Redemption Period & Pending Period - FAQ
Posted by Fatima Anwar on 24 September 2016 02:30 PM

"Redemption Period" is a 39-day time frame after a registrar has deleted an expired domain such as .com, .net and .biz domains.

"Pending Delete" as it applies to .com,.net, .info, .biz domains refers to the 5-day time frame after Redemption during which time VeriSign holds the domain and it cannot be recovered.

"Pending Delete" as it applies to .org domains is the 30-day timeframe after the registrar (PIR) has deleted an expired .org domain.

To check a status of a domain go to the registry website: for .com and .net (Public Interest Registry) for .org domains for the .biz domains

Enter the domain in the WHOIS will tell you the status of the domain (i.e., Redemption Period). This will list the expiration date as well. The "updated date" is usually when the the 39 redemption or pending delete period began.

In General for domains registered through Nexus:

- After a domain expires, most registrars have a grace period of 1 - 39 days, during which time you can have nexus reactivate your domain.

- After the grace period, the domain is deleted from the registrar database and will not appear in your account. It is not available to register just yet.

- Once deleted, the domain is held for 30 days by the Registry. Once the domain is dropped it becomes available for anyone to purchase just like a new name.

Grace Period Procedures:
- When a domain is registered through Nexus and expires, it will remain available for reactivation at your regular domain rate.

- Currently, the grace period is 40-45 days after expiration. However, there is no guaranteed grace period, and once expired, the domain can be deleted from the database at any time.

- Once deleted, the domain will no longer be available for renewal via Nexus.

- You might consider adding multiple years to your domain to avoid unintentional expiration.

Redemption Period Process:

- Once deleted from our database, it falls into the 39-day holding status called Redemption Period and Pending Delete.

- Should you want to retrieve the domain during Redemption, there is a $250 fee to you plus the cost of the renewal for all TLDs.

- Only the previous registrant has the right to request the domain back. All others must wait until the registry drops the domain.

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