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I got a Spam Complaint from Nexus or another SPAM reporting website, what do I do?
Posted by Muslim KHAN on 26 September 2016 10:09 AM
Once you receive a mail about a customers account being used to sending out spam, you should suspend it immediately.

If the spam complaint is sent from Nexus your server will be suspended after the alloted time has passed unless a reasonable response is received and a reactivation fee of $75 will be billed.

Here is what an acceptable response is..

1. The account was suspended and will only be reopened once the customer assures no more spam originates from his account

2. The account was removed.

3. The mail was sent as an accident and shall not be sent again.

4. The mail was not spam. with reasonable justification.

What is an unacceptable response?

1. I have informed the reseller he will take action.

2. No response.

What happens when you do not take action against the customer?

1. Our up link provides will block your server ip address from accessing their network. This has happened in the past (e.g. Level 3 blocked one of our servers ips which caused our sites not to run from several networks for days).

2. Your server will be blacklisted and you will not be able to send mail to domains like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo (which I believe did happen to your server in the past).

3. Your server's mail que is full of spam and mail is delayed.

What happens to our network if we do not take action against spam?

1. Our network is blacklisted and we can no longer send out mail to various ISP's etc.

2. Our complete IP range is banned from sending mail.

3. Our bandwidth providers cancel our up link agreements.

SPAM is no longer a small issue. You must take this seriously.