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Tax Deduction Notification & Letter Format
Posted by Samiya Tariq on 22 November 2017 11:07 AM

Dear Valued Customer,
Advertised prices on website related to all services are exclusive of tax. You are requested to get your invoice revised in case of tax deduction by contacting relevant Sales/Billing staff to avoid any inconvenience in services.

Please Provide the performa filled on your company's letter head in case of any additional tax Deduction, Performa is available here.

Note: Tax deposit Challan is mandatory to provide within 30 days of deduction otherwise the deducted amount will be adjusted in upcoming Payable invoice.

Nexus Technologies
Email: | | UAN 0300-0341140

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Dhamaka Sale Offer: 25% Discount on ALL Pakistan Based VPS Packages
Posted by Samiya Tariq on 17 October 2017 08:03 AM

Dear Valued Customer,

Nexus Technologies offers Lowest Price with a Price Beat Guarantee, Avail our Dhamaka Sale Offer with 25% Discount on ALL Pakistan based VPS Packages. For details, Please visit our website

Promotional Code: M242JFURQW
* Mentioned Promo Code can be used while processing order in Cart for Linux/Windows package.


 Current Price

Discounted Price


$19.95 /month

$14.96 /month


$25.95 /month 

$19.96 /month

Pk-VPS3 /PK-Win VPS3 

$49.95 /month 

$37.46 /month

Pk-VPS4 /PK-Win VPS4

$74.95 /month 

$56.21 /month

Pk-VPS5 /PK-Win VPS5

$99.95 /month 

$74.96 /month

Nexus Website:

Nexus Cart:

Helpdesk Support:

Offer valid till 20th November' 2017.

For any queries, please email on or Call our UAN: 0300-0341140 or Toll Free: 0800-10100

Thank you!


Nexus Technologies - Smart Solutions For Smart People

Head office: 051-2222885, 051-2222885, 051-2222886, 051-2294763, 051-2294764

Islamabad: 051-2804123, 051-2804124

Rawalpindi: 051-4932379, 051-4932380

Lahore: 042-35913985, 042-35913986

Karachi: 021-34801912, 021-34801832

Peshawar: 091-5603103, 091-5603104

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Announcement: Review Terms & Conditions for All Services
Posted by Samiya Tariq on 03 October 2017 08:22 AM

Dear Valued Customer,

To Avoid any inconvenience and For better understanding of services you have opted from Nexus Technologies, Please review below details:

      Domain Registration Policies, Terms and Conditions

      PK Domain Registration Policies, Terms and Conditions

      Comparison of Hosting Services, Fair Usage, Policies, Terms & Conditions

      Nexus Cloud Terms & Condition, Billing Policies

      Web Development Terms & Conditions, Policies

      General Polices, Terms and Conditions

Moreover, Keep Visiting Nexus Technologies Website frequently to get latest updates and promotional Packages details.

Nexus Technologies have been serving its valued customers since 1998 and always striving its level best to provide uninterrupted and quality services.

You can also visit our nearest Office or call on our UAN or Toll Free numbers to get better understanding for your services.



Nexus Technologies - Smart Solutions for Smart People

Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar.

Website: | UAN: 0300-0341140 | Toll Free: 0800 10100

Email: | | |


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Hurricane Irma Advisory - WEATHER Advisory ALERT
Posted by Muslim KHAN on 07 September 2017 12:56 PM

*********************WEATHER ALERT***********************



Data Center(s):Charleston, SC and Columbia, SC

Event Type:Nexus, Weather Advisory

Dear Customer,

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Irma. Although the path of the hurricane remains uncertain, some weather models indicate that the storm may affect the East Coast close to one of our Data Center. you can get updates via Local News channels as well ,  We will continue to monitor this storm closely and will communicate further as the situation evolves. in Case customer residing gets effected Nexus will readily prepare a shift of services plan of any such affected customer.

Please contact Nexus Support ( with any questions or concerns.

In Case your services gets affected you can contact on below and email at support 

Head Office:

051-2222884, 051-2222885, 051-2222886, 051-2294763, 051-2294764

UAN:0300-0341140, Toll Free:0800-10100

Nexus Support Team, will be 24/7 available and will email you proper time frame as per your packages /Data and service migration if required .





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Announcement: Jashn-e-Azadi Promotional Sales Offer
Posted by Samiya Tariq on 09 August 2017 05:24 PM


Dear Valued Customer,

Nexus Technologies is Celebrating 70 years of Pakistan by offering FLAT 20% OFF on All Products and Services w.e.f 10th Aug' 2017.

Visit Nexus Client Area, Order your desired Product and Be a part of this Celebration! Activated Promotional Codes are as follows:



Promotional Code

All PK Domains



All SSL Certificates



All Business Hosting Packages 



All VPS/Dedicated Server Packages 



Web Development Packages 




Terms & Conditions:

  • Nexus Reserves the right to cancel the Campaign at any time
  • Order processing time for PK domain may vary from 24 - 36 hours, depending on registration requests
  • Discount offer Valid till 16th Aug' 2017
  • All Polices applies & for details please visit our website

Thank you!

Nexus Technologies
UAN: 0300-0341140 or Toll Free: 0800-10100

Head office: 051-2222885, 051-2222885, 051-2222886, 051-2294763, 051-2294764
Islamabad: 051-2804123, 051-2804124

Rawalpindi: 051-4932379, 051-4932380
Lahore: 042-35913985, 042-35913986
Karachi: 021-34801912, 021-34801832
Peshawar: 091-5603103, 091-5603104

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Nexus - Security Notification - Petya/ WannaCry Ransomware
Posted by Muslim KHAN on 30 June 2017 07:49 AM

Dear Customers,

Being your hosting provider, we feel that this news might be of importance for you due to the nature of the exploit.

As widely reported, hackers launched a global ransomware campaign Friday, May 12, known as “WannaCry Ransomware". Targeting tens of thousands of companies and governmental organizations, this campaign encrypted files on infected computers and asked computer administrators to pay a ransom in order to regain access. The Petya variant is also targeting Microsoft Windows operating systems, and reports show all systems from XP – Windows 10 are susceptible to the attack.

This particular ransomware exploited a vulnerability that allows remote code execution via the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMBv1) server. Microsoft has released a security update that addresses this vulnerability, and we have been working diligently to make sure all internal systems have had this vulnerability addressed.

Scope of this attack is not limited to the web servers only, desktop users shall also be very careful by clicking on any external hyperlink or attachment even from trusted sources, beacuase links and attachments may seem legitimate apparently. Keep your systems and AV upto date, and thoroughly scan your systems with a licensed AV application.  
For those who are looking to protect themselves more, follow the recommendations outlined below.
Protection Recommendations :
•    Install Microsoft security patches that eliminate the vulnerability exploited by WannaCry.
•    You may ask our IT security team to back up critical data, so  that even if data is locked up, there are copies elsewhere, to which we can turn.
•    If they have not done so already, IT security teams should deploy antivirus and malware signatures associated with the threat.
However, the hackers may reconfigure their assault around this ‘kill switch’ with new phishing emails to come in the days ahead.

Technical Details:

There were hundred of thousands of devices/ systems been compromised via the same malware in the recent times. Ransomware is spreading across many organizations around the globe halting different business functions. Following patches should have been deployed on the system in order to secure the Windows system from this attack.

Microsoft has also released patches for end of life Windows systems under KB4012598. And Filter all SMB (TCP/445), NetBIOS (TCP/139), and RDP (TCP/3389)

The campaign uses an exploit for a recent SMB protocol vulnerability in Microsoft Windows [1,2, 3, 7]. According to [7], the ransomware perpetrators incorporated publicly-available exploit
code for the patched SMB EternalBlue vulnerability, CVE-2017-0145, which can be triggered by sending a specially crafted packet to a targeted SMB server. It spreads initially through vulnerable computers exposing port '445' on the Internet, and then using the same technique propagating through the internal network.


Please direct any questions or issues to Nexus Technologies’ customer service at, UAN: 0300-0341140 .


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