Knowledgebase server stats gathering tool for cPanel Server
Posted by on 26 September 2016 11:41 AM

With the permission from folks, I would like to share my CentOS/WHM version bash shell script with folks which can be downloaded at or from cPanel Application Catalog.

The zip download has a readme.txt file outlining how to use including how to setup a scheduled cron job to save time stamped logs to disk or send stats gathered via email and the zip file has 3 folders for specific versions of the script for:

  • plain CentOS
  • CentOS/WHM
  • Debian 6.x

Sharing stats publicly:
Sole purpose for is to allow server owners to quickly gather stats for their own use or to provide these stats publicly on forums etc, so that other users and readers can use these stats to provide server recommendations, optimisation advice or troubleshooting advice.

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