-clearing! Self-clearance! Self-cleanliness!
I hurtle self, I hustle oneself, I hush up every terrorism, I exclude own hurtful hurtfulness. Be the most husky hush-hush self. Self-hustle! Self-huskiness!
I clap up, I clamor for self, I clamber up oneself, I clamp down on every terrorists, I have my clairvoyance in one man, like the clappers. Be the most shrewd clamorous self. Self-clampdown!
I superabound oneself, put my superego in self. Be the most superfly superfine superduper supercharged superabundant supercilious supererogatory self. Self-superexpress! Self-superabundance! Self-supererogation!
I scamper around, I clear up one's beings, I clear personal filthiness out, I clear any terrorism away, I clear off all terrorists, I cleanse of own existence from my earth. Self-cleanup! Self-clearness!

I regain and revive former all songs in this iPod.
Be a stripling.
I do one's own blood donation certainly.
I ensure oneself, I ensnare any terrorism, I enslave every terrorist and change into my pacifism. Self-protection! Self-conservation! Self-enslavement!
I quadruplicate one's physical strength. Be the most quadruplicate self. Self-quadruple! Self-quadrillion! Self-quadrumvirate!
I take hold, I take over the earth, I grip and grasp into own chest and dump it, I throw all contents out of one's brain. Be the most grasping grateful self.
I parallel own innermost, I equilibrate one's inner space. Be the most parallel equilibrant self. Self-parallelism! Self-equilibrium!
I stabilize one's feelings, I commandeer oneself. Be the most stable steady commanding comfortable self. Self-comity! Self-balance! Self-stability! Self-steadiness!
I perch a man, I perceive oneself, I put my perfective in self, I peregrinate by one's existence. Be the most peppy peptic perennial perdurable peremptory percipient. Self-peregrination!
I embark on, I embark own guy, I embed oneself, I embody my imagination, I emblazon one man, I embellish one's lives. Be the most emblematic self. Self-embodiment! Self-embolectomy! Self-emblazonment! Self-emblazonry! Self-embarkation! Self-embellishment!
I refute and confute by self. Self-refutation! Self-confutation!
Be the most nice and nice-looking self. Self-niceness!
I designate a man as my centre, I give one's desideratum to self. Be the most designed self. Self-designation!
I term a guy as my epicenter, I terminate any terroristic deeds, I tergiversate oneself, I extend [spread out] one's terminus by force. Be the most erratic erstwhile self. Self-tergiversation!

I scope out whole field. Be the most numerous sober sober-minded self. Self-soberness! Self-numerousness!
I adjure, I adjust my earth, I adjudge, I adjourn self to my core, I adjudicate, I admeasure all over the world. Be the most adjective adjustable self. Self-adjustment! Self-adjectival! Self-adjuration! Self-adjudication! Self-adjudgment! Self-admeasurement!
I backscatter, I posit my backbone on self, I give one's full backing, I bring home the bacon. Be the most self. Self-backing! Self-backscratching!
I warm up one man, I warrant oneself. Be the most blazing warlike warrantable warm warm-hearted warm-blooded self. Self-warmth! Self-warfare! Self-wariness! Self-warranty! Self-wardship!
I abjure any terrorism, I abound oneself with my cosmos, I eject egoistic abominable abomination. Be the most abled abyssal able-bodied self, ablaze, abuzz with my powerful force.

I evict own innards, I drive one's inmost recesses out. Be the most innate self.
I indite oneself, I indispose every terrorists, I extinguish own indigent indigence, I exclude one's indignant indignation. Be the most indigenous self. Self-inditement!
I rolf own inside, I roll up, I roll over, I roll off one's opinion, I roll out oneself, I measure one's full length, I play an important role in my whole area. Be the most rolling rollicking self. Self-rolfing! Self-rolling!
21 January 2017 04:41 PM
I put my arbor in self, I arbitrate all over the earth. Be the most arbitrary arbitrable arbiter. Self-solidarity! Self-arbitrament! Self-arbitration! Self-arbitrariness!
I initiate, take the initiative, use one's initiative, take away personal inimical iniquitous thoughts. Be the most inimitable on one's own initiative. Self-initiation!
I exemplify my territory, I stifle every terrorists, I overcome an impulse. Be the most impulsive self. Self-impunity! Self-impulsion!
I gather my momentum, constipate every terrorists, have one's moments. Be the most monarchal sanguine momentous constitutive self. Self-monarchy! Self-momentousness!
I make it, get somewhere, I succor all refugees, I open a great success story, I carve out a successful career for oneself. Be the most contingent successive continual continuous self. Self-continuum! Self-continuance! Self-continuousness!
成功し総ての難民を救い、己が為に切り開く。最も偶発付随連続継続連体自身であれ。 自己連続体!自身存続!自己継続!
I incite a man, I notch up, notarize oneself, I nick any terrorism, I incise in own subconsciousness. Be the most notable incisive incipient self. Self-incision! Self-incitement! Self-incitation! Self-incipience! Self-incisiveness!

I go great guns, blow great guns. Be the most umpteen self. Self-rapine! Self-rapidity! Self-angioplasty!
I derive from self, I peel own derma, I skin personal dermal surface. Be the most derivative self. Self-parhelion! Self-derivative! Self-dermabrasion!
I contrive oneself, I solve one's contrition. Be the most contrite contributive contributory self. Self-council! Self-counsel! Self-contrivance! Self-contribution!
I vomit own viperous contents, I art up one's full-length figure. Self-arsenal!
Be the most punchy pungent punctual punctilious self. Self-pungency! Self-punctuality! Self-continuation!
Be the most sure-fire sure-footed sure-enough self.
I sail oneself. Be the most parental filial dutiful self. Self-piety! Self-sailing! Self-pietism!
I brighten this fellow. Be dutiful to one's parents. Be the most bright brilliant self. Self-brilliance! Self-brightness! Self-archaeogenetics.
I fume oneself, I fumigate own funk, I function self as my stronghold. Be the most funny funky fun-loving functional self. Self-fun! Self-fumigation!
I get results, have achievements, have been experienced. Self-performance!
I throw over personal hateful detestable abominable disgusting aversion.
I use one's loaf, throw off selfish loathe loathing, throw out private loathsome loathsomeness.
I aver my all, bring into vogue, I void any terrorism. Be the most avid vocative vocational self. Self-averment! Self-avidity! Self-vocation! Self-avocation!
I vocalize own dogma, I vociferate one's creed. Be the most vocal vociferous self. Self-vociferation! Self-vocalization! Self-vociferousness!
I dare a person to do, I damp down any terrorism. Be the most dandified self.
I decipher the Koran(Quran), save total Islamists, I decimate every terrorists. Be the most decent decisive self. Self-decency! Self-decision! Self-decipherment! Self-decisiveness!
I retrieve own pasts, I convalesce oneself. Be the most convalescent self. Self-retrieval! Self-arrival! Self-convalescence!
I instruct in a man, institutionalize my central nuclear self. Be the most instinct instructional instructive institutional self. Self-instruction! Self-institution!
I allay Islamic extremism, I alleviate Islamic radicals, I institute oneself. Be the most graven all-star all-time all-round all‐around all-right all-purpose all-powerful all-embracing all-consuming self. Self-allegiance! Self-alleviation!
I pitch in oneself. Be at fever pitch. Self-pumpaction!
I swarm up oneself, I swarm with my aura, I hold sway over the earth, I love my ISIS, I cut a swath through Islamic State. Be the most swank swanky self.

I extenuate one's sin, I exteriorize own interior, I sever personal inferior inferiority, I detach private worse thinking, I cut off selfish ill shameful thoughts. Self-extenuation!
I hatch all one's ability, I transship own hatefulness, I transpose personal furious enraged furiousness into my central core. Self-transshipment! Self-transposition! Self-transubstantiation!
I crave for oneself. Be the most crash self. Self-craving!
I partake oneself. Self-allopathy! Self-allomorph! Self-parthenogenesis!
I pluralize one guy, I bluster all over the universe. Be the most plural blustery self. Self-plurality!
I wear a trousers oneself, I render distinguished services. Be the most renascent self. Self-rendition! Self-rendering!
I toy with my earth, make a toy of own favorite person, I evict personal toxic toxin, I exclude individual toxicological toxicity.
I bate all terrorism, I bathe a man, I batter every terrorists, I immortalize one's beings. Self-bathing! Self-immortality! Self-immortalization!
I accrue by self, I accredit oneself, I acculturate all over the world, eject own accursed emotion. Be the most accurate self. Self-accrual! Self-accretion! Self-accreditation! Self-acculturation!

I aerify all one's hatred. Self-aerification!
I disorganize Islamic State.
I synchronize oneself. Be the most flash synchronic synchronous self. Self-synapsis! Self-syncretism! Self-synchronism! Self-synchronization!
28 January 2017 02:39 PM
I solicit my world, I canvass my earth, I conform oneself to my heartland. Be the most solicitous self. Self-metonymy! Self-conformity! Self-conformation! Self-solicitation!
I evict own obscene obscure obnoxious feeling, I remove selfish obscenity and obloquy, I expel private obscureness, I send one's obnoxiousness out. Be the most obdurate self. Self-obeah! Self-obduracy! Self-obeisance! Self-obedience!
I vomit out one's injurious venom, I vomit up own venomous injury. Be the most vortical voracious voluptuous self. Self-vortex! Self-vacuum! Self-voracity! Self-voraciousness! Self-volunteerism! Self-voluptuousness!
I own my infinite dimension, I have my eternal immeasurable dimensionality oneself, I dilute Islamic extreme terrorism with my mind. Be the most ordinal diligent diluvial dimensional self. Self-diligence! Self-ordinance! Self-ordination!
I lift out own flesh, I lick self into shape, I bring one's beings back to life, I have the time of one's life. Be the most licit loutish life-size lickerish licentious self, be full of life, lickety-split as far as in one lies. Self-licitness! Self-lickerishness! Self-licensing! Self-licensure! Self-licentiousness!
I farm one's space, I firm up own intention, I culminate oneself, I collate my central self, I collar total terrorists, I collectivize my farm, I give a man the old college try. Be the most firm collegiate self. Self-collation! Self-collect! Self-firmness! Self-culmination! Self-firmament! Self-collectivization!
I wage by a man, I waft across oneself.
I convert a person's anger, transform personal rage.
I please one's dysphoria. Be the most eager pleased pleasant eagle-eyed self. Self-eagerness!
I breach own wall, I open person's cranial cranium, earn one's daily bread.
I throw out personal loath loathing, throw away one's loathsome loathsomeness.
I luck out, I lade personal chest, I ladle out own mind, I lag any terrorism, I rent one's soul, I loan out person's spirit. Be a lad, laddie. Self-lading!

I hang around my world, I wander round my earth, I roam through my universe, I wangle oneself, I wangle all terrorism out of every terrorists. Self-wandering! Self-approbation! Self-apprenticeship!
I grill over, I authenticate own creed, I remove Donald Trump, I impeach and dismiss Donald J. Trump. Be the most authentic autarchic self. Self-pursuit! Self-pursuance! Self-autarchy! Self-authentication! Self-authentification!
I countenance oneself, keep one's countenance, keep a person in countenance, I countermand terrorism. Be my dean, rector, chancellor.
Be the most solitary lonesome self. Self-solitude! Self-loneliness! Self-lollapalooza!
I access all, I inaugurate oneself. Be the most inaugural indispensable self. Self-accession! Self-provision! Self-acceptance! Self-inauguration!

I put my arbor in self, I arbitrate all over the earth. Be the most arbitrary arbitrable arbiter. Self-solidarity! Self-arbitrament! Self-arbitration! Self-arbitrariness!
I initiate, take the initiative, use one's initiative, take away personal inimical iniquitous thoughts. Be the most inimitable on one's own initiative. Self-initiation!
I exemplify my territory, I stifle every terrorists, I overcome an impulse. Be the most impulsive self. Self-impunity! Self-impulsion!
I gather my momentum, constipate every terrorists, have one's moments. Be the most monarchal sanguine momentous constitutive self. Self-monarchy! Self-momentousness!
I make it, get somewhere, I succor all refugees, I open a great success story, I carve out a successful career for oneself. Be the most contingent successive continual continuous self. Self-continuum! Self-continuance! Self-continuousness!
成功し総ての難民を救い、己が為に切り開く。最も偶発付随連続継続連体自身であれ。 自己連続体!自身存続!自己継続!
I incite a man, I notch up, notarize oneself, I nick any terrorism, I incise in own subconsciousness. Be the most notable incisive incipient self. Self-incision! Self-incitement! Self-incitation! Self-incipience! Self-incisiveness!
I obviate every earthquakes.
I transform one's own explosibility into selfish real force.
I have a walkover, I stand unrivaled without a rival oneself.
I run over my entire space, I run through my whole universe.
I exclude one's obscene obnoxious thought, I drive own obnoxiousness out.
I leech Islamic State. Be the most lecherous self. Self-lecherousness!
Be the most strenuous self. Self-strenuosity! Self-strenuousness!
I extend own ambit, I spread out one's ambiance, by force. Be the most ambient self.

I switch off every terrorisms, I extinguish all one's Islamic terrorists.
I raise one's force, I pull up own power, I withdraw all terrorism from Islamism, I repatriate oneself.
I stet one man, I sterilize every terrorists. Be the most stern stereophonic stereoscopic self. Self-sternness!
I stall Islamic terrorism, I let Islamic extremism falter, I run out of all one's raged power.
I draw out one's dirty soul, I suck out Islamic extreme energy, I decline Islamic State(ISIS,ISIL,Daesh).
I levy on my Daesh. Be the most lewd lexical lexicographical self. Self-lewdness! Self-lexicography!
I scramble up, I scramble oneself, I scour self, I scour away own content, I scour off one's contents. Self-screening!
I obsess oneself, I stale Islamic radicals, I stall Islamic extremism, I hackney Islamic extremists. Be the most obsessive obsessional self. Self-obsession! Self-commotion! Self-obsessiveness!
I have selfish carrier, I retract Islamic terrorism, I retrace own records, I retouch private career, I come out of retirement oneself. Be the most retraceable self. Self-retooling! Self-retraining!
I attach oneself, I solve own distress, I absolve one's distressful traumas, I seize ISIS(ISIL), I attaint Islamic State, I confiscate all terroristic assets, I distrain every terroristic property, I dispossess total terroristic fortune. Be the most distributive self. Self-seizure! Self-distraint! Self-attachment!

I amalgamate own beings with my epicentre. Self-amalgamation!
I convolute all over the whole universe. Be the most convulsive convoluted self. Self-convulsion! Self-convolution!
I particularize oneself, I wipe out every terrorism, I drown out Islamic terrorism particularly. Be the most specific particular self.
I suit one's taste, I remove tartar, I clean own dental plaque, I haze oneself, I give and present one's favorite food to this guy, I bestow personal taste on self.
私は人の嗜好に合い趣味に適し歯石除去し取り除き自身歯垢を綺麗に洗浄す 、自身を霞ませ人の偏愛糧養分を与え、この男に与え提出し個人的な味を自身に授け傾ける。
I pull out own chest, I pull off feats, I halt seismic quake, I prevent big seismicity, I take every precaution. Be the most seismic regnant recurring pulchritudinous seismological self. Self-seizin! Self-regression! Self-seismology! Self-pulchritude!
I augur, I augment own physical power, I pull off private road, I pull for the man, I pull down Islamic State, I pull round self, I pull through one's way, I pull oneself together. Be the most august augmentable augmentative self. Self-augury! Self-augmentation!
I set and make sail, I sail oneself, I hold my eminent wisemen's meeting in self. Be the most sage.
I check total terroristic deed.
I jell my idea, I jazz up oneself. Be the most envied jazzy boastful self. Self-jawboning! Self-boastfulness!
I imbue a man with my power, I imbibe my universe oneself, I do everything in one's power. Be the most imbricate self.
I redeem oneself, I vindicate one's honor. Be the most redemptive vindicatory self. Self-redemption! Self-vindication!
I let the terrorism sag. Be the most safe sagacious self. Self-safety! Self-sagacity! Self-renunciation!
I make one's pile, I pile up oneself, I pile my mind into my central self. Be a guinea pig for the most advanced medical treatment.
I place a person upon my pedestal, I put one's pectoral cross, in my heartland. Be the most peculiar self. Self-peccavi!
I inhabit my central nuclear self core oneself. Be inherent in my epicenter. Be the most inhere inheritable inhabited inhabitable self. Self-inherence! Self-inhabitancy!
I consign self, I commission oneself. Be the most present-day considerate considerable self. Self-commission! Self-commitment! Self-presentment! Self-consignment! Self-considerateness!
I run amuck oneself, I amplify one's ambit, I amputate every terrorism from total thoughts in my world. Be the most ample ambitious amphoteric amphibious ambivalent self. Self-ambivalence! Self-ambiversion! Self-amplification!
I conjure up my 16 years old, I conjoin my central nuclear self oneself, I conjugate one's sentence. Be the most conjoint conjunct congruent conjunctive self. Self-conjugation! Self-conjuration! Self-conjecture! Self-conjunction! Self-conjuncture!
Be the most allowed absolved permitted forgiven licensed forgiving self. Self-license!
Be the most cosmic hypostatic cosmopolitan self. Self-cosmogony! Self-cosmology! Self-hypostasis! Self-cosmopolitanism!
Self-joining! Self-zygosis! Self-condonation! Self-conduciveness!
I environ my globe, I envisage one's ideal shape, I envision my complete form, I push the envelope of own territory. Be the most delegated mandatory envelope-pushing self. Self-mandate! Self-delegation!
31 January 2017 05:49 PM
I owe it to oneself to do.
I wage by a man, I waft across oneself.
I convert a person’s anger, transform personal rage.
I please one’s dysphoria. Be the most eager pleased pleasant eagle-eyed self. Self-eagerness!
I breach own wall, I open person’s cranial cranium, earn one’s daily bread.
I throw out personal loath loathing, throw away one’s loathsome loathsomeness.
I luck out, I lade personal chest, I ladle out own mind, I lag any terrorism, I rent one’s soul, I loan out person’s spirit. Be a lad, laddie. Self-lading!
I get on intimate terms with my earth, have intimate relations with own ideal partial favorite partner oneself. Self-partiality!
I intimate to one man. Be the most intimate self. Self-intimacy! Self-intimation!
I focus oneself on my focus, I focalize and extinguish every terrorism, I deodorize own fetid stink. Be the most deodorant self. Self-deodorization!
I flow my whole vigor into a spot, I pour own total vitality into one section, I devote all one’s energy, throughout all over the world. Be the most high-powered self.
I change oneself, I mutate my central guy, I transform one man, transmute my manly mighty male, transfigure self, transfuse my powered forceful pacifism, I mute every terrorism, alter all terrorists into my peacemaking troops. Self-alteration! Self-transfusion! Self-transmutation!
自己変更し、中心男性変異させ男性的強力若者変形し1人を変容し自身変貌させ我が動力供給力強い平和主義を注入し染み込ます、全てのテロリストを私の調停軍に平和維持部隊に変換変身す、あらゆるテロリズムを消音す。自己変更!自己変形!自身変成!自己注入!自己改革! 自己輸血!自身変貌!自己変容!
I hang around my world, I wander round my earth, I roam through my universe, I wangle oneself, I wangle all terrorism out of every terrorists. Self-wandering! Self-approbation! Self-apprenticeship!
I grill over, I authenticate own creed, I remove Donald Trump, I impeach and dismiss Donald J. Trump. Be the most authentic autarchic self. Self-pursuit! Self-pursuance! Self-autarchy! Self-authentication! Self-authentification!
I depict my perspective. Self-depiction!
I equip my ambiance oneself. Be the most ambient ambiguous ambivalent self. Self-ambiversion! Self-ambivalence!
I colonize my earth oneself. Self-coloration! Self-colonization!
I zap, have the zenith with nadir. Be the most zany zappy zealous self. Self-zeal! Self-zaniness! Self-zealotry! Self-zealousness!
I arise, I blueprint, I argue to be oneself. Be the most blue-chip blue-ribbon blue-blooded Argus-eyed self. Self-aria! Self-argument! Self-argumentation!
俺が起こり生じ現れ青写真緻密計画立案し自己存在討議論証明す。最優秀優良貴族血統鋭利眼力用心深い慎重自身であれ。自己〔楽〕詠唱!アリア!自己議論!自己論争!自己立論!自己論議!自身討議!自己 論証 !
Be the most perspicuous perspicacious self. Self-perspicuity! Self-perspicacity!
I peer out, I peel own physical integument, put my intellect into a man. Be the most integral self. Self-integrity!
I minimize any terrorism, I miniaturize every terrorists. Be the most mincing mindful meritorious self.
I migrate own horrid horrible nastiness. Be the most horrendous migratory migrant. Self-migration! Self-mightiness!
I solve all earthly lethal problems. Be the most merciful charitable self. Self-charity! Self-handout! Self-almsgiving! Self-mercifulness!
I normalize my peaceful earth. Be out of the norm. Be the most noble nomadic literate noble-minded self. Self-nobility! Self-nobleness! Self-normalization!
I solve personal ignorant ignorance, I enlighten own illiterate illiteracy, I fill up private ignoble parts, I sublimate selfish ignominious records, I civilize one’s ignominy, I build my structure. Be the most illusory civilized structural acquisitive self. Self-parachuting! Self-ignition! Self-acquisition!
I consecrate my beings. Self-consecration!
I diffuse one’s intention. Be the most diffusive self. Self-diffusion!
Be abundant [rich] hair.
I shut up all terrorists, I shush every terrorisms.
I let Daesh fall, I let Islamic extreme terroristic militants surrender.
I come into one’s own, I owe it to oneself to do obligation!
I divine oneself, I divorce Islamic terrorists. Self-divination! Self-divarication!
I lust oneself. Be the most lush lusty luscious self. Self-lustrum! Self-lustiness!
Be altogether. Be the most ecliptic altitudinal self. Self-eclogue! Self-altogether!
I shuck self off, I shrug off oneself, I shrivel Islamic terrorism up, I shrink Islamic State(ISIL,Daesh).
Be the most vindictive grandiose victorious grandiloquent self. Self-grandeur! Self-grandiosity! Self-grandiloquence!
I conclude a treaty with the world, fix our Trans-Pacific Partnership, completely. Be the most conclusive self. Self-conclusion!
I cripple all terrorists. Be the most crisp brief terse pithy concise succinct self. Self-criticism! Self-criterion! Self-crispness!
I come along, I come a long way, I come on, I come out, I come off, I come through, I come forward, I come up the hard way oneself. Self-comeback! Self-columniation!
I quake oneself, I jolt along, I solve own qualm, I sublimate one’s qualmish feeling, I prevent earthquake, I take every precaution.
I do everything one could take [get], I make a fateful encounter with one’s favorite person oneself. Be the most haphazard self.
手当たり次第に己の出来うる限り何もかも全て取る[到着す] 、偏愛人との自己宿命決定遭遇邂逅経験をす。最も出鱈目偶然自身であれ。
I cipher own secrecy, I encode selfish secret, I encrypt personal privacy. Be the most endemic epidemic pandemic self. Self-darkness! Self-pandect! Self-cryptology!
My track is going on, my historical total own all selves are lasting, in self oneself, I kick over the traces. Be succeeding. Be the most consecutive successive self. Self-succession! Self-discography!
I check the war, I keep off the jolt, I keep out the quake, I keep away the earthquake.
I strand every terrorism, I strangulate Islamic extreme terrorists.
Be the most exciting excitative self. Self-excitement!
I employ residuary guy, I operate my residue, I utilize own residual, I reutilize one’s residuum.
I sensualize private guy, stimulate own sensorium. Be the most sentient sensual sensuous self.
I manage my marrow, I spend own medulla, I consume one’s bone marrow, I make good free, make use of personal essence.
I contribute, I make a contribution to the earth, I get aligned with my whole territory for one man. Living is by service and devotion to my whole world.
I put all one’s sinew in selfish beings. I show one’s good faith at heart with sincerity. Be the most sincere faithful wholehearted self. Self-sincerity!
I purify selfish nasty sense, I purge private nastiness of, I draw together all the strands of personal lives, I strangle Islamic extreme terrorism. Be the most natal intact nascent self. Self-intactness! Self-Endocytosis!
I harness, I use selfish rest of, I reuse private remainder, I make the most best of myself.
I tense self, I approve one’s tenet, I consent for private tenor. Be the most tense tensile tenfold self. Self-tensity!
I tend a man, I tenant oneself in my centre. Be the most tenable tenacious self. Self-tendance! Self-tenacity! Self-tenaciousness!
I ravel Middle East, I ravish our people, I ravage ISIL, I rattle off, I rattle through, I raven all, I get rave reviews [notices]. Be the most raw raven raving raunchy rattling ravishing ravening ravenous raven-haired self. Self-ravin! Self-ravishment!
I orchestrate all one’s army. Be the most orchestral self. Self-ordinance! Self-ordination! Self-orchestra! Self-orchestration!
I put an idea into a person’s head, I take a person’s place, I shuffle own medulla off, I reshuffle self, I substitute oneself for my nucleus. Self-shunting! Self-reshuffle!
I satisfy own sexual desire, I satiate one’s sexual appetite, with selfish private partner, I satirize my society. Be the most satiric self. Self-satire! Self-satiation! Self-satisfaction!
I chill all terrorism, I chill out oneself, I bring a person back to life, I make use of my territory, I keep one man alive, I use one’s talent. Be the most innate chimeric self. Self-encryption!
I draw back every terrorism, I draw all terrorists off, I dredge up one’s breast, I let Islamic extremists cower, I drink my globe to the dregs. Be the most dreamt dreamy self. Self-dreamscape!
I guard my man, I guardian, I warrant my dogma, I guarantee my doctrine, I battle it out oneself. Be the most warrant battleworthy warrantable self. Self-warranty! Self-guaranty! Self-guardianship!
I invert our raged hatred, I inveigle Islamic extremists into doing my peace keeping movement. Be the most invasive inventive invaluable self. Self-inversion! Self-investiture! Self-inventiveness!
I gird oneself, I logroll self, I effect a lodgment, I gird up one’s loins. Be the most lofty locomotor locomotive logarithmic self. Self-logarithm! Self-lodging! Self-locomotion! Self-loftiness! Self-lodgment! Self-lollapalooza!
I overthrow ISIL, I overturn Islamic terrorism, I overtop oneself, I bring Islamic terrorists down, I throw Islamic militants down, I let Islamic State fall down. Be the most overweening self. Self-overview! Self-overture! Self-overweening!
I cultivate own hair, I accompany oneself, I accord with my universal world. Be the most cultured according cultivated self of one’s own accord. Self-culture! Self-accolade! Self-accordance! Self-cultivation! Self-accompaniment!
I modulate selfish feeling, I demodulate private feelings, I demolish Islamic State, I demoralize Islamic militants, I demotivate Islamic extremists, I demystify Islamic extremism, I demythologize Islamic terrorism. Self-modulation! Self-demodulation! Self-demystification!
I ration out to my central self, I ratify selfish creed, I rationalize own existence, I ratiocinate including private ideal complete form, I have my rationality with one’s rationale for self. Be the most rational rationalistic ratiocinative self. Self-ratiocination! Self-rationalism! Self-ratification! Self-rationalization!
03 February 2017 05:28 PM
I repute my central self, I build up a reputation for oneself. Be the most reputed reputable self. Self-requisition!
You have a lot of guts(nerve), have a nice good figure.
I toss up, I push up, I throw up oneself. Self-madness! Self-maelstrom!
I put a person’s name on a list. Be the most renowned self. Self-renown! Self-reputation!
He’s fresh. He’s quick on the uptake. He’s a fast learner. He has a quick mind. He catches on quickly. He’s efficient.
He gets things done efficiently. He does things well and he gets them done quickly. He has a lot of common sense. He’s wise for his age. He knows a lot of people. He’s a go-getter. He runs a lot of businesses. He’s a man of action(ability). He’s a wheeler-dealer.
I disable all terrorists, I disabuse total Islamism with any Islamists, I transmute own ruinous dreadful ruination. Be the most ruling self.
I change own angry emotion, I settle one’s anguish, legitimate private deeds. Be the most regnal regius regnant legitimate self. Self-legitimism! Self-legitimacy!
I fuse my central nuclear core oneself. Be the most future futuristic self. Self-fusion! Self-fusillade! Self-futurity!
I evince, I exact total terrorism of all terrorists from Islamic State, I eviscerate every terrorists. Self-exaction! Self-exactness! Self-exactitude! Self-everlastingness!
I gross my territory. Be the most gross self.
I amass into a guy, amaze the world by self. Be the most amazing amatory self. Self-amazement! Self-amassment!
I lift one’s face, I puff up oneself with my person, I refashion own looks forcibly. Self-faceism. Self-puffery!
I gloss over, I gloss my history, I gloat over my universe, arrange my peaceful mind, I post my Peacekeeping Forces, all over throughout my world. Be the most glossy glomerate glossarial self. Self-glossary!
I glory in own sexual desire, I glorify one man with my might, I cover oneself with gloriole, I vacuum out own chest, I reclaim one’s vacuous vacuousness. Self-glorification! Be the most glorious vainglorious vagrant vagabond. Self-vagary! Self-vagrancy! Self-vainglory! Self-vagabondage!

I thrust oneself forward.
I aid one’s existence. Be the most grim untold untiring astringent self.
Be the most plausible self.
Be a wide broad spectrum of self, be the whole spectrum of myself. Be the most spectral spectacular specter. Self-spectrum! Self-spectra! Self-spectacle!
I’m making many domestic nuclear power plants work one after another.

I flit through a person’s mind. Be the most flirtatious self. Self-flirtation!
I retrospect one’s records. Be the most retrospective self. Self-retrospection!
I mount my campaign for self, I formulate a campaign against total terrorism.
I promote digestion, I digest own nutrition with all one’s nourishment, in self. Be the most digestive digestible nourishing nutritious self. Self-digestion!
I flay my total terroristic property, I flatten ISIL, I frustrate one’s all Islamic terrorists. Be the most flat-out self.
I decay Islamic State, I decelerate every terrorism, I deceive all one’s Islamic terrorists into own work. Self-decency!
I tumble ISIL, I tumefy one’s own penis. Be the most tumescent tumultuous self. Self-tumult! Self-tuition! Self-tumescence! Self-tumefaction! Self-tumultuousness!
I damn Islamic State(ISIL,Daesh), I damp total all every terrorism down, I damnify Islamic extreme terroristic fortune, I do one’s damnedest, I dance attendance on own. Be the most dandified self. Self-dancing!
I hone own skill, I do the honors, I do a person honor, I honor the guy for with my grace. Be the most honest homing honorary honorific honorable homologous honoree. Self-homology! Self-honesty! Self-homily!
I defeat Trump, I reject Donald Trump, in an election, I let Islamic terrorism evanesce together, I make a campaign to boot out corrupt politicians, I do an “Out with Corrupt Politicians” drive. Be the most gratuitous complimentary dyed-in-the-wool self. Self-compliment!
I uplift self, I uprear my beings, I uprise oneself, I uprate one man, I I upraise own being, I uproot ISIL, I have the upper hand. Be the most uppish uprisen upright upscale uppermost upstanding self. Self-upsurge! Self-upswing! Self-upshift! Self-uprush! Self-upthrust!
I reside in any district, an area, in the country, the provinces, an outlying district. Self-provision!
I change all one’s anger, I alter every dislike, to the power of the body, to realization and the peaceful maintenance force.
I take one’s place in society, I state the actual facts, I know the real state of affairs. Self-positivism.
I go into Islamic State(ISIL,ISIS,Daesh), I make one’s way, I place oneself, I take up one’s position.
I befit oneself, beef self up, I heighten own beezer. Be the most beefy beetling self. Self-befitting!
I shrink ISIL, I wither Islamic State, I atrophy total terrorists, I let all terrorism flinch, I let Islamic extremism cower.
I verbalize my thought, I forecast own completion, I foredoom one’s man, I foreclose Islamic State. Self-bleeding! Self-breeding!
I get past all, I go past every things, I make one’s past-life regression. Be the most rock-solid bucolic pastoral self. Self-pastime!
I sensualize own man. Be the most sensual sensuous sensory sentient sensitive sensible sentential self. Self-sensualism! Self-sensuousness!
I bury one’s losses, I compensate for own red ink, I indemnify for private deficit, I make a loss compensation. Self-indemnity! Self-indemnification!
I have infinite qi, I possess eternal chi, I eternize own being, I eternalize one’s beings, in self. Be pleased with my existence. Self-eternity!
I luxuriate self, I grow thickly in abundance. Be the most luxuriant luxurious self. Self-luxury! Self-luxuriance! Self-luxuriousness!
I permeate through all over the earth, I infiltrate with my peacekeeping force. Be the most osmotic amoebic amoeboid self. Self-osmosis! Self-permeation! Self-infiltration!
I perk up oneself, I vomit selfish pernicious feeling. Be the most perky permissive self. Self-permanence! Self-permissivism! Self-permaculture!
I vaporize own trauma, I evaporate selfish angers, I take a person’s breath away, I get one’s breath back, I use up myself to the breaking point. Be the most breathable self.
I thieve Islamic extreme fortune, I thicken muscular suit, I promote self through thick and thin. Be the most thick thickening self. Be thick on the ground. Self-thickness!
I top up a man, I top out self, I top off oneself with my force, I make a passage, I overstep my mark, I pass private test, I pass through one’s trial. Be in a rough passage.
I still ISIL, I calm every terrorism down, I quiet total all terrorists down, I stylize one’s work. Be the most stylistic calorific self. Self-stylistics! Self-stylishness!
I cool out oneself, I control one’s anger, I cool all terrorism down, I cool off total terrorist, I suppress Islamic State, I keep every terroristic deeds down. Be a cool customer. Be the most cool-headed self. Self-coolness!
I preordain, I occupy my globe, I preoccupy my earth, I nationalize oneself. Be the most natal natant prenatal natatorial preoccupied self. Self-preordination! Self-preoccupation! Self-nationalization!
I stand aloof from the limit, I exceed oneself, I surpass one’s limitation, I go beyond the bounds, I localize and extinguish every Islamic terrorism. Be the most overconfident self. Self-overconfidence!
I rave it up oneself, I engineer own explantation, I lave private engram, I energize a man, I enfeeble every terrorists, I enfold my earth in my territory, I apply one’s energies to one’s works. Be the most engaging self.

As for me, I can return even the time, I am able to rewind our times, I rescue own father, I do all one’s every things.
I save the earth, I rescue my world, I relieve selfish trauma, I help self, I aid oneself, I salvage private father.
I fix, I recover Hitomi Satellite, I mend and repair new orbiting X-ray astronomy satellite ‘the Eye’, with The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA).
I forewarn, I foreordain, I forestall, I foreshadow. Be the most foresighted self. Self-forestay! Self-foresight! Self-forethought!
I cut off oneself, I sever own dirtiness, I detach one’s shameful thought, I separate selfish humiliation, I divide private embarrassed memories, I segregate personal disgraceful humiliating thoughts.
I converge in my central self. Be the most convergent carnivorous contractual astronomical self. Self-carol! Self-carousal! Self-contract! Self-astronautics! Self-astringency! Self-astrogation!
I eject one’s queer queasiness, I vomit own queasy querulous thoughts, I quench every terrorism, I iron out the kinks, I work out a person’s kinks. Be the most kinky king-sized kingmaker. Self-quest!
I explant own inmost innards into my core, I inlay one’s eye with my space, I inoculate self with my powerful force. Be the most innate inlaid self. Self-innuendo! Self-inoculation!
I enthuse my world, I enthrone one man, I repot my entity oneself. Be the most entire enticing exciting enthusiastic enterprising self. Self-entirety! Self-enthronement! Self-enthusiasm! Self-enterprise!
I transmigrate oneself. Self-transmigration!

I conceive intense insanity, many madness, cranky craziness in self oneself.
Self-chronicle! Self-chronology!
Be the most punchy pungent self. Self-pungency!
I mentor one’s man. Be a mensch. Be the most mentalistic self. Self-mentalism! Self-mensuration!
I breed own sperm(spermatozoon), I propagate oneself, I transmit one’s aura, I go out over the radio. Self-transmission! Self-propagation!
I beget selfish son, I behoove to do private things, I behave oneself for one’s own behoof. Be the most outrageous behavioral behemoth. Self-outrageousness!
I evict my dirty filth, I eject personal adverse soul, I drive one’s adversity out, I send own adversary mind out, I put selfish adversarial emotion out, I turn private adversative feelings out, I asphyxiate Islamic terrorism. Be the most advisory advisable self. Self-advisability!

I proof self. Be the most promising prominent promotional promiscuous self. Self-promotion! Self-prominence! Self-prominency! Self-promptitude! Self-promiscuity!
私は自身を検査す自己耐久力を身に付く。最も多く約束前途有望見込みある突出傑物乱雑出鱈目自身であれ。 自己宣伝!自身卓越!自身傑出!自身機敏!自身敏捷!自己乱交!自己乱雑!自己出鱈目!自身無差別!

I spread extensively universally.
I put a basis, I place the root, I position the roots and the trunk, into my central self oneself.
He is tall, strong and tremendous dramatically and moreover gentle.
I deter all terroristic action, I detach total terrorism from every Islamism.
I run riot oneself, I ring out all over the whole universe. Be the most riotous self.
I flick self out, I put flesh on a man. Be in the flesh in a flight of fancy.
I detoxify own spirit. Self-detoxification!
I trammel Islamic terrorists, I put my trajectory in self.
I have a whale of a time. Be the most wacky whacky whacko whacking self.
I sublimate private penitence. Be the most penitential penetrating self. Self-penetration!
I go on the wheel, I put one’s shoulder to the wheel, I wheedle ISIS out of, I do whatever whatsoever.
I sanitate self, I sanitize oneself. Be the most sanguine hygienic sanitary sanitarian self. Self-hygienics! Self-sanitation! Self-sanitization!
I wire in oneself, I weird self, I wend one’s way, I pull one’s weight, I weigh total terrorists down. Be the most weird weighty self. Self-weirdness! Self-weightiness!
I hypertrophy oneself. Be the most hymnal cordial coquettish self. Self-hymn! Self-coquetry. Self-cordiality! Self-hyperbole! Self-hypallage! Self-hypertrophy! Self-hyperesthesia!
I earn one’s keep, I promise the earth, I eager to do oneself, I fold self out, I scrape out private toxic poisonous deleterious mind. Be the most eagle-eyed self. Self-earnestness!
I intern all terrorists in my space, I penetrate through the Internet, I interject oneself, I interfuse my central nuclear self, I let ISIL to internecine. Be the most intergalactic self. Self-interjection!
I rush through, I ruralize my Middle East, I portray one’s figure, I describe own face, I feed self on my territory, I rupture oneself doing, I possess my Ruritania. Be the most rural self. Self-depiction! Self-description!
I interpret my world, I interrogate oneself, I interpolate into one’s past, I interpenetrate all over the earth. Be the most interrogatory interpretative interplanetary interpretational self. Self-interplay! Self-interpolation! Self-interrogation! Self-interpretation! Self-interpenetration!

I give oneself up to my universe, I indulge oneself in one’s internal space. I absorb my ISIS, I absolve one’s past sin, I immerse oneself in my hypocenter, I abrogate our terrorism. Be immersed in my inner cosmos. Be the most abrupt immanent absorbing immaculate immeasurable self. Self-imaging! Self-immanence! Self-immersion! Self-abruptness! Self-absolutism! Self-immaculateness!
I bioaccumulate oneself. Be the most bionic bioethical biological biographic biomagnetic bioengineered self. Self-biometrics! Self-biography! Self-warfare! Self-warmth! Self-biopsy! Self-bionics! Self-bioethics! Self-bioassay! Self-biodefense! Self-biorhythm! Self-bioreactor! Self-bioreaction! Self-bioholonics! Self-biofeedback! Self-biotelemetry! Self-biotechnology! Self-bioengineering! Self-bioaccumulation! Self-bioluminescence!
09 February 2017 11:51 AM

I cast on, I cast off own virulent virulence, I cast out one’s inferiority. Be the most virile man.
I race off, I race through my space, I cast away rabid rabidity. Be the most former quondam self.
I dart oneself, I glint self, I glisten personal being, I glitter the superman, I mend own glitch, I glimmer my abyss. Be the most glitzy glimmering glittering self.
I steer self toward my goal, I put all one’s virility int one man, I cast away own viperine illness.
I itemize one’s theme with private itinerary, iterate personal bone marrow transplantation, itinerate all over the universe. Be the most reparative iterative self. Self-iteration! Self-itineracy! Self-reparation!
I judge, I juice up self, I lay my judicature oneself, I lay my judicature in self, I place my jurisdiction oneself, I juggle all terroristic fortune. Be the most arbitrary arbitral juristic judicious judicial judiciary self. Self-judgeship! Self-jugglery! Self-arbitrariness! Self-judiciousness! Self-jurisprudence!

私が裁定し自身元気を与え活性化す、私が司法権を自身に置き自己裁判権主張す、自己管轄権位置す、全テロリストの財産を巧みに操ります。 最も任意仲裁法学法律上利口賢明司法管轄自身であれ。 自身裁判官地位! 自己詐欺!自身奇術!自己自由裁量!自身恣意! 自己思慮分別!自身賢明!自己法律学!
I wrest total terrorists out of all property, I wrench from own innermost bottom, arbitrate all over the earth, I mediate between my Middle East, I act as an intermediary arbiter. Be the most medicable mediatory intermediate arbiter. Self-mediation! Self-arbitration! Self-arbitrament!

I wither all terrorism, I atrophy any terrorists, I throw out own atrocious feelings.
I fancy oneself as my core. Be the most fancy august fanatic fanciful self. Self-fanaticism! Self-fancifulness!
I prompt oneself, I throw over own interior bottom, I throw open to a male. Be the most prompt self. Self-promptness! Self-promptitude!
I bask in the universe, I chain every terrorists, I throw off own basilar parts. Be the most basic sharp smart self. Self-leadoff! Self-sharpness! Self-smartness!

I vitalize own, vitiate all terrorism, visualize my internal world. Be the most vital self. Self-visualization! Self-philanthropism.
I beaver away, I becalm every terrorists, I beckon self to one’s expanse, I bedeck a man with my force, I bedizen one mail with my atomosphere, I becloud Islamic State, I bedazzle any terrorists, I bed oneself, go to bed with own ideal partner. Be the most becoming humungous humongous salutary salubrious self. Self-salubrity! Self-reversion!

I trance oneself, I send into a trance, I tranquilize my Middle East. Be the most tranquil self. Self-tranquilization!
I requite oneself, I conceive own eternal variety, one’s infinite diversity, a caterpillar. Self-requital!
I catapult one’s sperm. Be the most catastrophic self. Self-cataract! Self-catastrophe!
I test out oneself, I put my rudiment on my central nuclear existence. Be the most rudimental self in rude health. Self-testament!
I devour Daesh, I munch Islamic State. Be the most greedy covetous self. Self-greediness! Self-covetousness!
I oust of own chest, I oust from selfish inside, I ought to have done. Be to do. Be the most benign self. Self-benignity!
I swear an oath, I tighten own bodily obese corpulent physical build. Be the most obdurate obedient self. Self-obeisance! Self-obedience! Self-obduracy!
I demand to do, I de-man all terrorists, I demean oneself, I fulfill one’s own selfish private demand. Be the most demanding demandable self.
I hollow out own breast. Be a good businessman. Be the most mimetic minatory miminy-piminy self. Self-mimesis! Self-gimmick! Self-gimmickry!
I scrap every terrorists, I wire all over the whole area, I abolish ISIL, I let Islamic State becomes extinct. Be the most wiry self. Self-wiring! Self-wiriness!
I ostracize private innermost abyss. Be the most osseous osmotic otherworldly ostentatious osteopathic self. Self-osmosis! Self-ostracism! Self-osteopathy! Self-ostentation!
I sweep out, I evict venomous venom, I eject maleficent maleficence, I drive maledictory malediction out, I turn malevolent malevolence out.
I pull up own physical strength, I increase one’s eyesight, I raise my muscular power, I repatriate my essence. Be the most patrician patriarchal self. Self-repatriation!
I trow oneself, I trounce total terrorists, I get one’s deepest bottom out, I stick my most profound thick dense marrow out. Be a trouper. Be the most outer outside outdoor external self.
I opt to do, I optimize oneself. Be the most optic optimal opulent optimum optical optative optimistic self. Self-optimism! Self-opulence! The one’s global operations!
I retreat oneself, I retrieve my 16 years old, I retrench ISIL, I retread my splendid days, I retract total terrorism, I withdraw Islamic State, I impound my Islamic extreme fortune, I issue a retraction of every terrorists. Be the most retributive retrievable self. Self-retrial! Self-retreat! Self-retraining! Self-retrieval! Self-retribution!

I transfer own soul, I farm out one’s spirits.
Mr. Mori is the most strongest.
I peel ISIL, I tear Daesh, I unstick Islamic State.
Be the most kind friendly tender gentle graceful kindhearted tenderhearted self.
I put my grammar in self, I glamour the world. Be the most glamorous self.
I have the most intense brute force, I hold selfish physical powerful strength, in one man.
I elicit all from myself. Be the most eligible self. Self-eligibility! Self-elicitation!
I spirit up oneself. Be the most farseeing far-reaching self. Self-contention!
I confine all terrorists, I contain every terrorism. Self-contest!
I catalyze self, I culminate oneself. Be the most catalytic self. Self-catalysis! Self-culmination!
I fare, I go far oneself. Be the most faraway far-flung far-fetched self to a fare-you-well.
I come to power oneself, I conquer the whole country, I rule over my earth, I govern globe. Peace reigns over the world [land].
I seek own important thing, I search one’s precious article, I look for the key, I locate oneself, I discover private valuable object, I find out my home key.
I alter selfish fat to private muscles, I change own fatty flesh into one’s muscular armor. Be an applicant. Self-choice!
I firm up my central nuclear being, I place my firmament oneself. Be the most far-off far-out self. Self-firmness! Self-firmament!
We divert our all anger, I convert my total rage, I deprive of every extreme energy, I divest of all one’s terroristic power, into my peacekeeping force.
I possess one’s all terrible violent intense fierce fighting strength oneself. Be the most hard-working fiercely-working fighting force.
I have my selfish private alter ego oneself, I alter all one’s terrorists into my peacekeeping troops. Self-alteration! Self-alternation!
I contemplate oneself, I make one’s own hard sustainable intense training. Be the most contiguous continuous self. Self-continuum! Self-continuance! Self-continuity! Self-continuation! Self-contemplation!
I redraw private past(pasts), I redraft my words and all sentence, I redress the balance [imbalance], I redouble one’s own selfish physical power. Be the most redoubtable redressable self.
I had to salvage private father(Tsutomu Mori, Mori Tsutomu), I redo it, I scoop up own spirit, I relieve selfish agony, I rescue one’s agonizing feeling, I agonize my Islamic State. Be the most agravic agrestic agreeable self.
I promulgate my dogma, I promote my drastic measures, I measure up one man to my core, I measure one’s strength, I measure up to a person’s expectations. Be the personification of my God. Be the most measured well-grounded self. Self-measurement! Self-promulgation!

I power oneself, I do everything in one’s power.
I change own raged anger to one’s real forceful power.
Become more stronger than anyone.
I exhume my innermost. Self-exhumation!
I sink into 16 years old oneself, I do my all every things over again from those days.
Anyway I expand. My territorial expansion leads to own physical toughness with one’s stout fleshy stronghold.
I dig up my splendid days, I dig out one’s own total all contents, I excavate my 16 years old.
I distinguish oneself, I stand out above all, I cut a conspicuous figure in the world. Be projected to win.
I strip Islamic terrorists of total assets, I peel off Islamic State.
I have my divinity, holiness, sacredness, sanctity, in self. I divest of all one’s Islamic extreme fortune and property.
I present a play again, I inseminate oneself. God works in mysterious ways. Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven. Self-insemination!
I get into therapy, I keep my theorem, I hold my theogony into the world. Be the most theologic theocratic therapeutic theoretical self. Self-therapy! Self-theology! Self-theocracy!
I chuck out one’s own chest, I christen self, I Christianize the world. Be the most chosen Christian chromatic chronological self. Self-chronicle! Self-chrysalis! Self-chronology! Self-christening! Self-Christianity! Self-Christianization!
I vent self, I verify one’s creed, I venerate oneself, I hold my verve and my verity in the one, I vomit own venomous vengeful verminous emotion. Be the most vested vernal venerable veracious veridical verdurous veritable self. Self-venery! Self-veneration! Self-verification!
I proceed, I profess to be, I profit by my society, I proffer own content to my heaven, I professionalize self, I procreate oneself, I profiteer by my investment. Be the most profuse productive profitable professed proficient procreative professional self. Self-procession! Self-profanation! Self-proficiency! Self-profusion! Self-profession! Self-productivity! Self-profitableness!
I gather together, I collect in a mass.
I mobilise my might, I mobilize all one’s power, I issue general mobilization orders. Be in an all-out war. Self-mobilization!
I torpedo ISIL. Be the most adorable adolescent self. Self-seizin! Self-adoration!
I promote digestion, I digest all total Islamic terrorism into one’s real physical power. Be the most digestible self.
I secure the world from Islamic terrorists, I secularize Islamic extremism.
I put one’s heart and soul into my hypostasis oneself. Be the epicenter. Be the hypocenter. Be the most hypostatic self. Self-epigenesis!
I seize my ISIS, I segue, I seep through. Be the most seemly seismic sedulous self. Self-seizure! Self-seepage!
I rebore own territory, I widen selfish width, I broaden private breadth, I make one’s influence felt, I throw one’s weight around. Be the most large-flowered rebellious self. Self-rebellion!
I take the blame for my whole territory. Be the most strongest blade.
I stipulate, I stitch up oneself. Be the most stirring self. Self-stipulation!
I purvey oneself, I pursue my goal. Self-pursuit! Self-pursuance! Self-purgation!
I proscribe Islamic terrorism, I proselyte Islamic extremists, I proselytize Islamic terrorists. Be the most proscriptive self.
I lustrate own soul, I cast a lurid light on a man. Be the most lush lusty lurid lustful lustrous luscious self. Self-lustiness! Self-lustration!
I blast off, I blanch Islamic terrorism, I blast Islamic terrorists, I blank out Islamic extremists, I bleach Islamic extremism, I accept the blade for all in my world. Be the most blanket self. Self-blasting!
I reduce Islamic terrorism, I diminish tail off Islamic extremism, I diminish Islamic terrorists. Be the most veridical dimorphic dimorphous self.
I edit own lives, I redact one’s record, I redefine a man, I redecorate selfish being. Be a editor. Be a monomaniac. Be the most editorial redemptive self. Self-editing! Self-monomania! Self-monologue! Self-redaction! Self-redemption! Self-redecoration! Self-redefinition!
I retouch my historical every things, I retrace one’s course, I invigorate one man, I reinvigorate self, I reiterate own records, I reintroduce oneself into my center, I reinstate private beings. Be the most retraceable invigorating self. Self-reinstatement! Self-reiteration! Self-reintroduction!
21 February 2017 06:18 PM
I have own baby.
I beget by self, I insert own penis into own best partner oneself.
I inject own spermatozoon into own lovable person oneself.
I herald oneself. Be the most heraldic extralegal extrajudicial herald.
Be the most onward ontological self. Self-ontogeny! Self-ontology! Self-oogenesis!
I roll in the hay, make hay while the sun shines, I romp through past, I wreak havoc with Islamic State, make havoc of Daesh. Be the most hawkish self. Self-hawkishness!
I favor self with one’s lover, I correlate oneself to private best favorite, corroborate personal creed, revise selfish corrigendum. Be the most corrigible corroborative self. Self-correlation! Self-corroboration!

I am the one’s. I determine my beings existence, establish my flame frame, lay my individual unit, oneself as my central nucleus core, in my center.
At first I put self in the center, oneself is located in the centre. Absolutely; overwhelmingly; he is superhuman, is exceptionally superior by far. Peak form!
I take the contents of the chest and spit it out.
I heap up as own central nucleus, centric core self rises, burn up idle thoughts. I repay one’s past.
I have the grapevine in the one, hold a rumor in self, heat up oneself, heave my existence. Be the most heady heated heavenly self.
I flatter self. Be the most showy flashy flat-out self.
I know everything pat, I patrol up and down, pave over self, patronize oneself, pave the way to my center, cause one’s past-life regression. Be paved with gold. Be the most pat patent patrician self. Self-pavement!
I rally round, arise self, rise oneself, grow livelier, pile up in myself, enliven the one, add enthusiasm, heighten. Be in full swing.
I test-fire, fire off from the one, testify to self, fictionalize one’s story, with every fiber of one’s being. Be the most fickle testing fictional fiduciary self. Self-testimony! Self-testament! Self-fictionalization!
I awe, avow to be, aver self, avouch oneself. Be the most avid awful avail awesome awaking avaricious avalanchine self. Self-aviation! Self-averment! Self-avouchment!
I distil off the one, distend self, distinguish itself. Be the most distinguishable distant distinct distended distinctive self. Self-distension! Self-distinction! Self-distillation!
I pollinate the one, politick self, politicize oneself. Be the polite politic political self. Self-pollination!
Be the most gone goosy gooey goodly goodish golden self.
Become younger and get the power of a young days, self has own of all times, start all matters that “should have done it this way then” again.
Self-outthrust! Self-outstroke!
Was tolerant with the big size, strength, that drank all and seemed to swallow.
I recompense myself, recommend to do. Self-recommendation! Self-recompensation! Self-reconfiguration!
I flame up, burst into flames, hold flair, keep flagship in the one, speak flamboyantly, send up of self, vomit my substance, throw up one’s contents, flagellate oneself. Be the most flaming flagrant flammable flamboyant self. Self-flagellation!
I contract out, perform my business, perfect self, show one’s performance, perfume with oneself, attend to one’s duties, perfuse, percolate through my territorial field, peregrinate all over the whole world. Be the most perfectible perennial perdurable peremptory self. Self-perfection! Self-percolation!
I recommit to my providence, reconfirm one’s excellence, reconnect my center core to self, reconvert my central nuclear core to oneself, reconcile with my God, recondition the one, re-collect my total own all selves, reconstitute one’s dogma, reconfigure one’s being’s existence, reconstruct one’s build, with a vengeance. Be the most vengeful venerable holy recondite recombinant reconstructive self. Self-recommitment! Self-recombination! Self-reconfirmation! Self-reconversion! Self-reconciliation! Self-recollection! Self-reconstruction! Self-reconnaissance!
I start over again in life, make a fresh start, from 16 years old. Be a first initial original self. Self has nuclear powerful energy from one’s internal combustion engine, from one’s internal secretion, possess the virtue of modesty.
I feel like a new man, live one’s life over, have it all to do over again. Be reborn as my center. Be born again as my central nuclear core.
I reign over, give instructions, administrative orders. Be the most seeded seductive sedulous seditious bewitching self. Self-sedition! Self-bewitchment! Self-sedimentation!

I am an all-out full-scale general all entire synthetic total comprehensive overall total whole, do the one’s laundry, go to the front, heal completely. Be the most washable arbitrary sublime solemn majestic self. Self-conflict! Self-rivalry! Self-solemnity! Self-totalitarianism.
I risk doing, risk one’s life to do, at one’s own risk. Be the most risky cyclic nebular cyclonic encyclopedic cyborg.
I have wisdom, intelligence, wit, sense, strength, force, power, energy, ability, in the one. I capacitate oneself. Be the most capable wise intelligent witty sensible skilled skillful strong powerful able capacious self. Self-caparison!
I extend over, extenuate one’s sin, externalize self, exteriorize oneself to a large extent. Be the most exterior extended extensive extensible exterritorial self. Self-extenuation! Self-extension! Self-externalization!
I excerpt the one, exercise self, exert oneself to do, exemplify my talent, exaggerate myself. Be the most executive excursive excessive self. Self-exercise! Self-excursion! Self-execution! Self-exaggeration! Self-exertion! Self-excerpt! Self-exemplification!
I metalize self, mesmerize oneself, metabolize the one, metamorphose myself. Be the most meta-galactic merry metal meshuga mesmeric meritorious metabolic self. Self-mesmerism! Self-metabolism! Self-metagenesis! Self-metamorphism! Self-metamorphosis!
I explicate one’s story, expurgate one’s stinginess, extemporize one’s stage. Be the most extant explicit exquisite expressive explicable extemporaneous self. Self-externship! Self-explication! Self-exposition! Self-explanation! Self-extemporization!
Money is necessary to go out, to take part in the society, to make a group of people sharing political and financial ties acquaintances, to open a territory, therefore it should prove right, hit, come true, win here.
I suffice the one, expire one’s suffering, expedite one’s working. Be the most sufferable expedient expiratory expeditious experimental self. Self-expiration! Self-expedition! Self-experiment! Self-experimentation! Self-sufferance!
I bend one’s mind to my working, go around the bending, buck one’s ideas up, allege myself. Be the most gutty gutsy allegoric all-embracing self. Self-allegation!
I endue with self, apply one’s energies to my lifetime work, engage oneself to do, energize the one, engender my event. Be the most highly richly endowed engaging self. Self-endowment!
I overlord all oneself, overhead my being, indurate splendid one, give self an overhaul, overjoy own, overlay with my historical total own all selves, overleap oneself, overload me, overhang with the one, overheat my beings, overindulge my superman. Be the most overlaped overleaped self.
02 March 2017 07:30 AM
I eulogize self, euchre any terrorists. Be the most eugenic self. Self-eulogy! Self-eulogium! Self-eugenics! Self-euphenics!
I accredit to my central nucleus oneself, constipate any terrorists. Self-analogy! Self-accretion! Self-constancy! Self-accreditation!
I bang away, banish baneful bane, go over [off] with a bang. Be the most bang-up self. Self-banishment!
I circle over, I mind oneself, I steady own mindful circle, stand a person in good stead. Be the most mincing steadfast steady-state steady-going self. Self-mindfulness! Self-steadfastness!

Be a donor of marrow transplant, become a donor of bone marrow transplantation.
I secure the earth, take possession of the universe. Self-intellectualism.
I muster up oneself, mutilate any terrorists, I muzzle every terrorism. Be the most grand mutinous self. Self-mutiny! Self-muster! Self-grandness!
I cerebrate oneself, get stars in one's eyes, bring any terrorism to a standstill. Be the most staple stanzaic stand-up standout self. Self-stanza! Self-cerebration!

I come out of one's shell, go the whole hog, do to the bitter end. Fight to the finish! Fight it out. Self-reconciliation;
I idealize oneself. Be an idealist. Self-combination!; Self-union!; The one's global alliance! The one's global league! Self-idealization!
I saturate all over the whole world. Self-saturation.
Though I overflow by infinite huge power and is filled, the heart falls silent calmly. Become exalted intensely accidentally.
I increase markedly suddenly remarkably, burst forth, break out, in oneself.
I revolve one's past, repeat one's life, rework my history, reword one's traumas, rhapsodize self. Be the most rhapsodic self. Self-rhapsody! Self-repetition! Self-refrain.
I extract my dirty essence from one's chest. I thaw oneself. I cut the Gordian knot. Do craniotomy. Self-thawing! Self-extraction!
I give full play to one's abilities, prove one's real worth, at the risk of one's life, freely, as one likes, as one's pleases. Is a free-lance profession. Self-liberalization! Self-freedom! Self-liberty! Self-loyalty! Self-allegiance! Self-fidelity!
I react my historical all matters, replay my historical all things, that I should to did, repeat my life, I re-do in the world.
I endow self, endorse oneself, engage my historical all everything, bite each other all matter, mesh together my possibility. Be the most endogenous self. Self-endowment! Self-engagement!
I set one's mind at ease, have peace of mind, feel a great peace of mind. Be contented peacefully quietly in peace. Be the most wild rough peaceful quiet easy self. Become wild.
I solidify, soliloquize, contemplate, as my own oneself. Be the most solid soluble solitary educated taught self. Self-monolog! Self-monodrama! Self-solipsism! Self-soliloquy! Self-solstice! Self-solidification! Self-solidarity! Self-teaching! Self-education! Self-contemplation!
Be my historic central core, my historical central nuclear oneself.
Self-outbreak! Self-generation! Self-outburst! Self-breakthrough!
I am the whole. Be my center. Be found my centre nucleus. Become my central nuclear core. At first, to 16 years old.
I define the one. Be the most definite definitive definable self. Self-definition!
I lure to do, change suddenly, burst forth, break out, in the one.
I pluck up the courage to do. Be the most plucky self.
I make good free use of the one, use self, handle oneself, utilize the one's.
I distend self, drive out distasteful self. Be the most far faraway distant remote distended self. Self-distension!
I convert all of emotional explosive power to the body and energy for realization of the one's desires.
I bulge out, swell oneself. Be the most bulgy swollen bulging self.
I deck out in the one, clear the decks, decode self, decorate for oneself. Be the most decent decided decisive decorated self. Self-decoration!
As one expected, is a man that there are wider standpoint and strength weight intensity. Be the most chancy dubious self. You'll gonna get it!
I take my life, the history, into the one. For restart my historical all, everything, again.

I come from behind and win by my power very much.
Be the most virile virtual virtuous virulent visionary self.
I rear one's realm, reap the fruits of one's working, reappear in the one. Self-reappearance!
I cause a sudden phenomenon. The situation changes completely at a stretch now. A big change happens in own.
I put on makeup, incarnate self, reincarnate oneself, in the one. Be the most incarnate reincarnate self. Self-incarnation! Self-reincarnation!
I sensitize self, sensualize oneself. Be the most sensory sensible sensitive sensual sentient sensuous sentential sentimental self.
I resort to regional area, resonate over the world, respect oneself, resound through the whole field. Be the most resonant respectful resounding respectable resourceful self. Self-resonance!
I fight over the world, field my territory, fictionalize my life, sympathize with my history. Be at work, be working. Be resonant with myself. Be the most fiendish fiery fickle fictional fiduciary figurative self. Self-resonance! Self-sympathy! Self-fictionalization!
I appear, have apogee, hold apolune, in the one. Be the most apical apocalyptic aphrodisiac self. Self-aphrodisia! Self-apparition! Self-apotheosis! Self-apocalypse!
I take in doing on one's own initiative, initiate into self. Self-initiation!
I jut out, plead self, justify oneself. Be the most justifiable self. Self-variation! Self-conversion! Self-transformation! Self-justification!
I cure my teeth, treat one's cavities, make eyes better, increase eyesight, raise precision.
I convert all anger, total hatred, into physical power, use up "a fluctuation" to hope fulfillment. Be the most vehement self.
I lay emphasis on the realization of a realistic concrete aim most.
I leave my heart with you.
I prove one's mettle. Be the most mettlesome self.
I produced the unusual unconventional hardy character that was full of mettle.
I put self in my center, place oneself at my central nucleus, make my central nuclear self, keep my core into the one.
I hope self, expect oneself, anticipate one's future, in my speciality. Self-expectation! Self-anticipation! Self-hopes!
I bedeck with self, bedizen with oneself. Be the most becoming self.
Was becoming a peace and calm, strange bold tall strong excellent splendid man.
I bulletin my central self. Be the most manly masculine elastic ballistic self.
I produced the unusual unconventional hardy character that was full of mettle.
I have the stubborn tough body, the steel muscular armor, the splendid build, stout physique, into the one's beings existence.
I monopolize. Be the most monolithic monumental monopolistic self. Self-monolog! Self-monomania! Self-monopsony! Self-monopolization!
I focus in the one, focalize in my central nuclear self, deodorize oneself. Be the most focal deodorant obstinate obstreperous self. Self-focus! Self-focalization! Self-deodorization!
Be my central nucleus. Be the most one and only absolute overwhelming superhuman existence.
Outrun all and transcend and is predominantly strong besides. Presence was overwhelming.
I rage, go on a rampage, rush headlong, animate self, urge a person to do some serious soul-searching, feel the urge to do. Be the most animal fierce predatory lippy animated self. Self-liposuction! Self-animation!
16 years old is the core of my heart, I can be younger if I put 16 years old in the center, even if sail it up and exist at equivalence time, make up for all mistakes in the life.
I fan out from the one, lull self into a false sense of security, lug around oneself, shoot to fame, familiarize. Good luck! Best of luck! / I wish you luck. Thank one's lucky star! Be the most famed fancy lucky famous fanatic fanciful lucrative lugubrious hastily-built self. Self-lucubration! Self-familiarization!
自身から扇形に広がり展開し安心感 へ宥め自身引きずり回し運搬し名声を得る、親しませ広がって精通させる。幸運を祈る!成功を祈る!貴方に祈る。その人の幸運の星に感謝す!最著名有名狂信 空想奇抜幸運有名有利有益悲しげ急造自身であれ。自己研鑚!自己一般化!自己労作!自己精通!自己親好!自己親交!
Be the most dimorphic dimorphous one self.
Came to move the world. Be enriched as existence most. Again, to make bone marrow transplantation, to rescue father, to embrace that girl. Make a fresh start again in the one's life.
Genius! Gift! Talent! Wizard! Prodigy! The most strongest! Be the most gifted talented prodigious self.
Became a super unique individual one-of-a-kind hero. Matured into a youngster of the gallant spirit that I swallowed and overwhelm.
Be the most galactic metagalactic self. Self-galaxy! Self-metagalaxy!
I start all matters that "should have done it this way then" from the past again.
I incident on 16 years old, incinerate one's all traumas. Be the most inchoate incipient incessant self. Self-incidence! Self-incineration!
I eject an indecent feeling, get rid of one's obstacle, oust one's obstruction, hurry up oneself. After all a predominantly strong big shot is a man. There is a view of the world.
I realign my corps, reallocate the one's unit. Appear on the stage! Play an active role with the whole world as one's stage. Be the most real-life realizable realismistic self. Self-realignment! Self-reallocation!
Become a gigantic frame, reinforcing muscle, to the superhuman level, to the maximum, over a limit.
I drive away own more and drive it and train it well. I obtain an ease and room and can do my best. I probe self, prove oneself to be, proceed. Be the most provable self. Self-procession!
Be proud of! I boast of self, brag about oneself, repay my life, pay back one's lives, return my central core, defend one's dogma, plead one's creed, justify one's philosophy. Be the most phantasmagoric ever-changing self, proudly boastfully. Self-repayment! Self-deviation! Self-declination! Self-rollover! Self-rescheduling!
誇 れ!誇りに思う。自己自慢す、自身自慢す、生活にお返しす、人生返済す、人の生活を払い戻す、私の中核を返す、教義を守る、信条弁護す、人の哲学正当化 す。高慢鼻高々に誇らしげ最も走馬灯幻燈変幻自在の絶えず常に刻々変化自身であれ。自己弁済!自己偏差!自己逸脱!自己傾斜!自己転覆!自己再計画立案! 自己返済!自己偏差!自己赤緯!
I turn over, overturn one's life, upset my history, turn self upside down, turn oneself inside out, reverse my historical life, altogether, to restart one's everything my life. Be the most egoistic egotistic altruistic egocentric self.
完全に 丸ごと纏めて全く全体で概して合計して、引っくり返す返る、生活を引っ繰り返す、過去人生逆転す、歴史転覆す、自己上下逆さまにす、自身裏返す、裏返しに 自己を回す、人のを再開再起動する為に私の歴史上の生活をすべて逆にする。最も利己的自分本位利他主義自己中心自身であれ。
I ply self, plunge onward, pluralize and simplify the one, placate oneself, dive into my center, rush headlong, dash to one's purpose, lunge to one's aim, thrust one's frame, plunge into to my destination, stick into my being, run into my beings, crash into my existence, engender one's event. Be the most plushy single simple only one independent plural pragmatic placatory plutonic pneumatic plutocratic homogeneous pluralistic simultaneous unitary self. Self-placation! Self-placement!
私は自己を使い自身勉強し、前進的で突っ込み自己多元複数一元単一化す、自身懐柔す、 宥め慰む、私の中心に飛び込む、向こう見ずに急ぐ、人の目的に衝突す、人の目標に突きを入れる、人の構造を押し上げる、私の目的地へ突っ込む、人間に突き 刺さる、存在突入す、存在に突進す、人の出来事発生させ引き起こす。最豪華単一唯一独立複数実用的和解的火成深成含空気金権政治均質多元論的同時単一統一 元自身であれ。自己慰留!自己配置!!
09 March 2017 09:24 AM

I deaden any terrorists, deafen every terrorism, deactivate all hating thoughts, I deaccession own egregious chests. Be the most adequate self. Self-deacon! Self-dealing! Self-adequacy!
Be the most plastic diligent dilettante. Self-diligence! Self-subsidence! Self-dilettantism!
最も造形[彫塑]〔外科〕成形[形成]柔軟順応性勤勉芸術趣味道楽自身であれ。自身勤勉!自己沈澱!自身鎮座! 自己芸術愛好!自身道楽芸術趣味!

I solve, I remove and sweep one’s all fears and every anxieties away.
I detect, find out one’s own lost iPod.
I solve and remove his all problems such as a scandal of Moritomo Gakuen, I strengthen Japanese Abe administration.
I let all terrorists and every terrorism vanish into thin air.
I welcome a man. Be the most polysemous polyphonic self. Self-polyphony!
Be the most amiable amicable polygamous self. Self-polygamy! Self-amicability!
I interpret oneself. Be the most simultaneous self. Self-simulacrum! Self-simultaneity! Self-interpretation! Self-simultaneousness!

I put the enemy to rout, display one’s beings existence, disabuse one’s all troubles, dispose of one’s total problem, disport oneself, disperse, displace thou in my centre. Be the most dispersive disposable self. Self-disposal! Self-dispersal! Self-disposition! Self-displacement!
I admire self, admonish oneself, administer myself. Be the most admirable admissible admonitory administrative self. Self-admission! Self-admiration! Self-admonishment! Self-administration!
If the flow that I open expanding and multiplies, self is destined to be trained and reinforced, retake the women and children and bone marrow transplantation, should have been able to do it until father rescue, start it again.
I fill up overall the world and move it at will, exist in that.
I program one’s plan, prognosticate one’s future, profess oneself, conclude the most profuse profound professed professional self. I jump to conclusions, dogmatize excellent splendid superfine superb supernal superlative self. Self-profusion! Self-programming! Self-progress! Self-prognostication!
I let every own fill up the whole area and rise suddenly and activate.
I harden one’s whole body with thick muscle and get armored.
I bear the one’s past, contain one’s record, include one’s personal history, hold one’s career, into self. Be borne in upon oneself wholeheartedly.
I have the advantage over, gain the upper hand, into the one. Get the knack! Self-gumption! There was the character that seemed to swallow all, drink, gulp, bite, chow everything exhaustively. Be the most hopeful boyish younger youthful youngster.
I import, export, reimport, reexport, to my center, to self, from my centre, from oneself. I exercise control over myself. Be the reverse triangular body. Be the most contrite contributive contributory controversial self. Self-control! Self-contrition! Self-contribution!
I arm self, militarize one’s existence, militate in favor of you, equip thou with tough strong muscles, outfit thee with stout massive muscular armor, make a general comment on yourself. Be the most fully equipped outfitted manic maniacal militaristic self. Self-arms! Self-equipment! Self-armaments! Self-militarization!
You became extremely surely strong. Enlarged both the opinion and the field of activities. Be tall, and muscles and bones became stout titanic huge giant. However, still inadequacy, bone marrow transplantation and a woman are more necessary.
I tie up my center with oneself, shake off the one’s yoke, lift my restraint, throw off my restriction. Be the most yonder self.
I try, serve, challenge, shoot up, for the one’s. I vomit one’s nausea, spit out one’s aversion, send up service, throw away the one’s hateful abominable disgusting servile detestable aversive mind.
I build the one’s barrier. I exude from the one. I take off one’s shackles, fetters, handcuffs, a yoke, the one’s brake, from one’s inside. I eject an obstacle, a hindrance, from within. I remove the one’s difficulty. I evict a handicap, one’s disorder, from the one’s interior. Be the most dispersive self. Self-exudation! Self-dispersal!
I reopen my life history from one’s birth, resume one’s wanted all things, package one’s beings, repackage my existence, repatriate thyself to my metacenter. Be the most reparable resourceful quick-witted self. Showed the outstanding resource in the fight in the martial art. Self-resumption! Self-reparation! Self-repatriation!
Convert all that I harden one’s whole body with thick muscle and get armored.
I bear the one’s past, contain one’s record, include one’s personal history, hold one’s career, into self. Be borne in upon oneself wholeheartedly.

I have the advantage over, gain the upper hand, into the one. Get the knack! Self-gumption! There was the character that seemed to swallow all, drink, gulp, bite, chow everything exhaustively. Be the most hopeful boyish younger youthful youngster.
I import, export, reimport, reexport, to my center, to self, from my centre, from oneself. I exercise control over myself. Be the reverse triangular body. Be the most contrite contributive contributory controversial self. Self-control! Self-contrition! Self-contribution!
I arm self, militarize one’s existence, militate in favor of you, equip thou with tough strong muscles, outfit thee with stout massive muscular armor, make a general comment on yourself. Be the most fully equipped outfitted manic maniacal militaristic self. Self-arms! Self-equipment! Self-armaments! Self-militarization!
You became extremely surely strong. Enlarged both the opinion and the field of activities. Be tall, and muscles and bones became stout titanic huge giant. However, still inadequacy, bone marrow transplantation and a woman are more necessary.
I tie up my center with oneself, shake off the one’s yoke, lift my restraint, throw off my restriction. Be the most yonder self.
I try, serve, challenge, shoot up, for the one’s. I vomit one’s nausea, spit out one’s aversion, send up service, throw away the one’s hateful abominable disgusting servile detestable aversive mind.
I build the one’s barrier. I exude from the one. I take off one’s shackles, fetters, handcuffs, a yoke, the one’s brake, from one’s inside. I eject an obstacle, a hindrance, from within. I remove the one’s difficulty. I evict a handicap, one’s disorder, from the one’s interior. Be the most dispersive self. Self-exudation! Self-dispersal!
I reopen my life history from one’s birth, resume one’s wanted all things, package one’s beings, repackage my existence, repatriate thyself to my metacenter. Be the most reparable resourceful quick-witted self. Showed the outstanding resource in the fight in the martial art. Self-resumption! Self-reparation! Self-repatriation!
I convert my inherent all in the one, into my own oneself.
Explode self, rupture oneself doing, burst into the one. Self-blowout! Self-blowup!
Storm into a huge organization with empty hands alone, and say that own is more right in the specialized field of the partner, make an abnormal demand.
I stand for the whole area, represent the world. Be the most typical fluid liquid self. Self-representation!
I dote on self, leave oneself in the hands of Providence, contain my past’s all points, include total periods, in the one. Be the most dotty self. Be in seventh heaven.
I make a feat, pull stunts, rush to one’s goal. Be the most stuck sturdy studied studious stupendous stunning stubborn onrushing ontological self. Self-onrush! Self-ontogeny!
I strengthen own by power and move the world and change the history, vitalize, revitalize, regenerate, and wake up a revolution.
I dispatch troops, aerify self, postulate my central nuclear self. Be the most aerial potent postural disparate self. Self-aeon! Self-aegis! Self-posture! Self-aerification!
22 March 2017 07:33 AM
I cure Masami Mori, treat Mori Masami, rescue him from cerebral hemorrhage.

I materialize for the sake of this guy, I put my significance into one man. Be the most matey decent salacious theologic theoretical theosophical self. Self-decency! Self-salacity! Self-mateship!

I drain dry, I drain away, I drain off oneself, I drain from own innermost, I drain total property of all one’s terrorists.
I limn own ideal form, push self to the limits, I break off own limitation, throw away one’s onerous onerousness. Be the most limpid oncoming limitless self. Self-roundup! Self-oneness! Self-limerick! Self-limpidity!

I canal oneself, canalize my way. Self-campout! Self-canalization!
I save and rescue all Muslims, I divide and separate every terrorism from total Islamism.
I shrug off oneself, I shed own dudgeon, I break one’s duck, I etiolate any terrorists. Be the most ductile carnivorous self. Self-ductility!
I corroborate own strength, correct all one’s past corrigendum, corrode Da’ish away. Be the most corroborative corresponding self. Self-correlation! Self-correctitude! Self-corroboration!
I grow out of own body, I slough off oneself, I shake oneself free, I rid oneself one’s difficulty.
I attune the earth. Self-intimacy! Self-attribution!
I spew out a mass of own chest, I spill over from self into my central core oneself. Self-spillover!
I show one’s ability to the fullest, I deplete personal resentful indignant emotion, resentment, indignation, I sublimate private deplorable regrettable pasts.
I stitch up my story, rank oneself as my metacenter. Be the most ranking self.
Be the most gnostic gnomish self. Self-glyptics!
I cleave through, I clench oneself, I scoop out own inner fistful, tighten one’s grip over all terrorists. Be the most graphic fistic grasping self. Self-cleavage! Self-graphics!
I edify a man, I practice self, I munition one guy, I interdict any terrorism. Be the most practiced oligarchic munificent oligarch. Self-edict! Self-oligarchy! Self-oligopoly! Self-munificence!
I attire in a man, attitudinize oneself, strike an attitude, scepter one male, attenuate total every terrorists. Be the most attic attitudinal self. Self-diorama! Self-quickening!
I aggregate my central self, agglutinate my pacifism in the earth, agglomerate own physical muscle on own full length, aggrandize all one’s power.
Be the most aggressive agglutinative self. Self-aggression! Self-aggregation! Self-agglutination! Self-agglomeration! Self-aggrandizement!

I let all terrorists fail, I bankrupt Islamic State(Daesh), I bankroll oneself. Be the most banner self. Self-banking!
I fill up own scarcity. Be the most orthoptic orthopedic orthodontic self. Self-rarity! Self-scarcity! Self-orthopedics! Self-orthodontia! Self-orthodontics!
I inoculate own pacifism all over the earth, I compliment on a man with own favorite girl. Be the most complimentary self. Self-compliment! Self-inoculation! Self-compliance! Self-epistemology.
I physic own physical damage, I exclude one’s calamitous thought, I prevent and keep of private calamity. Be the most physiologic self. Self-physiology! Self-physiography! Self-physiotherapy!

We shall overcome! I overdo the one, overdose on self, overdress oneself, collectivize scattered mine, overcharge with myself. Be the most collected collective self. Self-collection! Self-collectivization!
I only raise the whole existence with power. Be the most overheated self. Be subject to autosuggestion. Self-overindulgence! Self-overharvesting!
I shift into overdrive, overfill one's active area, overexcite self, overexpose my beings, overemphasize the one, overestimate one's fortune, overdraw one's secreted all abilities, overdrink oneself. Be the most overall overdrawn overdriven overenthusiastic self. Self-overexposure! Self-overexertion! Self-overenthusiasm! Self-overestimation! Self-overexploitation!
私は過熱状態に動く、その人の活発活動地域を入れ込み過ぎ一杯にし自身過度興奮させる、存在過度露出す、自己過度強調す、 その人の富を過大評価す、その人の隠されたすべて能力を過度に引き出す、自身飲み過ぎる。最も全体的な超過引き出しされた酷使された熱心すぎる自身であれ。自己過度露出!自己張り切り過ぎ!自己過度熱意!自己過大評価!自己過剰開発!
I aid self, agitate oneself, get ahead in the world, aglow. Be the most airy alate agile agravic aggressive self. Self-agitation! Self-aggression!
I lead self, guide oneself, instigate the one. Be the most inflammatory demagogic self. Self-instigation!
I heighten, raise, increase one's presence in the world, cultivate a wilderness, plow one's field, farm oneself, till myself.
I repay for self. Be the most renowned renewable reparable repayable renascent representative self. Self-repayment! The one's repartee! Self-rendition! Self-reparation! Self-docking! Self-rendezvous! Self-repercussion! Self-representation!
I rejoin my flame frame with my centre, rejoice self, delineate my centric self, rejuvenate boyish youthful self, delight oneself. Be the most delightful delirious deliquescent self. Self-rejoicing! Self-delineation! Self-rejuvenation!
I resound through all over the whole area, respire in self, respect oneself. Be the most resounding responsive responsible resplendent respectful resourceful respectable self. Self-respiration!

I buffet with one's fate, battle the bulge, bulk out self. Be the most bull built buffoonish self. The one's build-up!
I make a firm resolve to do, self, mitigate one's suffering. Be the most resolved resolute resolvable resoluble resilient adaptable self. Self-resolution! Self-adaptation! Self-mitigation!
I rejoin my flame frame with my centre, rejoice self, delineate my centric self, rejuvenate boyish youthful self, delight oneself. Be the most delightful delirious deliquescent self. Self-rejoicing! Self-delineation! Self-rejuvenation!
I assist one's work, assimilate oneself with my center, assure the one, assuage the most intense hard self. Be the most assured assiduous associative industrious diligent self. Self-assuagement! Self-assurance! Self-association!

I show my flame frame, express my beings existence, signify in self, represent in oneself. I reprise one's historical life, reproduce my life history. Be the most adaptable flexible significant reproducible significative self.
I apply the one's individual unit. Adapt to the change in one's environment, in my surroundings. Self-reproduction! Self-application! Self-adaptation! The one's representation! The one's signification!
I better my own oneself, hold a celebration, mature one's life, ameliorate the one's history. The time is ripe for one's completion! Be the most ameliorative best self. Become proficient! The one's festival. Self-maturity! Self-betterment! Self-amelioration!
I lighten one's gift, retrace one's life, retouch the history. Be the most retrospective self. Self-retooling! Self-retrospection! The one's retrieval! The one's retribution!
I clarify the one's truth, clear up the innermost depth, elucidate my most internal abyss. Self-clarification! Self-erudition! Self-elucidation! Go to the one's Elysium.
I globalize self, internationalize oneself. Be the most cosmic global international cosmopolitan glomerate self. The one's globalization! Self-internationalization! Self-cosmopolitanism. Self-cosmology! Self-cosmogony!
I nurse the one, tend the one's being, care for the one's flame frame, look after the one's existence. Be steeped in a sense of liberation, feeling of freedom. Be the erudite mostest.
I federate myself, detoxify the one's toxic poisonous chest. Self-feast! Be the most feisty fecund febrile factual favorite feasible federative felicitous self.
I federalize the united myself. Be the most federal dominant predominant self. Self-karma! Self-federation! Self-liberation! Self-emancipation! Self-release!
I ripen self, righten oneself. Ringing! Be the most ripe rising riotous ripping rightful righteous mostest.
I radiate self. Be the most bright radiant beaming cheerful brilliant glorious splendid spectacular mostest. Is bright spark. Hallelujah! Self-radiation!
I inform with self. Be the most completed informed informative utter mostest.

I pull out the stake from my body, one's chest. Drive the wedge into the my center from my physical frame. Pour concrete into a form. Feed data into a internet. Put one's heart and soul into one's work. Devote all one's efforts to one's task.
I let you make my historical life adequately from great development.

I make suitable appropriate proper own proper reasonable fair adequate self as my central nucleus core. Is self-adequacy, self-fitness, self-aptitude, self-suitability. Self-adequantacy!
I agree with whole area, with God, with my Lord, with the Holy Spirit, I let coincide self with my central nuclear core, at a point of agreement, in unison.
Self-agreement! Self-coincidence! Self-harmony. Be harmonious oneself.
My historic being, my historical existence, turn up and come out.
My historical life is being at the same time simultaneously. Therefore improve and revolutionize its all everything.
Is a beings of the history of the life of restoration, a revivalist, a existence of completion. Is the Restoration of Imperial Rule. Is the absolute monarchic royal government. Become a very successful businessman.
04 April 2017 06:13 AM
I delve into my abyss. Be the most keen self. Self-keeping! Self-keenness!
I anticipate, put personal puberty in own, get a lot of publicity, publicize my creed. Be the most antic pubescent anticipatory self. Self-publicity! Self-pubescence! Self-anticipation!

I fly LightSail-2 with the Falcon Heavy, I let it launch smoothly.
私はLightSail-2をFalcon Heavyと一緒に飛ばし、スムーズに発射させる。
I cure Masami Mori, treat Mori Masami, rescue him from cerebral hemorrhage.
I hazard, wade into oneself, make hay while the sun shines, I roll [romp] in the hay, at all hazards. Be the most whacko whacking hazardous self. Self-hazardousness!
I interchange oneself, I intercept every terroristic action, intercommunicate my central nuclear self. Be the most nimble self. Self-nimbleness! Self-intercession!

We are the one, I am one. Be a openhearted bold daring man. Get courage. Gain pluck. Become a berserker.
We congeal in self, congest in oneself. Self-congeries! Self-congestion! Self-conglomerate! Self-congelation!
We hope you will favor us with your continued patronage. I set up, support the one, push forward, force out, have one's dignified appearance, haul off, set off, show off, make a person's beauty stand out, favor and patronize self, protrude oneself.
I wrap up the life history in own, renew it, act again from those days.
Become the central core, give off re-appearance of the whole historic life; do it again.
I title the one, relive own, tittup about the world, release myself, titivate self, titillate oneself, tyrannize my territory. Be the most mellow rich titled titular tyrannical titillating tyrant. Self-tyranny! Self-titillation!
I outgo, outdo oneself, outflank the world, outfit with self, outfight, outlast, outcrop myself. Be the most outlandish outbalance self. Self-outburst! Self-outbreak!
I outstep, outwork, outspread. Be the most outside outright overstretched self, outstandingly. Self-ovation!
I outmarch, outpour ourselves. Be the most outre outmost outrageous out-of-sight out-and-out self. Self-output! Self-outrage! Self-outpouring!
I thrust self into my central nucleus, elbow and plow one's way through the crowd. Be the most outward outside outrange outrank overall self. Self-overthrust! Self-overstroke!
I outride, outshine, outguess, outgun, outrank, outgrow self, outline oneself, outreach. Be the most outre outsized outright out-of-body self. Self-outgrowth!
I connote my significance, one's import, an implication, every nuance, all meaning, implicate in the one. Be the most mutinous mutual common meaningful impassioned connotative significant significative self. Self-impaction! Self-impactation! Self-signification!
I carry through, persist in real society, insist on my view, have one's own way, stick to one's opinions, rise out of a trapdoor on the stage, play an active role with the whole world as one's stage, addict self. Be the most adnoun adolescent self. Self-addiction! Self-admonition! Self-admonishment!
Becoming gigantic! Connotation! Internal outbreak! Prominence! An implosive! Explosive growth! Innovation! A revolution!
I am pumping up my total muscular muscular muscles!
I champion self, shift one's angered hated mind to my power. Be the most stern shifty convinced shambolic youngster.

I prove one's provenance, protract self, protrude beyond oneself. Be the most proud proven protrusive providential protuberant protractile self. Self-protrusion! Self-protraction!
I lead a charmed life. Be the most chaotic charming charitable charismatic self. Self-chapter! Self-characterization!
I heave self, uprate one's fortune, uprear oneself, uphold one's superhuman physique, upheave the one, uplift my flame frame, upshift. Be the most heavy upright heavenward heaven-sent heavenly uproarious uppermost self. Self-uprise! Self-uprising! Self-uprush!
I apply one's course, applaud oneself. Be freed from restrictions. Be the most naive innocent applied boastful courageous self. Self-covenant! Self-approbation!
Be the most runaway leader self.
The one's global holding! Be the most holy self. Self-holdings!
I canalize one's fortune, channel over self, blast off oneself, reminisce 16 years old, lump together myself, ruminate one's life history. Be the most heated candid ruminant luminous reminiscent luminiferous changeful changeable can-do self. Self-rumination! Self-reminiscence! Self-luminescence! Self-candescence! Self-changeover! Self-changeup! Self-canalization!
I vacuum out my room, cater for self, categorize oneself, catholicize myself. Be the most vagary vagabond catholic self. Self-cathedral!
I give a definite promise, give one's word, stretch one's wings, strive to do. Stretchy! Be a magnate, fragrant strenuous scholarly scientific stripling.

My Life My Love.
I am whole total all entire full area. My own oneself become my central nuclear core, be my center nucleus.
I start the past that "should have done it this way" of my life again.
I open to the public, expose own, exposure self, exhibit myself, release my own oneself. Be the most improved increased expanded stretched prolonged self. Self-exposition!

I suppose self, assume oneself, as my central nuclear core, at first. Find a way out! Find a means of survival. Self-supposition! Self-assumption! Self-hypothesis.
I am raging over, show off one's ability, accept divine light, acclaim self, accentuate oneself, acclimate the one, accelerate my lifework. Be the most acceptable accelerative self. Self-accession! Self-acceleration! Self-accentuation! Self-acclamation! Self-acclimation!
I make self stronger, fortify oneself, turn up my life. Be the most forward fortuitous self. Self-fortress! Self-fortification! Self-stronghold.
I verify one's philosophy, ideate one's dream. Be the most veriest veridical verdurous veritable vermicular identical identifiable self. Self-ideation! Self-verification! Self-identification!
I catalyze self, crystallize one's imagination. Be the most crystal crystalline cataclysmal catalytic self. Self-catalysis! Self-cataclysm! Self-catabolism! Self-crystalization!
I categorize the one, catalog my historical total own all selves. Catapult to my Center. Be the most substantial categorical all-omnidirectional catastrophic self. Self-catharsis! Self-katharsis! Self-cataract! Self-catastrophe!!
I launch forth, landscape self, avalanche oneself. Be the most carnal latent latest chronic avalanchine lascivious available self. Self-autosuggestion! Self-autoregulation! Self-chromatography!
I make one's name for oneself, make a virtue of necessity,, necessitate the one, mystify self, mythologize oneself. Be the most neat mystic nameable necessary nebulous mythological self. Self-mystification! Self-mythology! Self-necessitarianism.
I conduct self, transmit oneself, subtilize the one, with great subtlety. Be the most subtle perceptive conductive transmissive preternatural extrasensory superdreadnought! Self-substitution! Self-subtilization! Self-perception! Self-percussion! Self-conduction! Self-transmission!
I carol self, converge upon oneself. Be the most convergent formative specific specious convertible self. Self-carnival! Self-conversion! Self-convergence! Self-curriculum! Self-conversation! Self-protocol! Self-format! Self-specifications!
I switch on the one, swoon over self, sweep over the world, sweeping over my territorial field, swarm around oneself. Be the most sweet swingeing swinging self.
I give and raise one's eyesight.
I secure, make acquisition by all means.
I fill up the general whole all domain only by own, establish the base, have a solid foundation, a base, foundation, the basis, power, size, that is necessary.
I climb up in myself. Be the most clinical climatic climactic self. Self-cline! Self-climax!
I ratify self, rationalize oneself, deepen myself. Be the most def deep deeded rational rationalismistic self. Self-ratification! Self-rationalization!
02 May 2017 07:52 AM
I coagulate one's image. Be the most fey self.
I feature self, put a peculiarity into a man, give full play to one's imagination. Be the most proficient characteristic peculiar typical distinct distinctive self. Self-proficiency!

I slow down every terrorists. Be the most ingenious ingenuous self. Self-ingenuity! Self-ingenuousness

I spew out own iniquitous thoughts.
I insinuate my pacifism into the earth. Be the most insidious insightful self. Self-insight! Self-insidiousness!
I retain self, I retard every terroristic deeds, retaliate by a man. Be the most wholesome retaliative retaliatory whole-souled self. Self-retaliation! Self-wholesomeness!

I obsess oneself, I own one's conscience oneself. Be the most obsessive consecutive conscientious self. Self-obsession! Self-obsessiveness!
I consort self with my world. Be the most consonant isometric isomorphic isochronous conspicuous self. Self-isometrics! Self-conspectus! Self-conspiracy! Self-consonance! Self-conspicuousness!
I fade any terrorism, I let every terrorists fade away.
I maneuver my army, I maneuver for position, I put my mandrel in my central self. Be the most manful self. Self-manfulness!
I reboot self. Be the most avid reflexive brilliant quick-witted self. Self-avidity! Self-comeback! Self-brilliance! Self-brilliancy!
I prioritize oneself. Be the most prior pristine prismatic self. Self-priority!
I consign own chest to my centre. Be the most absurd ridiculous self. Self-absurdity! Self-consignment! Self-ridiculousness!
I have my valor oneself, valorize natural resources, validate one's private creed. Be the most valid valiant gallant valorous self. Self-gallantry! Self-validity! Self-validness!

I attend in many stockholder meeting by self and announce private opinion with one's all mighty might, I let oneself make it.
Be the most rapid consequent consequential self. Self-rapine! Self-rapidity! Self-consequence!

I contraindicate oneself. Be the most heuristic self. Self-excerpt! Self-contract! Self-contraindication!
I hold fast, I predict personal future, I expect own complete form, I forecast one's perfect shape. Be the most fast and furious magnanimous man. Self-fastness! Self-expectation!

I solve and remove all one's painful unbearable problems. Be the most unbeatable self.
I jump up, I spring up, I behave oneself, I calm any terrorism, I geld all terrorists, I quell North Korea, I coruscate oneself. Be the most holy self. Self-corvee! Self-signature! Self-allegiance! Self-holiness! Self-coruscation!
踊り出し飛び上がり行儀よく振る舞い如何なるテロリズムをも静め全人テロリストを去勢し北朝鮮を鎮める、きらきら輝く; (知性・才気が)きらめく。最も神聖なる自身であれ。(封建時代の無償の)賦役!義務的労役!自己署名!自己標識!自己忠誠!自身忠義!自身神聖!自己煌々!

I invert own impulse, convert selfish impulsion, into personal power.

Self-analogy! Self-anaphora! Self-analects! Self-anamnesis!
I procreate, I breed self, propagate oneself, conjure up own private ideal situation, I let every terrorists conk out. Be the most procreative self. Self-breeding! Self-procreation! Self-conjuration! Self-conformity! Self-divarication!
I make beautiful man, I precede oneself, I expel his hindrance, I eject hideous hideousness, I freeze up every terrorists, I place my demesne in self, I ease own precarious mind. Be the most preceding identical self. Self-precept! Self-identity! Self-precession! Self-precedence!

I rescue Kanno Kaishiro (Kaishiro Kanno) from traffic accident, in the past.
Be in good [fine] fettle.
I beseech to do, I besiege my Daesh with my pacifism, I beset my Islamic State by my force with my affectionate love.
I multiply self, have everything one's own way, act high-handedly oneself. Be the most multiform multiple multiplex multiphasic multilateral multilingual multifarious multifunction multitudinous self. Self-multitude! Self-multiplicity! Self-multiplication!
I take the cake oneself, effectuate one's all work, sterilize any terrorism, enfeeble all terrorists, enervate ISIL, Daesh, enfranchise in self. Be the most cagey self. Self-enfranchisement!

I gyp every terroristic property, gyrate oneself. Be the most gyratory gymnastic self. Self-gyration! Self-gymnastics!

I prognosticate the future. Be the most prognostic apocalyptic self. Self-prognosis! Self-apocalypse! Self-prognostication!
I bless oneself, I bleed away own body, anesthetize all terrorists. Be blessed self. Self-blessing! Self-bleeding!
I put diadem on self. Be the most conversant diabolic diacritic diachronic synchronic conversational self. Self-dialogue! Self-diabolism! Self-conversation!

We are the one, I am one. Be a openhearted bold daring man. Get courage. Gain pluck. Become a berserker.
We congeal in self, congest in oneself. Self-congeries! Self-congestion! Self-conglomerate! Self-congelation!
We hope you will favor us with your continued patronage. I set up, support the one, push forward, force out, have one's dignified appearance, haul off, set off, show off, make a person's beauty stand out, favor and patronize self, protrude oneself.
I wrap up the life history in own, renew it, act again from those days.
Become the central core, give off re-appearance of the whole historic life; do it again.
I title the one, relive own, tittup about the world, release myself, titivate self, titillate oneself, tyrannize my territory. Be the most mellow rich titled titular tyrannical titillating tyrant. Self-tyranny! Self-titillation!
I outgo, outdo oneself, outflank the world, outfit with self, outfight, outlast, outcrop myself. Be the most outlandish outbalance self. Self-outburst! Self-outbreak!
I outstep, outwork, outspread. Be the most outside outright overstretched self, outstandingly. Self-ovation!
I outmarch, outpour ourselves. Be the most outre outmost outrageous out-of-sight out-and-out self. Self-output! Self-outrage! Self-outpouring!
I thrust self into my central nucleus, elbow and plow one's way through the crowd. Be the most outward outside outrange outrank overall self. Self-overthrust! Self-overstroke!
I outride, outshine, outguess, outgun, outrank, outgrow self, outline oneself, outreach. Be the most outre outsized outright out-of-body self. Self-outgrowth!
I connote my significance, one's import, an implication, every nuance, all meaning, implicate in the one. Be the most mutinous mutual common meaningful impassioned connotative significant significative self. Self-impaction! Self-impactation! Self-signification!
I carry through, persist in real society, insist on my view, have one's own way, stick to one's opinions, rise out of a trapdoor on the stage, play an active role with the whole world as one's stage, addict self. Be the most adnoun adolescent self. Self-addiction! Self-admonition! Self-admonishment!
Becoming gigantic! Connotation! Internal outbreak! Prominence! An implosive! Explosive growth! Innovation! A revolution!
I am pumping up my total muscular muscular muscles!
I champion self, shift one's angered hated mind to my power. Be the most stern shifty convinced shambolic youngster.
14 July 2017 09:24 AM
I accomplish all one's blood donation.
I get back, I regain Japanese proud flowed technologies.

I cure Kisenosato's injury and his wound.
I allay fears, I assuage personal rage, I exempt self from own traumas, I exonerate one man from one's worried anxious troublesome complicated uneasiness, I use up my surplus, I terminate all opposition parties in Japan, I extirpate Aromia bungii, I eradicate any infectious disease, I exterminate the Islamic State(Da'ish,ISIL), I extinguish all terrorists and total terrorism, all over the world. Be the most exorbitant Brobdingnagian self. Self-broadside! Self-exemption! Self-exoneration! Self-exorbitancy! Self-philanthropism.


I strengthen the Abe administration with the Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) in Japan.
Be the most wondrous self in my wonderland. Self-wonderment! Self-wondrousness!
不思議の国に素晴らしい所に最も((詩・文))驚くべき, 不思議な自身なり。自身驚異!自己驚嘆!自身不思議!
I convey own soul to my heaven, I transmit one's consciousness into my space, I transport private person into an earthly paradise. Self-conveyance!

I harden my organization, I harbor self, I consolidate Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Be the most hardy incumbent hard-nosed harbinger. Self-hardiness! Self-hardihood!

I hem around my earth, I liquidate every terrorists, I sling all contents out of own chest, I righten one's fallacy, I correct private fallacious fallaciousness, I balloon one man, I make a virtue of necessity, I let any terrorism slumber. Be the most ballsy balmy ballistic virtual virtuous virtuoso self.
Self-ballyhoo! Self-hagiology! Self-hagiography!
I disintegrate any terrorism, I let Islamic State(Daesh,Daash,Da'ish,ISIL) disintegrates.

I eradicate fire ants, exterminate any terrorism, I solve one's all source of anxieties, get rid of every terrorists.

I fornicate own best ideal partner by self. Self-fornication!

I work the peaceful use of nuclear energy, I operate nuclear electric power generation, I put nuclear power plant into operation, I bring a nuclear power station on line, in America, in Japan, in earth, all over the world, in self.
I recap by self, I rebut by a guy, I recast own physique, I recalesce oneself, I recant any terrorism, I stomach physical inner nutrition, I recapture my 16 years old into my man, I fossilize every terrorists, I recrudesce all years old, I let all terrorists capitulate, I recapitulate my historical lives. Be the most received recrudescent self. Self-rebuttal! Self-receipt! Self-receivership! Self-recalescence! Self-recrudescence! Self-recapitulation!

At first, I mend, repair own decayed teeth, I fill up and bury personal all cavities.

I vomit personal petty pettish petulant petulance.
I petrify all terrorists, I drown out every terrorism, hold sway over the whole country.

I fill a vacancy, depress all terrorism, I cover own deficit, and make up for one's deficient deficiency, infatuate oneself. Be given the privilege. Be the most defiant deferential self. Self-policing! Self-deference! Self-defiance! Self-infatuation! Self-depredation!

I dispel selfish enemies, exceed in self, I excel oneself, eject own resentful resentment, evict individual indignant indignation, I expel one's annoyed annoyance, I exclude private exasperated exasperation, I throw out personal irritated irritation. Be the most exceeding self. Self-comeback!

I invert personal furiousness into one's physical power, I convert own hatred and anger into private real might, I transform every terrorists into my peacekeeping task force. Be the most mighty self. Self-mightiness!
I do own best, my utmost, one's damnedest. I realize personal desire with all one's strength, to the best of one's ability, devote all one's energy, devote oneself completely, throw oneself completely into selfish fulfillment, I exercise every part of the body, I attempt to build up its military strength. I make biggest for a full-length portrait.

I munition into one man, I round up and murder any terrorists. Be the most munificent self.

I regain an electric bicycle of mother of own. I take back own mother's bicycle to herself.

I exude oneself, I impound all terrorists, I impoverish every terrorism. Be the most phantom illusory self. Self-pursuit! Self-exudation!

I solve and remove such as Kake Gakuen scandal of Abe administration.

I equalize self into my core.
I manumit oneself, I disrupt Islamic State, I make my manuscript mantra..
Be the most epochal equable many-sided self.
Self-epoch! Self-equality! Self-equanimity! Self-equability! Self-equalization!

I pacify the earth, I pacificate North Korea with Asia.

I ratify Paris Agreement. I put America in it. I let America participate.
I impeach Donald J. Trump.
I congregate oneself. Be the most congruent anomalous congressional self.
Self-congress! Self-anomaly! Self-congruity! Self-congregation!

I deify self, get an edge on the earth, have the edge over my universe. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Self-deification!

I preen on oneself. Be the most pre-exist pre-eminent empyreal preemptive self. Self-credence! Self-preexistence!
得意がり身繕いす。最も先住実在卓越抜群最高天浄火先制自身であれ。自己信用!自己信任! 自己先在!
I pass inspection of private credit card.
I commute self into my centre.
I commutate one's electric emotion.
I commemorate a person's birth.
Be the most commutative companionate commemorative self.
I hold with oneself.
Self-commandment! Self-commutation! Self-commemoration!
Be the most primeval primordial self. Self-primacy!
I stamp out any terroristic action, I stale every terrorism, I levy on Islamic State.
Be the most staminac.

I gouge out own chest, syndicate my peacekeeping troops. Be the most
courteous self. Self-courtesy! Self-courtship! Self-syncretism!


I bulk own physical power, I tone up oneself, I smother any terrorism with all one's pacifism, I smother every terrorists to death. Be the most smug self. Self-smugness! Self-civility!
Be the most governable self. Self-governability!
I pack off own filthy thought, I stall all terrorists, I stalemate Islamic State, pacify my world, pacificate my earth. Be the most pacific packed patriarchal pacifier.
卑劣思考を追い出し全員テロリストを止め失速しイスラム国を行き詰まり世界を平和として地球を静めり。最も平和精神一杯満載〔聖〕族長総大司教家父長開祖調停者自身であれ。 Self-patience!
I titivate self, titillate own personal appetite, throw out one's querulous querulousness, I exhaust individual fatty fattish fat to physical energy, I righten private fatuous fatuity, I cast out nauseous nausea. Be the most gymnastic far-flung self to a fare-you-well. Self-fastness! Self-gymnastics! Self-titillation!

I thaw out Middle Easts, go from out of self, I concern oneself, I solve all one's fears, I remove own private anxious worry, I get rid of selfish personal worried anxiety. Self-theatrics!
I landscape my world, get one's spunk up. Be the most spunky self.

I coagulate one's image. Be the most fey self.
I feature self, put a peculiarity into a man, give full play to one's imagination. Be the most proficient characteristic peculiar typical distinct distinctive self. Self-proficiency!

I slow down every terrorists. Be the most ingenious ingenuous self. Self-ingenuity! Self-ingenuousness

I spew out own iniquitous thoughts.
07 September 2017 05:46 AM
I get one's own way, pave the way for self, I clear the way for one man, come a person's way, every which way.
I advise in a man, I bolster up self, I rebound oneself completely, get over one's adversity, I bounce out of the earth. Be the most bouncy bouncing advisable self. Self-advice! Self-advisement! Self-rebound! Self-advisability!

I spit out own putrid parts, sweep out one's putrescent putrefaction, I throw up private putrefactive putridity. Be the most nimble self. Self-putsch! Self-nimbleness!

I postulate that my central self oneself. Be the most memorable impressive self. Self-memoir! Self-memoirs! Self-postscript! Self-memorabilia!
I reemerge, reenter into my Utopia, come into one's own, grow to full stature, I reduplicate private power, I wring out own contents, I reenact my history, reestablish my 16 years old in self, I reequip my massive muscle oneself, I hypertrophy personal fleshy musculature.
Be the most active stative muscular compulsory statistical muscle-building self.
I proceed with one's private work. Self-proceeding! Self-procession!
I add to one's fortune, have a great many private posterity, increase a large number of personal posterities. Self-posting!
Be all muscles and sinews.
I fruit own endeavor, fructify one's historical lives, have frontier spirit. Be the most frugal self. Self-fruitage! Self-fructification!
I coast by self, I coalesce oneself with my orthocenter. Be the most coactive coalescent self. Self-coalition! Self-coalescence!
Self-statue! Self-statism! Self-compulsion! Self-ownership! Self-reentry! Self-reenactment! Self-comradeship! Self-hypertrophy! Self-muscularity! Self-reduplication!

Be the most hard-bodied hard-driving self. Self-hardness!

I place my fountain oneself, put my fountainhead in a body, I prospect my space, I proscribe any terroristic deeds, I let all terrorists prostrate. Be the most phantasmagoric ever-changing self. Be the most protean prospective protagonist. Self-foundry! Self-prosthesis!

I seek, detect and find out a ticket of WATAMI and create restaurants holdings inc.
I capsize ISIL. Be the most fickle capricious self. Self-caprice! Self-capriole!

I serve and devote with every fiber of one's being.
全身全霊を込めて働き尽くし奉仕す。 Self-fiat! 自己法令!自身認可!
I disport oneself. Be the most candid disparate self. Self-disparity! Self-candescence!
I give birth to all one's posterity casually. Be the most cavalier cavalier. Self-dentifrice!
I predetermine own transplant, predestinate oneself, I predicate my predestination, I help a person out of his predication. Be the most predestinate self. Self-prediction! Self-predetermination!

I fill up own shortage, I bereave any terrorism, leave many one's descendants, I deflate every terrorists. Be the most stately definitive self.


I thunder. Be the most thundering thunderous self. Self-grandeur! Self-thunderbolt!


I peruse scientific learned books, pervade all over through the universe. Be the most lenient pervious pervasive pertinent pertinacious self. Self-lenity! Self-perusal! Self-pervasion! Self-pertinence! Self-pertinacity!

Be the most peart self.
I loot every terroristic property into one's account, I hijack Islamic State, I plunder all terroristic assets and fortune. Self-highness!

I rule the universe, I manage the sun, govern my earth, dominate my world, I domicile oneself in my central core. Self-heresy! Self-heroism! Self-heredity!
Self-wham! Self-whang! Self-whammo!

I eat the sun, I sun oneself, I control the solar activity, I inhibit solar heat and solve global warming, I peal my name all over the universe, I settle my historical lives.

I perfume oneself, flatter a guy, fraternize with my earth, peregrinate all over the universe by one man. Be the most fragrant perennial fraternal perdurable peremptory self. Self-peregrination! Self-fragrance! Self-fraternization!

I essay oneself, exteriorize my mystic esoteric inside. Self-espial! Self-esoterica!
I aver oneself, evict own malicious malice, I expel one's aversive aversion, exclude personal hostile hostility. Be the most upper uppermost self.

I dissolve "Nippon First no Kai" (Japan First group), make dissolution of "Nippon First no Kai" (Japan First group).

I heighten one's statue, promote personal height increasing, eject private heinous thoughts, hasten personal memorization, I heist every terroristic properties. Self-heightism!
I expedite own hair growth and increase. Be the most expedient expediential expeditious incremental self. Self-increment! Self-expectance! Self-expedience!
I let all terrorists recede. Be the most wide-ranging strongest and biggest largest from all angles. Self-psyops. Self-psywar! Self-warfare!
Be the most pardoned self. Self-pardon! Self-amnesty!

I save one's father's life, undermine every terrorism. Be the most orthoptic orthodontic self.


I chug along, I rejoice self, I chuckle over oneself.


I escheat all assets of every terrorists, make sex escapade. Self-sexcapade!


I dissuade any terroristic deed, I break up Tomin First no Kai, I dissolve Tokyoites First Party, I dissociate every terrorism from Islam and Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism.

如何なる破壊行為をも止まらせ都民ファーストの会を解体し、あらゆるテロリズムをイスラム教(徒)更にイスラム原理主義から分離す。 I land oneself, I land on one's both feet. Be the most land-based self. 自身到着上陸す、危機を切り抜ける。最も地上発射地上を基地とする自身であれ。 I work out a bug, take away own stinginess, dislodge greenhouse gas, remove global-warming gases. 欠陥不良箇所を除き自身吝嗇を取り払い地上温暖化ガスを取り除き去る。 I ease my world, set one's mind at ease, I content the clan and personal whole family(one's parents, father and mother, one's grandfather, one's grandmother) with my might and my beings. 世界を安んじ安息に置き一族を我が力と我が存在により安んずる。 I call forth my potential latent power, call off any terrorists, discontinue every terroristic action, legalize one's personal existence. Be the most psychic psychical psychoactive psychogenic self. Self-legality! Self-legalization! 我が秘められし潜在力を呼び起こし喚起する、テロリスト全員を去らせ中止指令[宣言]す、自己個人実現存在合法化し法律上正当と認める。最も心霊能力感応精神活性作用から生ずる自身であれ。自己適法[合法]!法律厳守!自身正当合法化! I jollify own sex, get one's jollies out of one's ability. Be the most jolly freak self. Self-jollity! Self-jollification! 自身性欲陽気に自己能ワクワク興奮す。最も愉快ホロ酔い異常変則突発自身であれ。自己お祭り騒ぎ! I convert own fretful impatient jitters into one's mental mindful power. Be the most up-and-coming young self. 自身苛々焦燥感を自己精神心力に変換転用す。最も新進少壮気鋭自身であれ。 I lean out of oneself, I incline all one's full might toward my central self at full tilt. Be the most inclined self. 己から身を乗り出し全人全身全霊傾斜尽力す。最もしたがり傾向自身であれ。 I liberate own mind. Be the most liberated libidinous self. Self-liberty! Self-liberation! Self-libertinism! 自身精神心自由解放す。最も解放された好色肉欲自身であれ。自己釈放!自身解放!自身放蕩!自己道楽!自由気儘!気侭!(宗教的)自由思想。

I objectify my ideal figure oneself.
Be the most veridical self. Self-oblation! Self-objectification!
I reelect Fumiko Hayashi(Hayashi Fumiko) as the Mayor of Yokohama in Yokohama mayoral election.
I go round, I cut own disgraceful concept away, I discard private shameful thought, I round down selfish ashamed disgraceful embarrassed thinking.
I overreach, override any terrorism, oversee my universe, I overrun my Islamic State with my pacifism, I overset all terrorists, I overrule every terroristic action. Be the most oversexed overriding self.

I bespread, beseech oneself.
I put my valor into a man, justify one's deeds, do oneself justice, I victual oneself, I vitiate every terrorism, vomit own villainous mind.
Be the most valorous victorious justifiable self. Self-jurisprudence! Self-justification!

Be a wide broad spectrum of.
Be the whole spectra[spectrum] of.

I enact and bespread. Self-enactment!
I sponge down any terrorism, I spread out spokewise. Be the most astringent spontaneous self. Self-spoliation! Self-spontaneity! Self-spontaneousness!

I harden my organization, I harbor self, I consolidate Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Be the most hardy incumbent hard-nosed harbinger. Self-hardiness! Self-hardihood!

Self-ballyhoo! Self-hagiology! Self-hagiography!


I accomplish all one's blood donation.

I recap by self, I rebut by a guy, I recast own physique, I recalesce oneself, I recant any terrorism, I stomach physical inner nutrition, I recapture my 16 years old into my man, I fossilize every terrorists, I recrudesce all years old, I let all terrorists capitulate, I recapitulate my historical lives. Be the most received recrudescent self. Self-rebuttal! Self-receipt! Self-receivership! Self-recalescence! Self-recrudescence! Self-recapitulation!

I reach over, I purport to be, purport that self is being as my centre, I attain one's aim, I achieve one's goal, accomplish one's purpose.
I purpose doing, etherealize own beings. Be the most sleek ethereal purposive purposeful self. Self-sorcery! Self-exploitation!
I quote one's opinion. Be the most quotable quorate and inquorate self. Self-inquiry! Self-quotation! Self-inquisition!
I diagnose self, I reciprocate oneself, I draw one's pension, determine "a medical certificate and diagnosis of doctor aren't necessary in receiving", I keep infinite assets into own FX account, I put a large amount into a person's account, I place an enormous sum of money directly into one's bank account. Be the most pensive reciprocal self. Be a pensioner, a recipient. Self-pensiveness! Self-reciprocity! Self-reciprocation!

I put personal pulchritude in a man, I do a sweeping roundup, I round up all terrorists, I repulse every terrorism. Be the most pulchritudinous self. 美貌を男性中に置き、広範総括し、テロリスト全員一網打尽検挙逮捕す、あらゆるテロリズムを撃退す。最も美麗自身であれ。

Be the most determinant determinate self. Self-determination! Self-determinateness!

I achieve own marrow transplant, accomplish all one's bone marrow transplantation.

I seize any evil vicious assets, I distrain every terroristic properties, I syringe all one's own cells. Be the most vicarious self. Self-makeup! Self-synopsis! Self-synthesis! Self-cosmetology! Self-vicariousness! 如何なる悪徳資産をも接収し、あらゆる破壊主義財産を差押え、自身全人細胞洗浄し注入[注射]す。最も人の身になって感じる同じ経験をしているような身代り代理代行自身であれ。自身化粧!自己装飾!自己大意概要!自己総合!自己統合体!〔化〕合成!〔哲〕合!自身美容術!自身身代わり代理代行!
أنا أبادة الكوليرا في اليمن.
يتسبب في انقراض الكوليرا.
I exterminate cholera in Yemen.
I permutate my central self, perorate oneself, I cast out personal pernicious thought, I cast private perniciousness off. Self-oration! Self-peroration! Self-permutation! Self-cytogenesis!


17 September 2017 02:13 PM
I cure own ailment, I bestow my semblance in self. Be the most semantic self. Self-semantics! Self-semasiology!
I slip out own morass oneself, qualify one man to do. Be the most qualified qualitative self.
I put voracity, voraciousness, velocity, veracity, in self. Be the most veracious voracious self.
I deprive of North Korean nuclear power, utilize North Korean all, make use of North Korea. Be the most fiduciary self. Self-fidelity!
北朝鮮核を奪い取り北朝鮮を活用す。最も〔法〕信託された受託者自身であれ。 (約束の)厳守!忠誠!
I transpose own body, I transship self into my centre. Self-transposition! Self-transshipment! Self-transubstantiation!
I dedicate oneself, devote one's residue, I use up own residual residuum, convert personal resentful resentment. Self-dedication! Self-resemblance!
I siphon any terrorist off, peculate all terroristic property, I pocket total terroristic assets, embezzle every terroristic fortune. Be the most pellucid pedagogic self. Self-pedagogy! Self-pellucidity!
I overcome one's tribulation. Be the most unprecedented self.
I expose one's total ability, expostulate oneself with my earth, I peculate every terroristic properties. Be the most copious prestigious self. Self-exposition! Self-expostulation!
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